Failure is having less than 2 million dollars or less than 2 biological children.

Mediocrity is having 2 million dollars, spending most of it away to 2 biological children, and conforming to society’s norm.

Happiness is having 10 million dollars, spending most of it away to 10 biological children, and living a secluded private life away from societies’ eyes.

Extreme happiness is having 100 million dollars, spending most of it to 100 biological children, and telling everyone else to shut the fuck up and go fuck themselves.

Enlightenment is having $1 billion dollars, spending most of it away to 1000 biological children/clones/artificially inseminated offspring, and telling everyone else to do the same.

If more people reach enlightenment there will be less poverty and war in the world.

May all living things have happy parents.

*Figures should be adjusted to inflation, increasing land price, etc.

Greatest Lie

Humans greatest lie is not God.

Humans greatest lie is love. There isn’t much of it among strangers and humans grossly over estimate it.

Faith in religion is but a minor stupidity compared to an even greater stupidity that cause it. A greater stupidity is faith in humanity itself.

Humans, believing humanity, have a hard time understanding that so many people would believe a false thing, hence thinking that what the crowds believe must be true.

The truth is humans will much more eagerly embrace falsehood that benefit them compared to truth that hurt them. That’s how we got religions. Religion is just one of the symptom.

Truth about Beauty

A young girl asked her mom.
Girl: mom, what is sex?
Mother: sex is when a guy tells u to come with him at home and you do something nice and he gaves u some money.
Girl: mom, what is great sex?
Mother: Great sex is when a guy tells u to come with him at home and you do something Great and he gaves u a lot of money.
Girl: And what is love?
Mother: Love is just lie Created by poor people to get laid for free.

Think Unsexy Thought Think Unsexy Thought

Educational costs have drop down due to cheap and free e-books, free lectures, and free stack exchanges forum. Formal educational cost keep going up due to government interference in formal educational sector.

Doctors in some countries are forced to work in governments’ hospital with below market price salary. Should they refuse, they will lost their license to operate privately. Why is this not a slavery and exploitation of worker?

A CEO does not usually do janitorial tasks unless she is grossly incompetent, untalented, or face trade restrictions against commercialized CEOing.

We can measure freedom by how much we don’t give shit about the interest of those who are not our target market. Whether it’s actually ideal or practical is a different story.

There are many ways to test whether you’re free

One of the best way is to see, whether your life is significantly affected by those who are not your target market.

You live only for yourself. Yea, you also live for those who have been and may be useful for you, but ultimately, it’s because serving them serve your interests.

The moment you even think that opinions of those useless to you are relevant is the moment you’re not free.


Women are never wrong

It’s men that have to adapt to what women want.

Customers are never wrong. It’s businessmen that have to adapt to what customers want.

The people are never wrong. It’s the politicians that have to adapt to what the people want.

The world is never wrong. It’s us that have to adapt to the world.

If women, customers, people, or the world, are wrong, it’s us that have to adapt our bullshit to whatever they believe in.

Who You Are is More Important Than the Actual Deal

I really don’t understand you guys.

If you have a daughter, don’t you want your daughter to end up with the best of the best? Millionaires, billionaires or someone with high IQ? If you have a son, do you want your son to end up like Beatty Chadwick? Do you want your son to get married at all? What do you want for your sons or daughter anyway. I want to know my self.

How the relation works out is secondary. It could be casual sex. It could be sugar babies. It could be formal marriage. It could be religious marriage. He could be her boss (as long as it’s the actual owner rather than just supervisor). Who care?

People concentrate so much on what kind of deal a woman get. Marriage, then good. Prostitution then bad. Free sex, then somewhere in the middle. Bosses, then exploitation. Have to share, then bad. Move to richer country to find a mate then really really bad.

All those are secondary. I think most women and most father of women care more about WHO the man is, and not WHAT the exact deal is. The exact deal must not be too bad and I personally think that marriage is one of the most stupid deal.

However, WHO the man is, that is, how rich he is, is obviously far more important than other factors. Is he rich? Is he handsome? Is he tall? Does he speak C++? What’s his IQ?

Most of the women that are trafficked to europe have that in mind. Will the white male that fuck her be more handsome taller and richer than the cavemen that propose marriage to her back home.

If they can choose, they’d rather marry a rich smart tall handsome male. However, if they can choose between being a sex worker for a rich smart tall handsome male and be a wife of some poor guy back home, we know what they choose. Who the man is override what the deal is, in most circumstances.

The same way if I approach a woman, WHO the women is, namely how pretty she is, is what’s important. She can be on top. She can be submissive, or dominant, who care. Is she hot?

I don’t care if a man worship the earth my daughter walk on. If he’s poor, he has to get rich first.

Have you approached a woman? No matter how polite you are, if you’re poor, they don’t even look at you. If you’re rich, then you just approach them casually and tada….

Rich women do not need money. They still prefer the rich anyway for the same reason men prefer the pretty. At least that’s what I would prefer for my daughter. A very rich man. If my daughter got 2 proposal, one from a monogamous middle class and another from a billionaire playboy magnate, I would advice her to pick the billionaire magnate. Just make sure he’s really a billionaire as he said.

If I can reproduce my self by cloning, I wouldn’t need women at all. But hei, the most natural way is the cheapest cost effective way :)