Are Jews Superior?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Short answer is yes with a huge but.

They are smarter and we all want to be smarter. However,

Superiority is always subjective. In fact, the purpose of life is to reproduce. There aren’t that many jews around and there are 1 billion chinese. If we define superiority as capable to reproduce, then chinese is superior. That’s because chinese are more balanced. We understand that we need to live a balance life, namely, Get Rich Bang Bitches. Jews are too nerdy.

What happen is most chinese understand that when things go one way it went the other way around. It’s central idea of I Ching.

Because jews are smarter and superior they become tough competitors for others. That means others tend to get envy with them. So they got screwed.

It’s the same reason why ugly women hate porn so much or poor males hate prostitution so much.

Humans are like that. They hate those superior than them. Lesser humans want to get rid superior competitors out of mating market, or out of this world.

Most libertarian will say it’s wrong or unfair, but that’s just how live work. Quite often, it’s best to just stay low and get rich behind rather than letting people know you’re smart. It’s just better to pretend you’re dumb and poor and be successful anyway.

Being more likely to get screwed is, in a sense, inferiority, in darwinian sense.

As of now, I see the rich, the pretty, and jews to actually have lower reproductive success. What’s the point of being smarter richer and more productive if you fail to breed more kids? It’s not good for you, it’s not good for the world that their most valuable members don’t reproduce.

In that sense, they are inferior. They failed to use their superiority to achieve what truly matters, reproductive success.

Good luck for them.

Why You Should Flush Conscience Down the Toilet?

I think one of the greatest impediments to success with banging chicks are your conscience.

Your conscience is developed mainly by 2 sources:

1. Your every day McDonald experience. This is simply incompatible with prevailing norms in getting chicks.

2. What societies taught you is moral. Again, societies lie, and their moral “guidance” is there to prevent you from succeeding.

Either case, the profitable path is to be a realist. Don’t look at what’s moral, it’s self defeating. Don’t look at what’s legal, it’s vague. Look at whether people actually get punished for and avoid punishment while being as selfish as possible.

To see the world the way it really is. Defy the norm of societies and you may end up in jail. Obey it and you’re not getting the good stuff. So there’s a balance. Then there’s a hypocrisy for even more profit. The truth, is, that’s the real norm.

That’s what all winners do. Make rules so tight everyone is actually breaking it. And then create loopholes. That loophole, the narrow path, is the path of salvation.

Ignore ethic. Just look whether a certain act is actually punished or not. Say to your self, “I am a psychopath. I am a psychopath.” Either ignoring the societies’ norm all the way or obeying it too wholeheartedly will lead to catastrophic outcome.

For example, society may say don’t shag underage girls below 18. Now look, people do go to jail for doing that right? So don’t.

Should you go all the way to obey the spirit of the law? Should you aim only for girls your own age or those even older than you? No. That would be another mistake.

Society says paying women for sex is illegal. Should you do so? It’s one of those grey area.

Actually people would do some mistakes here. They go all the way believing that no women want money. They spent years and years learning how to seduce women without money.

Yes some can. Tom Cruise can. Some of us can shag women unscathed. The rest of us, mortal, will just have to absorb damage costs. Without damage costs, women are too powerful. Every man wants as many women as possible. Average looking women can get president. Look at the fat Monica Lewinsky. Paying her is just one of the most natural way to even out the imbalance.

Societies come up with a fine story of how all prostitutes are coerced or desperate for money. The truth is, even rich women want man that are even richer. That means they want even more money. And yes, they want the man to pay. Getting the man to pay is the most accurate way to measure the man’s wealth, and hence genetic quality, and sense of responsibility.

We all want to be appreciated. I too would rather a girl that want me for my brain rather than just my wallet. Women too want to be appreciated. How much you shower her with money is a way to show how much you value her. If you’re not paying, she will think you think she’s not important.

Some just ignore the norm all together, and commit polygamy or actually pay women up. These men go to jail, lost their cars, etc. Break the law, get screwed.

Another thing men often do is to go all the way and make the ultimate payment, namely marriage. You’ll see how Tiger Wood and Beatty Chadwick end up. Follow the law too much you’re screwed too.

There is no one right solution. It’s all in the balance.

What happen is, you pay. However, you hypocritically arrange that legally you’re not paying. There are many ways. Sugar relationship is one. Buying sport cars is another. Buying her expensive dinners would be another one. That’s effectively means burning money for her. You accomplish your purpose, namely showing her that you’re wealthy and she is worth it, without having to run against the cops.

By buying expensive dinners, feminazis can’t claim she is financially coerced to have sex with you. Anyone can live without expensive dinners. So it’s more acceptable. Of course, even if you pay her cash, chance is, she is still not coerced. But hei, feminazis have strong incentive to claim otherwise right?

And that’s how most of money in the world goes, men, cannot pay women directly, end up burning money for caviar, vacations, doodads, and conspicuous consumptions. Can’t blame the rich. That’s the only thing they can spend legally. If they want to spend to feed thousands of starving children instead, with a small catch that all must be their biological children of course, then it’ll be illegal.

Actually just look at what everyone else do, and do it, but remember to be balanced. That seems to be the way to go. Propriety is the keyword here. Tao would be another keyword.

Hypocrisy is also important. Yes love is bullshit. I’ve never met a beautiful girls that believe in love. They all want money because they know how much they worth in cunts. I don’t even bother saying it. It’s too cliche. Still, when you have to explain to the public, use that love word a lot. Dumping a wife? Say you no longer love her. Don’t say, she out lived her usefulness as fuck toy as her mate value deteriorates as a function of age. That’s politically incorrect, though factually correct.

Societies lie to you. Those lies are what they want to hear. So give them lies. Every body happy. Got it?

Say you live in a country where everyone drive on the left. Say you insist on driving on the right. Then you tend to hit other drivers more.

The issue is not whether you’re more right or wrong than everyone else. The issue is that it’s too costly to be different.

It’s simply too costly to have different values than societies you live in. Most of the time, through self-deception or irrational logic, people simply conform.

Unfortunately, getting girls are governed differently than our normal behavior.

The fact is, in general, lying or defrauding girls so you can sleep with them is legal, but paying them is not.

Now, think for a while.

Imagine if you go to McDonald, and you try to seduce the cashier to get burger. Chance is not only you’re not going to get any, most people will think you’re crazy. The normal way to get burger, the normal way to get ANYTHING in life is to pay for it. Committing fraud is usually illegal. Sex is the exact opposite.

Your conscience is trained within that normal McDonald situation. When you use your conscience on dating, you’ll end up like drivers on the different side with everyone else.

You’ll be surprised by others simply lying openly and get away with it, you’ll get screwed a lot arguing why paying girls should be legal.

You tend to get used to the idea that moral comes from reasoning and hence must be consistent. The truth is, if there is any consistency between one area and another in morality, it simply is the interest of the powerful. In short, might, for all practical purposes, does make right. As interests of the powerful change all the time, so is morality from culture to culture and from time to time.

The sooner you accept that, and realistically maneuver reality rather than trying to fight it, the more peace you’ll have in this world and the more profit you get. After all, you too would do the same when opportunities arise right? You should.

Anyway, why McDonald’s ethic is different than anti-prostitution ethic?

Simple. McDonald situation is governed mainly by free market mechanism. Here, keeping customers happy is paramount. Otherwise you’ll go to burger king.

Your relationship with girls is governed mainly by politicians. Those politicians want vote from your competitors who simply don’t want you to be happy. Here keeping her happy, say by paying her, will make her choose you and that will make other males unhappy. So all the other males will say it’s illegal.

Most males do not care how happy girls will be. Other males are mainly concern that they are chosen.

In Afghanistan, for example, force marriage is common. Its sex outside marriage, that is, sex outside permission of the powerful, is the one that’s illegal. In US, prostitution is more politically incorrect than bullshitting girls. The latter is legal.

If lying is legal, and paying is not, then lie. Or at least realize reality the way it is.

Imagine if you live in a socialist country. Imagine if all the people have deep seated beliefs that every man deserve to be equally rich, irrelevant of how smart or diligent they are. Say you want to be richer. Can you do that the nice way?

Of course not. No matter how you get rich, someone somewhere somehow will say you’re wrong. Worst of all you will think that this whole thing is just a slight misunderstanding. You keep working hard thinking that everyone surely approves you, till one day you and your whole family are slaughtered by the mobs that think you’re wrong.

Can you get rich in a socialist country? Yes you can, by being a jerk.

Now, imagine if you live in a monogamous country. Imagine if all the people have deep seated beliefs that every man deserve equal number of hot babe (namely 1) no matter how tall, smart, diligent, or rich he is. Say you want to knock up more. Can you do it the nice way?

Of course not. No matter how consensual your deal is, someone somewhere somehow will say you’re wrong. Worst of all you will think that this is all just a slight misunderstanding. You keep seducing girls thinking that nobody would mind you’re sleeping with their wives, girlfriends, fiances, and concubines. I mean the girls consent, and you’re paying for it, so what? One day, you’ll just wake up with a big knife on your back.

The truth is, they mind. EVERY primate, with the exception of Bonobo, mind a lot when they see someone else is winning.

Can you knock up many hot babes? Yes by being a jerk. Last time I check terrorists and douche bag don’t have problem doing that. Nice businessmen do.

It takes a really big ball to live in peace. Bonobo live peacefully because they got big balls and their sperms, instead of they, fight. They live in peace, but they don’t create play station either.

The issue is not whether you’re hurting them or not. The issue is when you win they don’t. Period.

So how do you win?

You lie. Either to yourself, to the girl, or to society. Everybody bullshits.

Think about it. Each male primate wants to mate with as many female primates as possible. All primates with the exception of Bonobo, wants to prevent every other male from accomplishing that. Gorilla would just bash weaker gorillas. Humans simply bullshit other humans.

How do they do so? They make highly inconsistent rules that if you look carefully, actually prohibit everything. Most rules in any country actually allow anyone to get caught.

The rules are justified by all sort of nonsense. At first it’s religion. Then it’s morality. After that we have this idea that certain acts demean women.

Obviously if they block everything then they too won’t get laid. Then they make a loop hole so they can pass and you don’t.

So a lot of moral reasoning in societies is about giving different names on essentially the same thing. The key of winning is to go through that narrow path or hypocritically pretend to everyone else you’re going through that narrow path.

Take a look at these:

Prostitutes- … this is just the definition of prostitution: (in most states) a lewd act for money or other consideration … (California courts have ruled that if someone mows your lawn and then commits a lewd act, the mowing of the lawn constitutes “other consideration” and therefore an act of prostitution has taken place). –what is a sex worker

Look at that carefully. Who among us will do anything without “consideration”? The law as it says actually prohibit virtually all sex. Yet there are loopholes.

One of the loophole is escort. Obviously an escort is a prostitute. Who would pay $100 per hour just to have a girl a company him? You think politicians do not know that? Another is massage therapists. The idea is nobody knows what you do with the therapists so the cop doesn’t have proof. The difference is simple. You just don’t rub it on their nose that you’re getting it. So they don’t jail you.

Then there is marriage. When a girl marries you, does she have “consideration”. Of course. Somehow magically it’s not prostitution. Why? Because marriage always favor the ruling class. In democratic countries, within marriage girls can only pick single males. Single males are males that don’t sale and are usually of low quality.

In short, marriage rules in any culture tend to favor those who are in power. Those people then simply declare that marriage is not prostitution. In democratic countries, for example, single males outnumber super rich males that can horde women. Hence, marriage tends to favor single males.

In arab countries, the king and religious leaders rule. So marriage laws there are favorable for the king and religious leaders. Polygamy is legal there, for example, and the rest should just jerk off themselves or channeled to be terrorists to kill you.

Confused? When you understand their incentive, there is nothing irrational or illogical about it. After all, single males and ugly women can vote too right?

Just like tariffs are there to kick out better cars, marriage is designed to kick out richer males. Getting married can get your damage cost really high. The most obvious sample is Tiger Wood and Beatty Chadwick. Marriage laws scare of the rich and middle class males favor that so much. Many males have committed suicide out of marriage.

Some middle ground is sugar relationship. Basically you enforce your own contract by splitting the deal into smaller pieces. She stop humping you stop paying. This put your damage cost under control. So far so good. Cops are not cracking down on sugar relationship yet and that’s as legal as it goes.

That’s how you live. Like water. If you insist on following your conscience, you’ll just get crushed.

Next we’re going to talk about managing damage costs. By the way, I got 1 daughter and still married.

Be a Stud or be Rich

If I ask my feeling who should I choose, obviously wealthy. However, emotion can be misleading.

If I can choose between being wealthy and shagless or being a poor stud, I’d choose studs.

In socialized liberal western civilization being a stud can be FAR more lucrative than being wealthy.

Think about it. I do not enjoy luxury. All I care about entertainment, beside sex, is video games that’s getting cheaper and cheaper. I do not need private yach. I don’t even enjoy parties.

The main reason why I want to be rich is so my kids got good education and opportunity.

But here’s the catch. With welfare program, with every body thinking that EVERY kid should have enough chance. In a world where even the conservative says that NO CHILD should be left behind, what’s the point of being a financially responsible dad?

The government already pays for that.

Recently Obama said that salary must be enough so EVERYONE can raise a family. Again, what’s the point of working hard if EVERYONE can raise a family? Looks like in the long run, 10000 years from now, your gene pool survival is decided solely by the number of your kids you have now, each of which will have 2.1 kids irrelevant of wealth or productivity.

This is another way to think about it. Say you want to maximize your gross domestic product of your bloodline. One poor guy works hard to get rich. Another poor guy just be studs.

The poor nerdy guy that work hard to get rich will have to fight off government programs. Voters are bigotic and everybody think everybody wants to get rich. So you will see public school arranged to ensure everyone graduate slowly, you’ll see a never ending licensing requirement even for florist, you’ll see degree system made not to certify your capability but to kick out those who can’t get a degree out of competition, you got to face all those shit.

After that you’re taxed.

Now look at the studs. He just breed and breed and after one generation, all his kids will have enough chance to be a middle class, let’s say, with YOUR money.

At the end, that stud ended up having more genetic GDP by not working at all. Yea each of his kid will be poorer, but the some of wealth and power controlled by those kids will be bigger because he has more kids. Everyone would say, ah this poor guy has been oppressed and underprivileged and stuff.

Obviously the super rich can get wise and be a stud too and be both. That’ll be ideal. However, cockblocking rules are aimed mainly against this type of ideal.

And that’s what we want to learn in this thread. How to live a balance life. Get Rich Bang Bitches.

You know what, I am not interested to get laid just for getting laid sake. It’s too easy. Women are so cheap in Indonesia. You think massage therapists that’ll rub her naked body on you for $30-$50 is not pretty? You mean none of them want to be your girlfriend or mistress should you wish? It’s actually knocking up reasonably high quality women and breed high decent sons and daughters are the one more worthy to pursue.

The issue is not how to get women’s consent. It’s too easy. Just pay.. You ALWAYS pay, as my business coach once told me. Marriage is just a form of prostitution. Think about it. The issue is more of cost management, and political consideration. That’s an aspect everyone don’t pay enough attention too.

There is no such thing is right

There are only privileges and privileges belong to the strong. In a sense all power are legitimate, justified by cowardice and stupidity of the mobs.

Capitalism, meritocracy, and libertarianism are great just like the sun is great. But planing and living your life as if you live in capitalistic country will be like holding your breath till sun rise. You need to live and breath at night as well as sun rise.

If heaven ordains that the strong crush the weak, it’s your obligation to be strong rather than abhorring power and blaming the strong for all their privileges.

I am not really sure how useful this kind of thinking, even for our selfish interest, as our world go closer and closer to capitalism, but it’s a point of view that we shouldn’t ignore.

Morality is simply another way to max out profit. Normally businessmen max out wealth and then use their wealth to maximize their selfish interest. In reality, business is just a subset of the real world. Everything is part of the game and wealth is just a form of power.

Naturally we would expect that everyone max out their power and use their power to max out their selfish interest. What’s so surprising about politicians getting kick back or lobbyist getting bail out. Isn’t that what everyone is doing, wanting to rob their fellows for themselves?

Perhaps the fact that the super rich are the one that end up paying less tax and getting bailout would help the people realize how stupid it is to give power to political rather than commercial process. Till they realize that, we’ll just play along.


Why Porn is Essensial for World Peace

Even if it’s true that porn reduce your libido, it’s actually good for world peace. Who need males killing each other because each want too many real girls?

We could see it in a different way.

Porn allow us to have higher standard.

We no longer just want girls. We want the cream of the crop. We no longer want marriage. We want to be in control. To have something that make her do it. Carrot.

And perhaps some stick.

Now I am not suggesting rape.

Say you’re not married to her. Say she leaves with you. Where would she be if she stop performing? Now that’s sexy. To keep shelter on top of her she need to keep “performing”

Also remember that your biggest problem is not girls don’t want you. Your biggest problem is competitors.

So one natural ways virtually ALL humans do in ALL countries is to actually block competitors. They become cockblockers.

Properly understood, this can work to your advantage. All those guys richer, smarter, taller, than you, are cockblocked by religious conservative. Bill Gates can’t just hoard women.

Do you even ever think why abusive relationship like forced marriage is more politically correct and acceptable than sugar babies for example? It’s cockblocking. The more healthy the relationship is, the more people want to prohibit it.

Unfortunately cockblocking works against you too. Properly understanding that will help you see the narrow path to genetic salvation. When to take advantage of cockblocking and when to go through it.

Only peacocks have their reproductive success fully decided by females’ consent. Either peacocks or humans in a totally libertarian country, which doesn’t exist.

Tips to Get Girls

Some says optimists believe your luck will improve. Realist say you got to be realistic. Why not be both? Just look at aspects of reality that’s on your side that’s reasonably positive.

1. Women (hot women) don’t want me.
a. Imagine if there is no other man in the world, can you get miss universe? Of course. The issue is not that girls don’t want you. The issue is they prefer other men even more. So what difference does it make? quite significant. For example, most men are shy. She doesn’t even know more. Getting to know girls even for buddies is a plus.
b. So the real issues are competitors. Not getting girls does not mean you are inferior. It’s NORMAL for girls to EASILY get guys rather than the other way around. Women in 70% mate value can easily get a man with 90% percentile mate value. The reason why is simple. Males aim for quantity rather than quality. So, even average or above average looking women will never run out of high quality males. So if there are more men chasing her rather than girls chasing you, it’s normal.
c. Now let’s examine competitors again. Compete globally. Look at your wealth percentile. Compare your self with a caveman that leave in Afghanistan. Can you make better offers? Can you pay her more? Can you provide more for her kids? Do you like stoning girls to death? Obviously you are BETTER than afghan males. You can compete. It’s just a matter of giving choices.

Yes many of those choices are illegal. Here is something I learn about live. The truly best deals are always “grey”, never white. Humans are so bigotic that when something makes you happy, someone somewhere somehow will say it’s wrong. Doesn’t mean women don’t want that. Just “whisper” the offer rather than screaming your lungs out. You don’t ask people to rob bank by putting ads in newspaper right? The path of salvation will always be narrow. Go through the narrow path.

So always lie. Women evolve to be lied too. Deep inside they know you had to lie. Just like you cannot get rich being nice in a socialist country, you also cannot horde women in monogamous country. When happiness is illegal, the only winners are criminals. Think about it.

When society “caught” you, don’t rub it on their face. Just say you love her, or whatever bullshit society want to hear. It’s what everyone else does.

2. Understand Women.
No body is an expert on this. My knowledge is far from perfect. However, we know the basic.
a. What societies tell you about women are often the exact opposite of truth.
Think about it. Most societies are your competitors. They don’t want you to succeed. People are envious. Deep down they want to prevent others from being happier than them.
Claim: Love is blind.
Truth: opposite
Claim: No women want to be prostitute
Truth: Most essentially are. The prettier the more. That’s the whole point of being pretty.
Claim: If you want to be happy women, don’t marry a rich man. If you want to be a happy men, don’t marry a pretty women.
Truth: Exact opposite.
Claim: Women want to be “loved”
Truth: Features of romantic love, exclusivity, devotion, and promise for huge alimony, is socially constructed to kick out most desirable males out of mating market. Women actually detect such traits to imply inferiority.
Claim: No women want to share
Truth: If all else are equal, women prefer studs.
Claim: Man and women are equal
Truth: Success for males means getting rich. Women that work too hard to get rich go extinct.
b. If you have a daughter, what kind of man you want to be the biological father of your grand children. That should not be far from what girls want in a mate.
Do you want your daughter to get knocked up by a rich smart handsome best selling nobel prize winner or by some losers that promise exclusivity. Think about it.
That means rich.
3. Makes the deal sweeter.
Do you really want her just for your self? Share. Different males have different edges. Why not combine? One talk to the girl and introducing. The other are good at massage. In ancient time, sharing sucks because then you don’t know who daddy is. Nowadays there is DNA tests anyway.
If all else fail, pay prostitute for training. Duh. You need experience.
Watch porn.

I don’t know all about women. Yes you will fail. THere is no one sure way to get laid. So try and try again. It’s like business. You don’t always succeed. You learn you try again. If you always fear to try you’ll never achieve anything.

If you watch so many porn you won’t be that hungry for women. Women avoid hungry men. So watching porn will help you train the right mindset.

Above all, avoid marriage.

Good luck.

Marriage is Retarded

This is the most idiotic comment I have ever read in wickedfire.

What is sexist? Am I sexist if I just wanna bang chicks rather than dudes? We are all sexists. Our parents are sexist. If they aren’t then you wouldn’t exist. Think about it.

How in the fucking earth a wife deserve half of her husband’s wealth? Who decide? You?

Why 50%? Why not 49? Why not 48? What’s so awesome about number .5?

Actually this is the core of what marriage is all about. Nonsense opinion, or irrational beliefs of bigot govern your relationship. Someone believe that the girl deserve half of your wealth and somehow that’s what the deal is. Another person believe that women shouldn’t marry men with different race/religion and somehow it’s that person, rather than the women, that can decide who she ended up with.

Men are not equally rich, and women are not equally pretty, and somehow, the “fair” price is half of the men’s wealth.

I mean, what’s the fair price of a chair? Well, it varies right. Depending on the quality of the chair. The wealth of the buyers don’t usually matter a lot though buyers tend to buy more expensive chairs. What’s the fair price of a car? Same thing. Usually richer guys buy more expensive cars. Richer guys do not pay more for the same car. It doesn’t make sense. If anything, richer guys have more cars.

Imagine if car sellers sell cars proportional to the man’s wealth? That car sellers will lose businesses quickly. The same way, women wanting half of billionaires’ wealth will have far harder time to get billionaires. Settle for $100 per session or $100k per baby no matter how rich the man is, and she’ll be getting better deals. Somehow this more market based deals are prohibited.

If anything, richer men should pay less than poor men. Women already prefer the rich even if the richer men offer the same $100 per fuck. Why does the rich has to offer $1k and the poor offer less? Why not let the pussy choose?

Finally something I agree with. Pussy doesn’t mean vagina. Pussy means women. Because that’s all she’s about. I wouldn’t hire any women that don’t realize she’s a pussy. Such women can work somewhere else.

And yes I am learning something. Everybody wants to be the pimp. The real pimps are much more preferred by hot babes. That’s why we have so many laws against pimping. To kick out rich better more efficient pimps that actually give hoes/wives/womyn/women/whatevver and johns/husbands/men what they really want rather than what societies say what they should want.