Why We Do Not Consider Romance as Dangerous for Minor?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Due to long child hood indoctrination, Beatty Chadwick got married. Then he went to jail for 14 years or pay $2 million dollar to his evil wife.

Why porn is dangerous? Why not romance?

Love is nonsense. I don’t want my kids to believe in such bullshit that’s one thing for sure.

Are Anti Porn Legislations Genocide Against the Pretty?

In ancient time, Nazi wanted to maintain a prejudice that Jews were not nationalist. The problem was that there were more german born Jews that died for germany, as proportion to their population, than even regular german on world war 1.

So, the Nazi simply buried that data from the public.

Now feminazis wanted to maintain a prejudice that love is blind. “Beauty is skin deep”, says those who do not understand evolutionary psychology. The problem was that there were more men attracted to beautiful girls than even normal girls. Those males are genetically hard wired to want genetically hard wired beautiful mates.

Obviously, money, friends, status, and everything will flock to those who are more attractive and can give more value to customers. Beautiful girls are not witches. They don’t sell their country to attract mates. They don’t trick people. They’re not evil. They’re just superior. So men flock them.

So feminazis burry the evidence of how attractive beautiful girls are. Some countries even force women to wear burqha rather than showing it all off.

Some european countries now prohibit thin women from becoming models. Is this a beginning of a world wide pogroms against those who simply are more competitive?

By the way, the rich also pay more tax per capita than the rest of the population. Still people believe that the rich are not nationalist. I guess bigotry never ends do they?

Why We Do Not Consider Stoning and Other Various Prohibition Against Sex Outside Marriage as Genocide?

Namely, genocide against those who don’t feel like getting married.

Imagine of some countries prohibit commies/non commies, or any specific group of people as unfit to reproduce. Then we would consider that a genocide.

Imagine if that country start stoning commies/non commies, christian/non christian, muslims/non muslims, for reproducing (or attempting reproducing :)). Then it would be genocide.

Even if members of those oppressed group can simply switch, they may not feel like switching.

What about those that don’t feel like getting married?

In some countries, for example, kids born out of wedlock do not get birth certificate. If this is not extermination of unmarried people then what?

Yet there are countries prohibiting all sex outside marriage? Why we do not consider that as genocide? This is more than just market distortion. It’s market distortion that strike deep into the population’s very own gene pool survival. Freedom loving people breed less kids because of these laws.

Is Government Regulated Marriage Consensual?

Imagine the world where all consensual sex are legal. Imagine if porn, prostitution, polygamy, polyandry are legal. Imagine if marriage is completely privatized.

How many people would choose to agree to something exactly the same as their government’s definition of marriage? How many people, if marriage is totally privatized, will draft the exact same marriage contract that their government have now?

How many people would agree to go to jail for 14 years like Beatty Chadwick if they draft their own marital contract? How many people would demand money proportional to the their mate’ wealth in exchange of sexual favor? How many people prefer high severance pay (alimony) instead of high salary when negotiating with a potential mate? How many people would prescribe that the state of their resident will decide the amount of severance pay each party will get. How many men and women truly desire exclusivity in a mate in comparison to say, getting a higher quality mate or higher monetary compensation?

If marriage is consensual, the number will be the same with the number of married people. Is the number the same? What accounts for the differences? Will the factors that contribute the differences consensual?

Will Mutual Understanding Lead to Mutual Profit?

In ancient time the idea that humans are selfish are also shocking. Properly understood we have capitalism and prosperity. Perhaps showing that humans are not only selfish and greedy, but also bigotic and hypocritical will help us to come up with capitalism ++ that leads to even more prosperity. I mean more understanding usually leads to better outcome.