Why Marriage is like Concentration Camp?

In mid 20th century there was these highly industrious smart, productive, funny, ancient and wise people called the jews.

They’re endangered species now. These people underestimated their government’s hatred against them.

The same way today, there are capitalists. Most of those underestimate others’ hatred over them.

The jews underestimated Nazis’ hatred toward them. They think they won’t get screwed. “We are useful to them. Why would they kill us?” They said to themselves. They failed to realize that:

1. The mediocre hate the smart. That’s why Nazis hated jews.

2. The lazy hate the diligent.

3. The unproductive hate the productive.

4. The less competitive hate those who out compete them. The less competitive always want to prevent those better than them from reaching their full potential.

The same way most people fail to realize that:

1. Mediocre men do not want women to only pick the rich. That’s why they prohibit prostitution.

2. Singles do not want people with mates to keep getting mates. That’s why they prohibit group marriage, polyandry and polygamy.

3. Ugly women do not want women to be judged by their beauty. That’s why they prohibit porn.

4. The less competitive hate those who out compete them or have potential to do so. The less competitive always want to prevent those better than them from achieving their full potential.

All these are half obvious already. Yet most people don’t know.

The fascists justified killing jews by claiming that the jews are inferior anyway. If it were true, why not just let the market decide? Not a rhetorical question. Inferiority is a very vague concept. In a very reasonable sense, the truth is actually the opposite.

The fascists also justify prohibition of prostitution by claiming that prostitution is such a bad deal no women could possibly want that anyway. If it were true, why not let the market decide? Not a rhetorical question. Bad deal is a very vague concept. In a very reasonable sense, the truth is actually the opposite.

So the Nazis pulled out a trick.  “Work will set you free,” said bigots. “Just register your arms and wear star of David band for ease of identification,” said the Nazi.

All those seem pretty innocent.

Yet something was suspicious. What business government has in identifying who were jewish and who were not? They should have asked.

The same way, religious bigots and feminazis are pulling tricks. “Get married first before having sex,” said religious bigots. “Women are not sex objects and should not be judged solely by their beauty,” said ugly feminazis.

All those seem pretty innocent.

Yet something is suspicious. What business does government have in regulating marriage?

What business does ugly women have in controlling how we think? When men think of women as sex object, we usually mean the pretty right? So why the ugly care?

But many jews didn’t see that the Nazi wanted their extermination. What else could they have wanted? By registering their guns they are easy to disarm. By wearing stars they are easy to identify. And by being in concentration camp they are easy to exterminate.

The same way many of us do not see that those wanting us to get married want nothing but our extermination and suffering. What else do they want?

By getting married government has power to define what marriage mean. Government can ration mates in equal share for everyone by allowing people to only pick singles.

By getting married judges have justification to prosecute the rich with hefty alimony. The justification, as ridiculous as it sound, is that you agreed to that indirectly when you get married.

By getting married people make it easy for government to screw them.

Little did the jews know that hatred against them would matter far more in concentration camp than outside.

Outside concentration camp, hatred against jews matter much less. The jews can still fight, flee, or run.

Inside concentration camp, they’re toasted. Literally.

The same way, little people know, that hatred of those who are not competitive are far less influential outside marriage than inside marriage.

Outside marriage, you decide terms of your mating.

You can change partners, and hence providing incentive for the other side to behave fairly toward you. You can decide your own contract. You can share a more desirable partner, or be shared. It’s up to you.

Women typically can aim at far richer males outside marriage. Richer smart men can aim at more women outside marriage. It’s happening anyway thanks to higher and fairer income disparity globalization bring here.

Inside marriage, the will of all those bigots matters. A girl will have harder time aiming for the rich inside marriage. Rich males are afraid of having to pay big alimony and will not marry unless the women are smoking hot if at all. All those alimony laws are destructive only to the rich. Think about it.

Fascists ensure that rich men that still get married are pretty much screwed, hence ensuring that only the poor are available to marrying women.

Hence, the result

Read more about Beatty Chadwick here.

Check more here for more horror stories.

If you are a beautiful woman, getting laid by rich smart males willing to support you in exchange of sex or reproductive service is very easy. The richer the male, the more he wants you. Finding a male that are willing to risk going through those horrors for nothing is obviously difficult. The richer the male, the less likely he wants marriage.

Notice that genocide pictures I showed you above is quite typical. Most concentration camps’ Nazis to jews relationship does end up badly, for the jews. The experience are different. Some get burned, others get shot, another get gassed etc.

Notice that Beatty Chadwick’s case is quite typical. Most marriage does end up badly, for the productive. Experience varies. Some go to jail, others paid huge lifetime alimony, etc.

Perhaps the jews think that outside concentration camp, fascists can still kill them anyway. True.

But it’s much harder to kill them outside than inside.

As more and more are outside, fascism will starve and get weaker.

The same way many think that outside marriage, fascists can still control their life anyway. True.

Fascists can still prohibit prostitution. Fascist can still declare that cohabiting partners are married, hence effectively instituting forced marriage. Fascist can still prohibit prostitution. But fascists will have much harder time running your life outside marriage.

As more and more babies are born outside marriage, fascism will starve and get weaker.

A lot of hatred was there in the design of concentration camp. They got gas chambers, they got chains, they got guards with guns. Concentration camps were there to kill jews. Shouldn’t jews be suspicious?

The same way, a lot of hatred is there in the design of marital laws. They got life time alimony proportional to men’s income. They got judges ordering males to support kids that are not biologically his. Marriage laws are there to bankrupt rich smart males. Shouldn’t all rich males be suspicious?

Trust your government?

Remember genocide. Remember Beatty Chadwick.

Never again! we let fascists influencing who should stay in the gene pool. Yes in both cases (I am tired of writing the same thing twice), many will deny that.

Do not trust your government. The same government that claim to define what’s best for your kids are the same one that would send those same kids to ovens and roast them slowly. Just ask any holocaust survivor or Beatty Chadwick.

Never forget. Government sucks. Free market is awesome. Free market forever.

Why I am doing all these?

Why free market forever? Why the site? Why all the writing?

Have you ever seen kids begging on the street and then some other kids bigger than them collect money from those little kids. That’s what I see every day I go out in my country. No body care about those kids.

Yet when one those poor teen (say after legal age) or her mom would prostitute her self or be second/3rd wife to rich males that can and want to afford her, every body screams exploitation.

Also, I am not blaming anyone. I am not blaming those people for being hypocrite. Evolution theory already predict that they will be like that. I understand.

All those people do not know what they’re doing. Those who know don’t speak and silently become dictators and politicians making sure that those who speak don’t know. Those who do know and speak wouldn’t be believed anyway.

And that’s the whole point of being an effective hypocrite. Humans are not just hypocrite, they are very good and effective at it.

Successful hypocrites are those who somehow can maintain far different images than reality. In zero sum games like pursuance of power and sexual selection, we expect lies, effective successful lies, to prevail over truth.

By the way, the explanation to those apathy toward begging kids is simple and scientific. We don’t care about kids begging on the street because we indeed don’t care. Evolution theory predicts that humans do not care a lot about those that are non relative, too dissimilar or non reciprocal.

For altruism trait to reproduce it must somehow improve reproductive success. Caring for kids begging on the street doesn’t. It works for all species. Not just human.

Caring about women choosing to be prostitutes or 6th wife does improve a man’s reproductive success if you can count that as caring.

Humans, as chimps and gorillas, also do not care about their kind. However, males in power, such as voters, do not want women to pick other males that indeed have better more attractive offers.

That would effectively force women to aim lower, hence improving the bigot’s reproductive success. So most males primates want to prohibit many consensual choice. One great way to do that is to punish women that pick better offers.

So they get more followers to support their agenda, they need to come up with something else to mask their intent. None of those are scientific of course.

From religion, to women’s dignity, etc. All are well, non scientific. How do you proof or disproof that getting paid for sex raise or lower dignity?

It’s not science. It never is. We’re lying. We’re not interested to explain truth. We don’t use science to lie big to public. It’s tougher.

That’s what humans are. Humans are irrational and come up with irrational nonsense to justify what they want to do deep inside. They’re hypocrites, very effective ones.

We hold this truth with plenty of evidences that humans are different. Because we are not equally healthy, smart, productive, diligent, attractive, and aggressive we have different rules. Different rules serve different people. So each of us want the world to be governed differently.

Some of those rules have strong zero sum aspect. All we care is getting as many people as possible to believe what we believe and support what we support. We don’t care about truth.

So we lied. So we encouraged faith, so others would believe it anyway despite lack of or instead of evidences.

And neither religions or atheism are there to blame. Ask any religious engineers and I am sure he knows how basic physics work. Ask any atheists why they oppose prostitution/polygamy and most likely he doesn’t use science either. I bet he’ll use vague non scientific words like “dignity” or “respect for women”. Actually that’s the easiest way to see when someone is lying. He used vague words.

The problem is indeed in the structure of the game itself.

When we cooperate, like in understanding bricks, mortars, and light bulb, we are honest. When we are in zero sum game, like when we decide who should be in power or which guys and girls hotties can pick, we are liars. That’s the most profitable course. Of course that’s what everyone does irrelevant of whether they are religious or atheists.

Well at first my reaction is indeed hatred.

I am a mensa member. I won an international science competition. Schools are boring to me. Yet I was forced to take classes I don’t like due to evil political process.

I saw parents of low IQ kids bitching about how governments should do more to regulate education. Any billionaires in silicon valley knows that the problem is not government lack of involvement. The problem is some kids are just dumber. Why no body can see the obvious?

Finally, I had low IQ ex boyfriend and some future ex husband wanting to kill me for reasons I didn’t understand. Obviously I did nothing “wrong” against them.

Yes I had and may still have a lot of hatred and I wanted to just exterminate all those bigots. That’s what any males would do. It’s in my genes.

However the more I learn, the more I realized that it’s not as easily avoidable as anyone would have thought. It’s as if everyone in a sense already do “the right thing”. That I am the one that’s odd out.

Everyone is like that. That’s what being human means. We’re not angels. We’re human. That’s what human do. Being hypocrite, lie to each other, and then kill each other. The greatest human is Tao and the greatest Tao is not far from just normal human. Those normal humans are the variants of our species most successfully reproduced in the past.

Think about it. Say humans are killing your tribe. You can say, don’t kill, killing sucks. The problem is, if killing is only sucks for you, why should killer stop killing? The “right thing” is of course to kill back, to bullshit back, to prosecute back and so on. It’s the natural thing. Any rational or experienced players in such situation will all do the same thing.

And that’s where we are now. We are killing each other, bullshitting each other. It’s not just sucks for us, it sucks for the other side too. Just ask any kids that got bombed by airplanes or get slaughtered by suicide bombing. Obviously stopping killing and bullshitting each other would be profitable.

However, we will not get out of this (karmic?) cycle of mayhem until we understand what’s really going on.

That’s how I got passionate of helping as many people as possible to understand evolutionary psychology. Making it mainstream. So we can see what’s the problem and come up with better solutions for all of us. Why not put all those questions used to be answered by fairy tales, religions, ideologies, and other nonsense and use science to see what’s really going on.

A long time ago, Adam Smith convince the world that that humans are selfish. By properly understanding it we slowly manage to improve humans’ gross domestic product 300 times.

For God so love the world he send Adam Smith so that any country whose people believe in free market doesn’t have to be poor but can enjoy great wealth.

Well, we are selfish, but slightly different than pure selfish. We’re also bigotic, loving, caring, xenophobic, greedy, envious, vengeful, grateful, etc. Properly understood of what we would do and why we do it there is a lot more to achieve.

The world without war, and poverty is very easy to achieve. Altruism is not the answer for poverty for the same reason morality is not the main answer for prosperity. We’re still selfish bastard just like our ancestors and yet we are all far better off thanks to capitalism and globalization. Altruism is never a good answer because humans are selfish or govern by genes who are. Still, we will be prosperous without having to stray far from our nature. Think about it.

Now, don’t be selfish. Buy the e-book.


Origin of Morality

Sticking a knife to someone will cause him die. People don’t want to die. So they come up with some arrangements. Let’s not kill each other. But people are selfish. So they said, okay, those who kill, we kill. Tada…. We got laws and justice. Then we don’t kill each other. That would be the scientific explanation of morality. Interests of the powerful.

Still… Religious answers maybe more correct than liberal. Religious people know that you need to kill to prevent murder. Liberal that understand evolution theory doesn’t.

Even Dawkins says that we grow out of our nature. Is he out of his damn mind? Our nature is by definition what we are. No we can’t get out of it. See communism… That’s what happen when people stamp out religions too fast.

Religion with all the false reasoning is here first, and used to work. It’ll fade, but I won’t condemn that too quickly.