Marijuana are indeed dangerous

For the same reason that beautiful women are dangerous.

It’s too valuable those in power will never let the market to decide.

Why let the robbery victims go with his wallet if you have a gun on his head?

The same way it doesn’t make sense to expect politicians to just let marijuana or sex be fully commercialized.

Of course, when things are not commercialized we will be killing each other for it.

And that’s what we do.

Why Sugar Daddy-Babies Relationship is Better than Marriage?

10 Girls for Every 1 Guy

Not rich enough yet? Join force with other males and share a sugar baby

Hei, not all males are good at everything. Some are charming. Some are rich. Some are smart. Women often want all. If you insist on getting married, you will have to spend a fraction of your income. Not like you’re going to make love to her 24 hours a day.

Why not concentrate on making money first and share a female? There is no monogamous restriction on sugar baby sugar daddy relationship. Just share and be happy together.

Should she got knocked up, just use paternity test to decide the father. Women nowadays do not get enough loving from busy husbands. Many hot women love being gang banged.

Build Relationship with hot Sugar Mommies

Love is like business opportunities. The more you share the more you get.

There are many sugar mommies around. They’re mainly looking for female sugar babies. Yea, the way free market works is that there isn’t a lot young hot beautiful girls that want to pay men.

Still. Just get a sugar baby. Then introduce her to sugar mommies for ultimate happiness combo. Turn gang bangs into hot sex parties.

Get more young beautiful women without fearing bankruptcy

Which woman would not rather be John Kennedy’s third wife than Bozo the Clown’s first?” – L. Betzig – Female Evolutionist

Got tons of money? Want to spend those raises on something that lasts more than your life time? Don’t get married. Get a sugar baby.

There are plenty or beautiful women that don’t mind doing it. Many women would rather share rich smart males than be the only one for the poor ones.

Cost of women are constant irrelevant of your wealth. She doesn’t even need to know how wealthy you are. She only needs to know how much she would get paid.

Live happily ever after with your soul mates

Rich smart males never need to leave the girls he likes. Why would he? Oh the girl may be costly.

If he’s truly rich, that won’t be a problem. Exception is of course when the cost is set artificially by government to be devastating no matter how rich the male is.

However, within marriage, a rich smart male has a very strong intensive to divorce his wife. What about if newer hotter babes show up? Marriage must be monogamy so other males get a share too. So when new babes show up, the old one must be kicked out. What a waste.

As sugar daddies, it doesn’t matter. The new babe comes in. The old babe will also stay. Then you do threesomes happily ever after. Well, at least until another hot babe comes in. Then you do foursomes happily ever after. Bring friends.

Hell you can even ended up joining sex parties with her or his other friends if you can’t handle all of them.

10 Girls For Every Guy! Date Sugar Babies Near You

Not so under marriage. Under marriage, it’s whoever stab the other one first. The women will think, ah I get paid anyway even if I left, and so she left. Why wouldn’t she? If she doesn’t, the men will leave her anyway.

The marriage system is designed to fail. Marriage is indeed failing, by around 50%. It’ll fail, and the laws are made to make sure it fails horribly when it does.

That’s what happen when you let others, socialists, feminazis, terrorists, or who knows what, be the pimp of your relationship. To hell with marriage. Come with something that work. Be a sugar daddy meet your sugar babies.

Many people condemn sugar daddy-babies relationship. They claim it’s prostitution. Well, actually it’s not. So what if it is. We’ll get back to it.

Marriage is an unstable implicit prostitution

Women are different than men. They can do something men cannot, namely getting pregnant. Under comparative advantage, even if women can make more money than men, both will still be better of men concentrate on making money and women concentrate on getting pregnant.

Obviously as we evolves, beautiful women start finding out that their programming skills, sword wielding skills, and hunting skills are less and less necessary. It’s far easier for beautiful women to pick the right men rather than to be the man.

Men with such skills and talents get more resources. After a while, most males are better at making money.

Only ugly women have to work hard all their life. The more beautiful the girl is, the more she wants to just be sex object.

Those ugly women then declare that it’s what all women truly want out of envy.

So in marriage, prostitution, or sugar daddy sugar baby relationship, it’s common, and natural that men pay and women make the men happy.

It doesn’t make sense for beautiful women to just have sex for free. It’s natural that she got something back.

How many men want to marry a beautiful girl if he knew he won’t get laid? How many women want to marry a man if they knew he won’t pay?

That’s what happens in all marriage. Men work. Women provide sex in return. In a sense it’s prostitution. So what?

However, in our hypocritical society, knowing that rich paying men are too attractive to compete, voters often declare prostitution illegal.

The truth is, if you’re nice, and then you follow all societies’ norm in getting a girl that don’t want you for your money, and then you’re not violent, and others are not afraid of you, you will live forever alone.

In a rare case some beautiful girls actually like you, some rude violent males, such as her ex boy friend or future ex husband, will say no she doesn’t and try to kill and harm you. Then you’ll never get laid till you stand up like men and fight back like hell exterminating all their kind.

Actually that’s what happened to me. That’s why I made this site up. I am fighting back by exterminating anyone opposing free fair competition. No more Mr. Nice guy for fascists, commies, feminists, and enviromentalists.

So we got marriage. Further political development changes that further. So it isn’t. Yes men expect sex and yes women expect money. However, the 2 are not really linked within marriage.

Nowadays, women can just get a divorce openly sleep with another male. The original ex-husband will have to pay life time alimony. See what happen to husband here . The women already have sex with others. She simply just doesn’t marry that other guy. The ex-husband keeps paying. What kind of rich smart males want to be treated like that? Let me guess. The nice ones? The naive ones?

Some think it’s a good law for women. Yea, it hurts men but benefit women. Really? Imagine a law requiring you to sell your product way above the market price? What happens? You actually make less profit because sales go down. Now imagine a law requiring you to sell way higher to more attractive customers. That’s how stupid it is.

The lifetime alimony laws actually force women to sell her higher to richer males. It’s there to prevent beautiful women to get really rich men.

It may be to the best interest of feminists, ugly women, society, socialists, or whatever to define marriage with that terms. It’s not to the best interest of the beautiful women. If you are a beautiful woman and you want to hurt men that love you so much, then and only then, you should pick marriage.

What about monetary compensation for women in marriage? Is it linked to her doing her end of the bargain? Not either. I’ve seen enough women with child where her husband has simply run away. Societies will do nothing to protect those women. In fact, the laws and sexual norms are actually there to ration females to financially irresponsible men. Only if the men are actually financially responsible then everyone would start hunting the male.

Not so with sugar daddy sugar baby relationship. It’s still not prostitution. However, if relationship is breaking apart, they both go separate way. That way woman can aim for richer males that are not afraid to enter such relationship.

If a beautiful women just want a win win relationship, then pick a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship. In fact, that’s how most rich smart men know whether a woman love her or not. If she asked for a marriage, that means she’s just after your money and want to stab you in the back. Isn’t that what all marriage end up with?


If a woman wants a longer term commitment, she can ask that out to sugar daddy. It’ll be under the sugar babies/sugar daddies terms. Not under the states’ or feminazis’ terms.

Produce healthy children while always be in good relationship with the mother

Horrors await those who get married. Many males are forced to pay child support for a kid that’s not biologically his.

Victims are rarely able to claim compensation in the civil court system, and even in countries where paternity fraud is a criminal offense, action is rarely taken against offenders. In 2008 it emerged that even though the United Kingdom government had exposed 4,854 cases of false paternity claims there had not been a single prosecution for the crime.[3] –

The reason is obvious. The socialist government wants to redistribute your hard earned money to welfare parasites so politicians can get more votes making governments bigger.

It’s not to government best interest to protect your wealth. Instead, it’s toward government best interest to find excuse that you end up paying someone else’ child.

Many marriage laws require husband to pay child support for children not biologically his.

It’s an irony. In ancient time, marriage is there to protect husband from this sort of fraud. Now, it’s there to encourage it.

We no longer need marriage for its main purpose. If you want to know who your child is, just use paternity tests.

In marriage, it’s whoever stabs the other one first. There is only one outcome of it. Disaster.

Outside marriage, you, rather than heartless politicians, make the terms. So just make a sensible one.

Marriage Dehumanize and Objectify Women

Encouraging one-to-one pairing so that more men have a mate would reduce the number of potentially violent young single men. Per one of my sociology professors, historical studies show that societies have been more warlike when they have excessive young men. – Shannon Larson

Let’s stop for a while and think for a moment on what Shannon really said.

There are violent people. We do not want them to get them to be more violent. So what does the so called sociology professors think a good solution would be? Yes encourage one to one pairing so that those violent thugs, burglars, robbers, wife beaters, and murderers have a mate and hopefully become less violent.

That ladies and gentlemen is what marriage truly stand for. Pairing men and women on 1 on 1 basis so the males that are the least financially responsible, most deceptive, most violent, get laid too, perhaps with prettier girls so they don’t get mad. Then societies will simply say that love is blind while prohibiting most better alternatives.

No wonder the world is full with violent deceptive people. It doesn’t matter if a girl say yes. It doesn’t matter she consent. It doesn’t matter what she wants or chooses. At the end, only men’s with power over other men get the hottest babes with little relevancy of what the girls want.

Other explanations doesn’t make sense. For example, many people argue that prostitution can’t possibly be consensual. That it’s so bad that no women would do it willingly. That they must be coerced or tricked.

Feminists point out that all prostitution can’t possibly be consensual. Explain to me then how come a $5500 per hour job is not consensual. Is the girl doing it with guns on her head. Is the girl so ugly no body wants to marry her. Is the girl too dumb she can’t even work in McDonald unless she put up. Will she starve if she stops prostituting? Are there laws prohibiting sex outside prostitution? Is the males that can pay $5500 per hour are so unattractive that they have to pay that much?

Obviously most, if not all, prostitutes have many reasonable legal alternatives. They simply don’t have better ones.

But most males cannot afford $5500 per hour. Those males will become violent if they don’t have a mate. So what’s the solution? Yap. You hear it. Encourage one on one pairing, prohibit or prevent alternatives, especially those alternatives women want the most.

Consensuality of marriage is far more dubious. However, very few question it.

Why would any beautiful girl pick a poor bum? Ah. Love is blind says most people. Few ever think that the beautiful girl may prefer to just sell sex to some millionaire if only it were legal. When she did the latter, everyone would scream that it must be exploitation and can’t be consensual even though it’s what she prefer.

Why would any Taliban girl marry a cave dwelling terrorist? Taliban solution? Prohibits women from working. The alternative for those women are either starving or marry somebody Taliban’s approved. Do we bother declare that such marriage can’t be consensual? You kidding. We just hope they don’t kill us.

No means no. However, once the girls are too beautiful, it seems that yes means yes if only if the male is violent enough to be feared. What does this encourage? What message does marriage send?

Shanon is not the only one that got it right.

“Far from being laws to protect women, antipolygamy statutes may really do more to protect men.” ― Matt Ridley

“Your presentation neglects to consider the alternate effects of your propositions. I have brought up class warfare several times, but I don’t think you realize the effect of what you are proposing. If all women chose only rich and intelligent men, other men would hunt us down and kill us. Can I make it any clearer?” Eromsnid Flor – Mensan

“The arrangement you describe would definitely be disadvantageous to men (even though us dumb guys would probably think it sounded like a great deal). The problem is, for every guy with two ladies, there’d be a guy with none. If you want a stable society, you don’t want too many unhappy guys with no partners.” – Michael Snyder

It’s an open secret that marital laws in democratic countries are there to ration females in equal share for everyone. The cause is simple. If women are not rationed, many males don’t get laid. So that those males are happy, laws are created rationing women to less desirable males.

This is inhumane.

If we respect someone as a human being, we respect her choices.

The interest of others should mean absolutely nothing to her unless she agree, usually in exchange of some value that she care for her.

Also under normal economic situation, it is toward the women’s absolute right to max out what she want given what she can offer. That’s how we treat humans.

Not so under marriage. The state, rather than the women, decides the terms. Here, some concern of the state, such as ensuring that the most violent men get women too, is taken into account in crafting the marriage contract. That should be none of her concern. The fact that there are other lazy dumb violent men that won’t get laid if she chooses her own terms should be none of her concern.

However, it’s part of most marital contract in democratic countries. How dehumanizing?

By encouraging marriage, the state effectively tries to appease burglars, robbers, and thugs by ordering women to marry them! The difference is that we do not appease them with money or food. We appease them by preventing women from picking better choices, and hence effectively forcing beautiful women to aim lower against her will. Are women less than food or money that we use them to appease violent men?

Not so with sugar daddy sugar babies relationship. The women rather than the state decide the term. If she wants $2k per month, it’s her term. If she wants life time support in case of babies, it’s her term. If the man doesn’t like the term, he can bargain or refuse, but she has to agree.

The interests of voters, religious leaders, or other humans are completely irrelevant. Well not completely but matter much less.

Polygamy is not a good solution

Some people would say that the solution is to legalize polygamy. That won’t solve the problem. As long as it’s still marriage, then the state rather than women, decide the terms. That means the women are effectively the property of the state rather than owning herself. In most countries with polygamy women’s choice is even less.

In states where polygamy is legal, women have even less choice. Sex outside marriage often is not legal.

In muslim countries, for example, there are laws against muslim women picking non-muslim men. Such laws are equivalent with laws preventing you from buying import products. What about if some christian or jewish yuppies bid higher?

Even if polygamy is legalized, you will still need the state or some religious officials to do the wedding. Who needs them? Why should their interest matter? Why do we need others as pimp?

Most beautiful women can get richer smarter taller and more handsome sugar daddies than husband

Finding Sexy Women Isn't EasyMarriage in democratic country is there to ration females in equal share for everyone. The makers of the law know that most beautiful women prefer the rich. They also know that rich smart paying males are too attractive. So how do they give “equal” chance to men that are less desirable?

Simple. They make marriage terms scare off rich attractive males.

Alimony terms are not really there to support women. It’s there to bankrupt rich smart males. That’s why it’s set to be proportional to the man’s wealth. It’s there to scare off rich males from marrying.

The same way child support laws are not there to support any child. Government does not care if the money does go to the child or not. The law is there to ensure that rich smart males do not make too many kids.

Beatty Chadwick, a millionaire went to jail for 14 years Most rich males simply don’t want to get married. Period. It’s not that the girl is not pretty enough. It’s just stupid.

What else? Exclusivity. Yea some girls want to be the only one. Fine. Not all. Many beautiful women don’t mind sharing. Commitment that a girl will be the only one is cheap for men that cannot attract any other girls. Such commitment is expensive for more attractive males. Obviously the states suddenly turn that exclusivity into marriage contract.

Marriage promote wars while sugar daddy and sugar babies relationship promote peace and prosperity

In general, under marriage, the state decides the terms. Hence only those who are in power, or favored by those in power, get laid. That effectively makes those in power the pimp of all. This will encourage males to kill each other to be in power.

That’s what’s happening under muslim rules. Never ending war between themselves and jews and christians and who knows who.

In democracy women are rationed in equal share for everyone through monogamy. It won’t be long till those least productive of the society start growing more and more in number weighing down on the economy. Then they’ll demand bigger government. Let’s face it. Who is society that it can decide what women should choose?

Under porn/sugar babies, free market decides the terms. So those who provide value decide the terms. Obviously, this leads to a more peaceful and just solution. Free market always leads to peace while deviation always leads to war and strive.

Pick monogamous marriage and socialists would have won.

Pick polygamous marriage and terrorists would have won.

Be a sugar daddies and you’ll help bringing abundance free market to every corner of the world.

For the religious

If religions mean a lot to you. Consider this:

See none of us are following biblical marriage. The pics are still missing the stoning part, which is part of the package actually.

However, sugar daddy sugar babies relationship resemble biblical marriage far more than contemporary civil marriage. The only difference is that under sugar’s relationship men don’t have to pay and women have no obligation to perform. At least not explicitly because the law prohibits that. Implicitly, if she stops “loving” you, you can always stop “being generous.”

Also consider:

But I tell you, Do not swear at all – Jesus Looks like some torah commandment are best circumvented rather than directly obeyed. Never swear, never break swear. Never get married, never divorce.

Every one who is sending away his wife, and marrying another, doth commit adultery; and every one who is marrying her sent away from a husband doth commit adultery. – Jesus . So apparently it’s okay to keep getting more and more women as long as you don’t sent her away and even then, only if she is your wife. The disciples figured that out and quickly ask, why bother getting married.

Verily I say to you, that the tax-gatherers and the harlots do go before you into the reign of God – Jesus

“For [ultimately], a father will marry his daughter and a brother his sister, [for in a sexually permissive society] a [girl] may become pregnant and give birth without knowing who the child’s father is.” – Rabam so the issue is about knowing who the child’s father. Also Solomon and David have tons of concubines.

All religious leaders want to be the pimp of all women. So it’s natural that they go up and down trying to convince you that you can’t have sex without their permission. This is the same religious leaders that have been ordering our ancestors to kill and slaughter innocents over difference of opinions and latter apologize for commanding violent. Believe them at your own risk.

Consider also that 38% of all marriage in Israel ends up in divorce. See? Some people are indeed chosen to reveal divine truth for the rest of us. One of those truth is marriage doesn’t work.

The other one is that anything not commercialized will make us kill each other.  Prostitution is not illegal in Israel. Land purchase is still regulated. Guess what people in the area are usually killing each other for?

Some christians will argue that jews are no longer the chosen people and hence quoting divorce rate in Israel is irrelevant.


Divorce rate among Christians are 29%. Even higher than atheists.


In What Sense is All Prostitution Non Consensual?

So many people are forced to get married. There are so many laws against alternative to marriage. So many girls get married out of economic pressure.

Yet if that same girl choose to be a sugar baby for a richer smarter taller male every body will scream that it’s exploitation.

People argue that prostitution can’t possibly be consensual and hence must be prohibited.

Let’s examine a case.

Girls are being paid $5500 an hour for being a prostitute:

  1. Are those girls doing it with gun on their head? No.
  2. Will those girl starve to death if she doesn’t perform? No.
  3. Can those girl pick another job, say cooking McDonald? Yes
  4. Are girls earning $5500 per hour too ugly to find a husband, say a mediocre one at least? No. Notice that if she choose to marry a street bum it would have been legal and no body will scream it’s not consensual. People would say love is blind, yada yada  yada.
  5. Are males able to pay a girl $5500 per hour so hideously unattractive that they have to pay that much? No. Women prefer the rich. Most men are not rich enough to throw away $5500 just for an hour of fun.

How do we define consent? So in what sense all prostitution is non consensual again? It’s pretty obvious she agree to it. So many of them say they enjoy their job.

To the opposite of prostitution, marriage actually take away girls’ best choice as confirmed by economists .

Rather than asking whether prostitution is consensual or not, shouldn’t we ask whether marriage is consensual or not? Why would a beautiful hot babe pick a system that kick the hottest dude out?

Is it a sin for jews to buy/rent/hire/acquire palestinians concubines/sex workers/sugar babies?

The bible prohibits jews from selling their daughters as prostitutes.

There is nothing in the bible that prohibit jews from hiring prostitute. Also nowadays, daughters tend to sell themselves anyway.

The palestines have grown numerous in number due to their high birth rate. Left uncheck they may ally with your enemies against you, if not already.

You can kill them all. But it’s politically incorrect since holocaust or something.

You can kill all their newborn sons. But that would be inefficient. Chicken farmers also kill 90% of all newborn male chicks. They know full well that it won’t dent the population a bit.

But their women keep giving birth to future suicide bombers. Why not hire those women to give birth to future bankers, doctors, lawyers, and scientists instead?

Can’t be through marriage because polygamy is illegal in Israel. But women don’t care. Last time I check women prefer bankers, doctors, lawyers, and scientists.

Actual arrangements are secondary. Exclusivity is not important for beautiful women. You can check

Of course there is an issue whether palestinian girls are hot enough for jews or not. Well, maybe top 20% percentiles would do. Males aren’t that picky. The prettier the girls, the less religious they are.

Another issue is the full blood vs mixed. Still half of 100 is still 50. Full of 2 to 3 is still only 2 to 3.

That should send a message to all palestinians and all other males in the world that unless they too excel in science or business, all their seeds will be spilled on the ground. Literally.

So the last compunction should be, is it sinful?


This post is a joke as most posts in this website. It contains some exaggerations that’s essentially true.

The reality is I was sick of violent and wonder whether economic competition can replace false politics and war.

Both sides kill each other and lie to justify it. If I just said that plainly, then people would get defensive saying that’s it’s the other side that’s total asshole. So I made jokes about it instead. I do not think those who are so eager to kill or justify killing of other humans deserve so much respect that we shouldn’t joke about them. I guess things ended up even more offensive. But hei, people are killing each other. So what if we made fun of them.

The question it self is pretty serious though. Is it a sin to hire sugar babies?

Why killing, bombing, suicide bombing, mass murders, slavery, or even genocide is okay yet normal consensual financially responsible transaction is not?

There is nothing in the bible that prohibits that. Solomon has tons of concubines. It’s consensual. Paternity tests can determine fatherhood far more accurately and humanely than stoning potentially adulterous women. Contemporary marriage terms are so different than ancient marriage terms it’s essentially a different deal. No body get married in biblical sense nowadays anyway.

Does Immigrants Take Away Jobs?

Imagine if it’s not a job. Imagine if it’s a welfare. So government says, anyone that stand idly in Madison square will be paid $5 per hour. There is no productivity. Government is just insane giving money away. Will immigrants coming reduce that welfare pie? Yes.

Many jobs are essentially welfare. The salary does not justify the productivity.

I think immigration will reduce job but mainly only if the job itself is essentially implicit welfare.

Many jobs are not real job with normal salary. Minimum wage, for example, inflate salary for some job. Some jobs are created by stimulus. So those jobs are limited. More people taking that job means there goes the job.

Minimum wage is interesting. If the normal salary is 1/hour. Due to minimum wage, the salary becomes 5 per hour. Government is effectively saying anyone that work that job got a subsidy of 4/hour and anyone hiring such workers are fined 4 per hour.

Some jobs have their salary artificially inflated through anti immigration laws. Such jobs will too get erased when immigrations come.

Jobs that are underpaid like, CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, and lawyers, will not be reduced by immigrations. Productivity for such jobs exceed the salary.

Obviously supply curves don’t meet demand at that price. There will be surplus workers and more immigrants coming in. Those immigrants are being attracted not by genuine productive opportunity, but by that implicit welfare.

On the other hand entrepreneurs, the job creators, won’t come to US to start a business that tend to hire tons of minimum wage workers. Why come to a country that fine you for your job?

Many jobs are real. We can think of entrepreneurs as a job too. I work managing my employees, making program, making contact. Immigrants are more likely to be entrepreneurs. Those jobs won’t go away no matter how many immigrants coming in. However, typical immigrants that come for productive job will be few. Productive jobs are also appreciated and paid well in other places too.

Jobs with real productivity, like CEOs, programmers, etc. won’t get hurt by immigrants. Jobs with low or no real productivity, like washing dishes, will get hurt a lot by immigrants.

Dubai accepts plenty of immigrants without problem. They don’t have minimum wage job and kicks out any unproductive workers that can’t get a job.

Women Study 101

AB: But the traffic doesn’t help me.  That’s the problem.  Either they comes and start putting pictures up holding their cocks in thier hand, or the women are trying to sell themselves for money, etc.  That doesn’t help me at all, just hurts me. ANd most of the traffic hits the home page and leaves so to Google it makes my site look like it is not interesting to visitors.
AB: Porn traffic is the worst traffic I can get.
AB: I appreciate you trying to help though.  Thanks for thinking about us.
T: very funny
T: so what with women trying to sell themselves for money. Isn’t that what all beautiful women do 🙂
AB: Yes, but not in that way.  Our women are more subtle 😉
T: I see
T: now it make sense
AB: Our women want a lifetime income, not a quick upfront one time payment 🙂
T: Straight from the horse mouth 🙂
AB: Yes, I’m married to one of them
T: You have married 5 of them and it’s correct all the time.