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Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Steven, you are correct. They are stupid shit too in my country that western people can see more clearly. Government send legislators to other countries with $4k per day pocket money. All westerners see that as samples of power corrupts. In Indonesia we sort of know that too but not by much.

In general, westerners believe that humans are “equal”. That’s why they can quickly see any problem when those on top abuse their power.

Subconsciously westerners believe that everyone must have equal number of kids, equal number of mates, equal quality of healthcare and life, etc. etc.

That is despite the fact that people have different capability to pay or attract mates.

For example, it’s obvious that Tom Cruise and Tiger Wood can attract more females and afford more kids. In western civilization, somehow it’s close to legally impossible for those 2 to just breed like rabbits. Tiger can’t just pay women. Child supports are proportional to man’s wealth.

In fact, there is no legal way I can think off where Tiger Wood can have 20 kids without risking bankcruptcy. No matter how rich you are, you can’t afford 20 biological children. Period.

If Tiger pays women to be his concubines most westerner would knee jerkly think that the women is exploited, it can’t be consensual, it’s prostitution, illegal, yada yada yada yada. Women that complain about it is probably not pretty enough to get Tiger Wood.

The rest of the world are more used to hierarchy. So things like religion make more sense in Asia, for example. We don’t see power abuse as a problem. The same way when some people indeed earn their fortune legitimately we tend to tolerate that more.

The real truth, namely that at the end it’s about power, instead of right or morality, is too hard to swallow for most people.

I mainly based my opinion on evolutionary psychology. There are some part that I still do not understand, but it does fit observation that humans, like every other creature instinctively want to maximize reproductive success while depriving others of the same.

The part that doesn’t click is that humans treat those that are similar to them as “family” to a certain extend. So people tend to promote reproductive success of those most similar to them and hate those who are different. That’s just observation.

Why it’s important to ask and how to handle rejection?

Recently I used InMail (like email but you need to pay $30 per month and can send 3 of which per month via linkedin.com).

I told a company I can bring them 20k-30k extra sign up per month. That’s a $300 million dollar company. I explained (too long) about too many issues.

The inmail is simply “declined” with no explanation whatsoever.

Am I disappointed? Yes. But not a lot. Why? Because it’s more of the norm rather than exception.

I am a lawsy introverted networker. Quite often people say no to me.

But then again, I am often on the other side of the desk.

People ask me what my traffic source, SEO tips, how I make money, etc. I too declined. Sometimes I give a little bit to test water but usually things don’t go well.

Now, let’s think for a while.

Humans are selfish. I am offering that guy something useful for his company. Yet I am declined.

Yet most people, including I was, are even worst. We just ask for help. We do not even have incentive to offer those we asked.

For people to respond positively it’s important that both are profited.

I’ll give you an example:
Someone asked for traffic source I used for CPA arbitrage.

Now put your self on my shoes and assume I am a selfish psychopath (humans are not that different).

Pro: Nothing. I got friends. But small inexperienced new friends don’t help a lot.
Con: I got competitors. I spent so much time trying and testing traffic sources to see what’s work. Now I am going to give it for free?
It’s unfair. There are people that have done bizs with me longer and I don’t share that to them. Why should I share to that to anyone?

So I don’t know what to do with those people. If I just decline they got mad. So I do nothing and usually relationship just go somewhere else.

There are many traffic sources. Most are untested, perhaps you can offer to help testing those. Once traffic sources are tested and proven then there is no way anyone would share.
There are other CPA that may work for proven traffic source. Offer to test that. Again, once proven it’s gold mine. People don’t share gold mine. People share effort to mine gold together.

People asked to be my friends:
Pro: I know somebody. Perhaps this guy can help me network.
Con: Who are you? How can you be useful for me?

This may sound as harsh. Every individuals have 125 monkey numbers. Why should you be one of those?

Again I am not trying to be snobbish and stuff. This is what most other humans actually think when they are asked to befriend somebody.

They usually just politely request.

I do not have many advices for networking. I am not an expert. The reason I teach is so I can teach my self actually. But I think this should work. I wonder if others want to add something.

1. Put incentive in front
2. Make it short. Keep positive things important. Keep negative things behind. Something like, “There could be issues, I’ll explain if you’re interested”. If people see the negative first they’ll never agree. They want profit not problems. Eventually the negative need to be “sorted”. However, if they barely know you, they won’t invest the time to bother checking your offers.
3. Practice practice practice practice. Wanna be a stud? Practice practice practice practice….

Paypal Grab Withold $9k of Cash from Clean Account with No Dispute

Years I’ve been using paypal with no problem.

One day, I bought diablo iii. The game was so fun I forget to check my paypal balance.

Because business grow, as usual, the balance reached $9k.

Then I got an email that my account is limited. I was scared. What the hell I should do?

At first they only ask to change password.

No biggy.

Then they ask me to select email addresses I am still using. Hmm…. I noticed I did have too many email in paypal to keep track different businesses. No problem.

Then they ask for a “little” documentation.

No problem. I sent my prepared scanned ID and my insurance bill.

Within hours I got a message saying that my paypal is banned forever because I am high risk.

We recently noticed an issue with your account. To see what you can and can’t do while your account is limited, go to the Resolution Center.

Why is my account access limited?

Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):

  • Jun 3, 2012: We’ve noticed some changes to your usual account activity and need a little more information from you to help confirm your identity.

(Your case ID for this reason is ****)

This limitation cannot be appealed.

I phoned paypal. I told them that I’ve been customer for so many years and they’re going to just dump me like that? The limitation department simply said yes.

I sign up to paypalsucks.com. It seems that there is a paypal employee under username hudajuda. I emailed him my situation with no reply.

I used to be a member of a large business organization. I noticed that some paypal employee are 2nd degree connection in linkedin.com.

However, I can only connect to people I know. I do not know the paypal employee. Isn’t that connection is supposedly for so you can be introduced by someone you know to someone you don’t?

When I check complained against paypal, I feel that paypal isn’t a very bad company. After all I happily used it for 5 years. I am not butt licking here. I am still mad they seized my money. However, very rarely they do not release it after 180 days.

I too have experience dealing with large number of people. Many of them are scammers and I have to kick those I know are scammers out based on hidden algorithm. I didn’t take their money. I just don’t do business with them. At the end so many people are so mad. The mod in the forum then ban me for “trying” to scam even though no body lost money. I quit that business.

It’s paypal’s right not to do business with me anyone anymore and I have moved my business somewhere else to alertpay anyway.

There is another pro paypal guy loosers69OMG. I PM him asking if there is anyway I can get my money sooner and resolve the issue well. No reply. I started correcting some overtly hostile sentiment. Then I got banned by paypalsucks.com and all my posts are gone.

I am a businessman. I don’t get where I am by giving up too quickly. So I moved to other forums. Paypal used to have guys like Ashley and Jason on some forums taking care of people like me.

I sent Ashley this email:

Hi Ashley,

I saw your email at https://getsatisfaction.com/paypal/topics/paypal_has_limited_my_account_until_i_re_confirm_everything

My paypal is permanently limited because your department has a hard time verifying my identity. I just want to say that I am willing to provide more documents.

I really don’t know what to do. I’ll report back when there is a resolution.

I also email some girl named Ute through linkedin.com

Hi Ute,

I saw that you are paypal limitation specialist.

Despite long years without any dispute against me with paypal, my account is permanently limited.

I think it’s a simple open and shut misunderstanding. Paypal is concern I am not a real person. Well, here I am in linkedin with photo, and stuff.

I am also willing to provide notarized copy of credit card statements, bank statements, passports, historical IDs, etc. I can also give good testimonies if this issue is resolved quickly.

What do you think? What would it take to get this issue resolved?

If paypal doesn’t resolve, I’ll just keep trying. I’ll document every effort, every email and stuff. I don’t think I should be overly hostile. I know some emails that paypal do not want people to know. I also know how people can make paypal lost money simply by complaining. I think I should just be friendly first.


See PayPal’s response below.  The BBB is unable to assist you and will be canceling your complaint. You will need to file with your local regulatory body.

“Mr. ******** filed complaint 16080915, but his account is registered in Indonesia and is out of our jurisdiction.”


Laura Morse – PayPal

So Paypal simply avoid the issue/

BBB is on their site.

The complaint should be processed where the business is.  However, in this situation, PayPal has no legal authority in your Country.


Verna Alberti | Consumer Services

The BBB does indeed process complaints from other Countries.  In fact, we processed your complaint under complaint #16080915.  However, PayPal has responded it is their policy not to respond to consumer in other Countries because they have no legal jurisdiction.

If you disagree with PayPal’s policy, you will need to contact the legal authority in your Country.  My apologies, but there is nothing more the BBB of Silicon Valley, California, can do for you in this instance.

Minimize Damage Costs

Next lesson, damage cost management. How to bang most chicks with the least costs. You always pay. Women are hos.

The only reason why they’re not is because it’s illegal. They’re still ho in other ways. Attention ho. Marriage ho.

You always pay, unless you’re Brad Pitt. Even Tiger Wood pays.


Grab women that’s the cheapest but prettiest. How? Aim those poorer than you.

You want the pretty right?

There are plenty of pretty women in poor countries or from villages. Bank them.

Avoid marriage unless you’re poor.

Negotiate privately. Avoid attention. Everyone will say it’s wrong. Tell them to go fuck themselves, but silently. Don’t get caught.

Happiness is $10 million and 20 kids. Achieve that like ninja.