Commies Always Say They Can’t Be Rich

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

And they truly aren’t rich. The truth is, there are many rich people. If they stop bitching about how they can’t be rich and start to actually look for ways to get rich, they too would be rich too. No body wake up early for 300 days in a year fail to make his family rich, as the saying goes. If you know one, and he has access to internet, let me. I got a job for him. Some white guy do some JV with me and make $1k per month doing part time job for me from Philippine. I am encouraging him to leverage through hiring more sales but he refused. Can’t blame him. He’s 62.

Libertarian often say that we can’t make the world free. And we really aren’t free.

Aren’t we like commies?

The truth is, there are many freer society. US used to be in the lead. Now it forces whoever is in power in Asian countries to follow suits. We can win this.

As for Rand Paul backpedalling on second part of civil right? Why blame him? Are libertarians united enough to be significant voting power? Do we let him knows that we’ll be on his back if he stick to his principle? Or do we expect some lone heroes to fight for all of us and then blame him for failing? Jews are only 10% in US and they make US foreign policy quite close to their interests. You mean, we libertarian, cannot do that?

Of course if there are less than 10% of libertarian, and no country is close to libertarian, maybe there is something wrong with libertarianism itself. How the hell we, numbering less than 10% want to set policy for the whole population. But that’s not the case yet right?

Perhaps it’s simply the natural order that the strong crush the week. If that’s true, then we just need some ways to cooperate, unite, and promote our interests so we are strong, which is actually everyone’s interest, more easily. Remember, truth is in our side, at least in most cases.

I often meet people far more successful than I am. Their attitude is different than me. When I said how evil government is, they said, well you can always leave. They said, well, that’s not our problem. When corruptors earn more money, they said, well, that’s their living, why jealous? When I talked about lies of religion, they said, ah… all these liars are very smart aren’t they that they came up with all these.

Now that’s what I call, pro success attitude.

Maybe we should have the same attitude. We’re not fighting horde of idiots. We’re fighting horde of idiots lead by people whose political skills are indeed far ahead of us.

If you come to a store, and the store buys iron more expensively than gold, should you sell gold because it’s what’s good for the store and latter bitch about not getting enough? The same way if the world is not meritocratic, should you keep becoming productive and then latter bitch about not getting paid enough?

Welcome to Indonesia, One of the Most Free Country in the World if You Know What You’re Doing

[quote=babylonian;1063911]Fuck, I’m moving there, pronto. Fuck this “girl power shit” in Western world.

“But if she cheat on me, I will crush her”

You’re very welcome.

Sex outside marriage is officially legal. However, people will talk about you and if you’re not rich, it can be an issue (as it should be).

For contract marriage, I think Indonesian government would demand $50k deposit just in case you have kids and latter left. I think that’s reasonable. Not like it’s proportional to your income.

I will ask my muslim friends to craft some marriage contract that you can both agree with before hand.

If you want to beat your wife up, you can mention that in the contract and see if she agree to it before marrying you.

I do not think it’s the default. Indonesian have anti domestic violence rules. But check out lawyers anyway and maybe we can push this into some form of consensually bdsm thingy.

No we don’t stone women. That’ll be murder under indonesian law and just grossly politically incorrect. Not to mention a gross waste of natural resources if the girl is pretty.

However, there is no law that will force you to support someone else’ kid either, which is the real issue right? Just do a blood test and show that the kid is not blonde enough, and you’re off finding some other hoes. Indonesian’s opinion about males having to pay adulterously created kid from someone else’ cocks are indeed 100 years behind the west.

Actually you’re free to find of some other hoes even if you’re married through contract marriage because contract marriage is not “recognized” by Indonesian law. It just makes you more acceptable to your surrounding. No need to change religion I guess. Check lawyer.

Adultery is “officially” illegal but only if your spouse reports to cops. Again, there are ways to get around that.

Again so many thing is officially illegal anyway. So what?

If you have money, it’s hard to go to jail in Indonesia for any reason. Just don’t get provocative when breaking the laws.

Remember what Jesus said. Do good. Store riches in heaven. So when you outlived your usefulness, you got friends.

The same way, if you do good to cops, armies, officials, which the bible itself claim to be heaven’s representative and are not too stingy, they’ll take care of you once you’re in trouble. They don’t want you to sing right? Killing you is politically costly. They’ll advice you what to do.

Hell if you have money you are free to do anything on any countries. In US the bar is way higher and not even that I suppose. That’s the problem.

One more thing. White male is in great demand by Indonesian women. My pretty cousin that earn $4k/month ended up with some white jerk that left her simply because that jobless white is, white. You bastard!!!!

But hei, I can’t complain against competition 🙂 I am a libertarian.

For real girls, go to alexis, or dragonfly. For pay as you go, you can go to king cross night club. Maybe golden crown, or millennium. You can watch all the way before ordering. Body to body massage is $30. That’s assuming you can’t attract pretty girls for free.

I’ll be your guide.


Room in my big house is $200 per month. Stay away from my wife. Wait a minute. I’ll find you other accommodation instead. Small one bedroom apartment is $150 per month. Food is another $150 per month too (middle upper class more delicious than american food.)

Positive Attitude Error and Negative Attitude Error

That’s correct Mama. What I learn recently is that not looking at what might go right (I am not saying in government, they almost never go right, but in situation in general), is as wrong, if not more wrong than not looking at what might go wrong.

It’s so often we get screwed and choose not to trust or do biz with anyone. Before we know it, we’re not as rich as we should have been.

Anyway, my optimist attitude in your situation will be shooting down the rapists. My pessimistic just in case attitude would be to call 911 just in case I missed my first 6 shots.

I don’t trust government either. Not my government. And well, your government is not that different, to my surprise.

However, I sort of learn that things do go up. Not in government, and not for government. Actually government will get less. Things do go up because I have high hope with the market, not only being the best system, but sort of “defend” itself as life goes on.

Think it this way. It’s not a coincidence that socialist countries are ruled by dictators. It’s not a coincidence that mass murderers often have high risk of dying themselves when their political calculation went wrong.

When societies choose not to be fair, people will fine ways to maximize their profit through unproductive means. Everybody get screwed. Everybody then has interest to embrace a system that’s more fair. I am not saying a perfect libertarian ideal. That’s far ahead. But slowly and surely, better system works out. Also things that do go wrong, often address some greater wrong in the past, like in Karma. Karl Marx bitch about capitalism because in ancient time, wealth means land and land is seized through power. Of course, nowadays it’s not true. People doing Karl’s idea went broke. They all are following US footstep, which is better. Not perfect, but better. We’re not an idiot. All humans want to get rich too.

I am not saying that things will just go right by itself. Of course if you’re an idiot that just say aye to all false accusation against you then you’ll still be death. Here, by just being selfish (and not in objectivist sense, maybe more in Machiavelli sense), you sort of self balance the world. I am not a satanic by the way. I am more of an semi agnostic christian.

Also if you ignore illusions of fairness, legal, illegal, morality, prohibited, etc. You’ll see that there is some practical aspects that’s more real on that. And if you really see what you can actually do, you see that you are actually far more powerful and free than what others would ever allow.

If you believe emperor’s is God’s chosen, then you’ll be stuck in the mentality of doing what government’s said. However, if you see that governments are humans, just like you. You too can stab them in the back. You too can break their laws and not getting caught. You too have huge bargaining position. Then, as Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Your government know you can do that. That’s why they “moderate” their laws on those they know are already enlightened.

Sometimes, huge amount of freedom is to just see things the way it really is.

In my countries, drug and porn is illegal. Everybody are told not to go to night club because bad people go there. You guess it. So what? We’re not free? The fruit of knowledge is the one’s forbidden. Go to any night club in Indonesia, and you’ll never watch striptease in US again.

Who says you don’t have a choice? Recently a guy that help companies avoid taxes are put in jail. So? He’s traveling to Bali watching Tennis after “permission”. I can only wonder why he doesn’t go to another country instead. I bet he can. Many suggested Suharto to be declared hero, after using his power to extract a lot of money from the population. Hell, you can even kill a judge in Indonesia, and get away within 5 years for good behavior if you’re as rich as Tommy.

Tax too high? Well, if you do it right, then all your expensive lunch is biz lunch. What about if you’re not consumptive? Say you own a land. The value of the land go up. Do you pay tax on that? Say you spend money on advertising, your expected value of future cash flow go up. Do you pay tax on that?

Government knows that if there is no “steam” valve, the kettle would explode. For those who are enlightened the deal is sweeter.

If government demand too much against foreign investors, those investors would just leave. Or what about those that know that they too can harm others through politically correct means? Yea… Those dictators, corruptors, are getting sweet deals.

Jesus is quite right when he said that we have to pay what we have to pay. The question is, do we really have to? Quite often no. If anything, we can be paid rather than paying. It’s a choice too.

So who do we fight for? For ourself? No need. We can be the dictator himself, if we want to. For the world? Well, it’s the population that’s stupid enough demanding bigger government. Me, I just help my self, my family, my friends, and perhaps, fellow libertarian. The rest are just vermin to me.

Perhaps the problem with libertarians is that we are too good we do not want to harm others. The truth is, in the world full with evil, you’ll just get screwed offer if you’re the only sheep, or hedgehog. Open our eyes. See how everything is part of the game. Government cannot prohibits anything. Government can only provides intensives not to do things too often, and too openly.

We under estimate our politicians’ intelligence. We fail to realize that the people themselves are corrupt too.

As times goes by, I see that the market self enforce it self through less violent means. In Europe, people can vote with their foot. That’s the main, if not only, reason why europes get so advance. The other cause is they don’t get fucked over by mongols.

Globalization will mean that. Anyone gets screwed by their government can move somewhere else. Of course, if all government in the world is too bad for your standard, maybe your standard is the one too high? It’s like trying to buy apple for 1 cents. If no body is selling it for 1 cents, maybe the price is indeed 50 cents. The same way, no government is perfect just like no private biz is perfect. But competition among government will force each government to get more and more streamlined. Tax will drop. Marriage institution will go away. Prostitution will be legal. Porn will be more common.

At the end, people will be some form of customers, or stock holders of governments. The inefficient government will see their most talented businessmen, and most beautiful women moving out somewhere else. It’s happening.

Israel, for example, is a sample of a “relatively libertarian” countries. Jews got fucked over everywhere so they make their own country. I bet they don’t complain a lot as you guys when their so called country has income tax, for example. Just make more money and have fun.

As for rand paul. I like his attitude of rejecting the 2nd part of civil right movement. Yea he backed down. So what? It’s still a positive step compared to the rest.

[quote author=MamaLiberty link=topic=7875.msg35558#msg35558 date=1289926807]
genepool, sorry – I was being pretty flippant there.

But I think it goes a lot deeper than “positive” or “negative” thinking, important as that is.

First requirement for liberty and prosperity is self ownership and self responsibility. Without that, you’re a sitting duck for every snake oil salesman who comes along or gets “elected.”

Then, you MUST look at what doesn’t work, the down side, the negative… in order to learn and remember what happened and avoid doing it again. Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to relearn about hot stoves by putting my hand on it, each and every day. We must learn from experience, both good and bad.

Which isn’t to say that we must dwell on it and moan about it and flail around in our guilt for bad decisions. Not at all. The people who do that are actually those who think someone else should be responsible and “fix it,” rather than being self responsible and saying, “what next? Let’s try….”  …as you did.

There is a thin line, often, between self confidence and arrogance, assertion and imposition, aggression and self defense. We’d all like to think of these things as pure and easily determined, but 64 years of life has taught me it’s not that simple. We must examine those things and our actions/responses often, and many times agree to disagree.

So yes… prepare for the worst and expect the best. Just be prepared to accept the fact that the worst actually does still happen sometimes. Far too many people THINK they’ve prepared for bad things and times, but it was all superficial and they were fooling themselves.


Why Nazi, West, and Islam Have the Exact Same Problems When it Comes to Reproductive Success

The problem is not islam. The problem is government’s intervention in prohibiting a lot of consensual alternatives.

That happens everywhere. I can’t believe I am defending islam here. They do have problems. They have the exact same problems with you. Their government decide what a good relationship and prohibits the rest.

At least in those countries, women can choose to share rich smart males.

Nazi is evil. Not because it tries to exterminate the superior or inferior. Nazi is evil because it tries to accomplish that by government’s intervention rather than market mechanism. When that happens, the superior got screwed.

The same way, when government is in charge in defining marriage (hence who got exterminated, and who will breed more kids), the superior again get screwed. The rich are making less kids. Rich women make even less kids.

Dying in gas chamber, or in front of big TV. If you don’t have kids, you’ll go extinct. The rest don’t matter much.

Free Market Vs Government

Originally Posted by clyde View Post
We’re fucking human beings. Always let your values lead you, not your lust.

Can I rub my dick against your sister’s tits if she writes articles for me?

but if you were trolling, then I guess shits and giggles bruh! lol

My value is simple. I create the job. I own the job. She doesn’t like working with me, go somewhere else. My money, my body, her cunt, WE decide. It’s no body else’ biz what those terms are unless on some really extreme cases (90% of population agree this is fucked) or if others are non consensually affected.

For example, if government still build public school, or social program, those who can’t afford to fully pay all their kids need must not reproduce. That’s not victimless. There are victims, namely tax payers, or the kids that ended up being born to poverty.

We prohibits porn for minor because it’s danger, yet we do not prohibit popping kids into poverty, that is even far more dangerous. That doesn’t make sense to me.

If I want all women employee that work with me get nekkid, that’s none of government’s biz. Of course, I may have a hard time getting an employee if that’s my way (actually not ). But that’s something the market should decide. Not government.

If my idea of marriage (I am not muslim here), is bdsm, that’s none of governments’ biz. Of course, I may have a hard time getting a wife if that’s my idea of marriage. But that’s something the market should decide. Not government.

The problem is not that some marriages ideas are bad. Even under free market, some deals are bad. But those deals go away by themselves replaced by better more fair deal. The problem in marriage, government has power to prohibit alternatives and hence effectively force those bad marriage ideas.

Should muslim men beat up their wifes? Well, should american males ended up like Beatty Chadwick H. Beatty Chadwick – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Simple. Just include that material terms on marriage vows, and see whether people would still agree.

Currently people are simply presumed to agree. Most popular alternatives are illegal. The terms are hidden well beyond marriage laws or some holy books with flexible interpretation. Why not make it explicit what people are actually agreeing too? Why not give people freedom to decide what they agree. Duh. That’s what we mean by agreeing right? Like any other contracts.

When they make contracts explicit, the rest of us can know whether something un consensual is happening and whether we should move on. That’s all.
But by being married you agreed too.. Bla bla bla bla… People do not even have freedom to define their own marriage. C’mon.  Also legislators made those terms. Not them.

Are Muslim Countries 100 Years Behind

[quote=zingo;1063150]Iran woman with stoning sentence shown on state TV – Yahoo! News

No wonder these cavemen are are so hard to deal with, they are about 100 yrs behind civilized society.[/quote]

More like 10 years behind, if you compare Indonesia to US. We’re catching up to you. Don’t worry. The Japs are already ahead of you. They’re not Muslim, but not west either. We keep running and catch up each other okay?

Speaking of marriage. It seems to me there are several ideas on what the best consensual sex relationship should be.
There is bdsm where you also beat up your mate
There is extremist muslim marriage where you beat your wife
There is moderate muslim marriage where you don’t beat your wife.
There is old testament marriage where you stoned your wife to death for cheating on you and that she’ll fuck your brother if you’re death (maybe this one should be illegal)
There is western marriage, where you keep paying your wife after she rides someone else cocks’ and are responsible for her bastard child (another unconscionable nonsense)
There is my marriage, where I keep persuading my wife to be more “active” while she keep getting mad at me.
There is free sex, where girls are doing it for free.
There is polygamy.
There is monogamy.
There is orgy.
There is polyandry.
There is group marriage.
There is prostitution, where you pay to get laid
There is contract marriage.
There is concubinage.
There is cohabitation contract.
There is abstinance
There is suicide hara kiri mutual.
There is welfare marriage, where they expect government to pay up for all the kids made (the only one I think should be illegal)

I would say the issue is not which one is right. The issue is why does it have to be government deciding which one is best?

If government can prohibit some, for example, then it’s easy to see how government can effectively force some. Just prohibits all popular alternatives.

Why not keep everything legal, and let the market decide who decide which?

As for women getting stoned, or males paying alimony for life. Would they agree to it if alternatives were legal? I don’t think so. If they do, well, they agreed right. However, it’s stupid to say they agree where virtually all alternatives are illegal.

In Taliban, for example, the only alternative for women besides marriage is begging or starving. That’s effectively forced marriage.

In US, prostitution is illegal.The alternatives for hot cunts are not that hot either. Abstinence, free sex, or be engineers and compete with males (usually becoming an old virgin hag in the process because Bosses can’t solicit sex). Monogamy means it’ll be more difficult for girls to aim for males far richer than her, which could be what she really wants. Life long alimonies means most males with decent income won’t even bother getting married. There goes the most productive members of our society into extinction.

Here in my country, the only way a girl will work for me is if she’s hot, and allow me to grab her all over. We don’t have stupid anti discrimination laws like US. Doesn’t like that? Go work somewhere else.

What Would Ayn Rand Do?

I still remember when I see an objectivist talk in campus. He said that we should take advantage of any unfair laws.

For example, while we disagree with perks for minority, then if government offer scholarship for minority we should take it. The same goes for unfair tax loopholes, subsidies, calling 911, etc.

Agreed Cheesy

Now, what about if government says that we can steal? Should we steal?

Of course….!

What about if stealing is illegal but penalty is so light that it’s effectively legal anyway. Many acts, like escort, are like that by the way.

Why not…?

What about if after taking into account all consideration, within the current system, what’s actually profitable for ME (I am selfish here), is to go screw everyone else be a dictator, kill millions, and enjoy public funds.

I guess, I should just learn not to judge people, starting from my self.  Grin

Even Ayn would do it if she has the same chance and the right skill. Or would she?

Optimist and Pessimist

Sorry to hear that. So you call 911 and then what?

I am wrong then. I think we should aim for the best, prepare for the worst as much as you can reasonably do.

Call 911, hide under your bed, with gun ready. In your case. Yea don’t trust government.

But don’t forget to aim for the best. Just being pessimistic will at best protect you from negative consequences. It’s aiming for the best that gets result. Let’s face it, we will only get fucked over by bad decision one or 2 times. However, we will benefit from good decision MANY times. Here, good and bad is relative to status quo. You can learn from good decision far more than bad ones.

What I am trying to say is, at least in biz, you got to concentrate on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

This guy is not perfect. That guy is not right. Then what?

That’s what I felt too. This biz is not residual. That biz has low ROI.

I can’t see that my biz, like children, are already better than all other biz. Low ROI means 100% per year for me. Not residual means I have to spend 30 minutes for $50. I am in Indonesia where sallary is low.

Then I just bitch and bitch and everything collapse 8 months ago. I talked to my dad to take care of my wife and daughter. I did not know what else to do.

Then I chose a different strategy. I chose to be grateful. I am grateful I am still alive. As long as I am alive, I can still conquer the world. I am grateful that the shattered biz still allowed me to have some cash in the bank.

Also with work and more work, I transform the biz into a more ideal one. One step at a time I pick up the pieces of the biz. I divide each tasks into several one assigning them to cheaper indonesian workers. I raised my workers’ salary and fine tune their commission to be more aligned with mine.

Not easy. Not as easy as bitching that’s one thing for sure. Anyone can bitch.

The same way, anyone can be a libertarian and bitch about lack of freedom. But only those with political skills can actually change the world. If you don’t change the world for you, and you’re not changing it for anyone else, what all the stuff we learn are for?

Now $15k per month, almost residual. Well, after expense, maybe $10k. After reinvestment, I still manage to store $1.5k/month. I am heading to $100k/month. Each biz, when properly watched and fine tuned can be streamlined and streamlined.

Here is another strategy. Try to work on what’s working and ignore what doesn’t. When what’s work work, you have more money to pay others to solve what doesn’t. If you concentrate on what doesn’t work, you lose time on what’s working.

Rather than fighting for lost right, for example, fight for right we still have. We still have right over properties. Help me promote extermination of thieves. Give me millions of thieves conviction record.

When the choice is we pay up to them and they don’t kill us, people instinctively pick some middle ground. It’s mathematically proven that the middle ground is the focal nash.

Let’s make the choice into something like they don’t kill us and we don’t kill them.

Soon those lost right, will come back to us too. People will fear stealing. Soon they’ll fear criminalizing prostitution and drug. They’ll just fear libertarians.

I think you guys are being pesimistic. If you want to be an objectivist, be someone like Jimmy Wales. He did something. It’s working out.

Optimist: …sound of breaking glass… see armed intruder… BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!  End of intruder.

Pessimist: ….sound of breaking glass… hide behind bed and call 911… Blam! Blam! End of homeowner…

And I had “libertarianism” happen to me very suddenly when I was about 15.

I was unarmed, unprepared, unaware… and I was raped. Yep, it was quite a shock.

Will never happen again.

Socialist, Libertarian, and Power Hungry Politicians (or Conservative)

Conservative literally means doing what used to work. Conservative does not have the highest IQ. They often want all of us to follow some ancient stuffs. It could be ancient religions or their own emotion, which have been mercilessly fine tuned beyond ancient times. Of course, our emotion are effectively ancient proven algorithms, just like religions.

Guess what. As I get older, I start seeing that conservatives are the wisest. I still don’t agree with them. I still hate them. But now I see why they do things the way they are. And yes, on areas of life important to gene pool survival, our emotion, myths, and religions do work well.

Now let’s examine the difference between the 3.

Socialists are poor. Quite obviously.

Libertarian got money. They’re good at making money. That’s why they’re libertarian. Jews are usually libertarian. Rich minority groups are usually libertarian. Yap. Libertarian got IQ. I think typical libertarians are people with a special talent. Maybe they’re extremely smart, extremely pretty, or have something that most people just don’t have. Quite obviously, their interests diverge from the interests of most of their peers.

Conservative got power.

Now, power is the true wealth. It’s wise to have power. Wealth is just a form of power. What’s all the money in the world for if someone got gun on your head? German Jews got quite some wealth before second world war. The Nazi had something the Jews doesn’t. Power. Guess who die first? Guess who died more horribly?

It’s power over money, not the money it self that is worth pursuing. By similar principle, we can guess that it’s power over happiness rather than happiness it self, that are often worthy to pursue.

So that explains how conservative want and think. ANYTHING that makes you happy is things they want to regulate or control. From drugs to sex. Ecstasy is less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. So why are cigarettes legal? Because ecstasy bring fun. So it’s a controlled substance. Ladies and gentlemen. Case close. Seriously. For a power hungry conservative, that’s is it. If you want to convince someone, convince the swing voters. Extremists never switch side easily.

Conservatives, following their instinct to acquire power, will want to regulate it. Can’t blame them. Yea they’re a jerk. So what? Don’t we all? That’s what humans are.

Yes and power brings money. Legislators in Indonesia got $2k A DAY just for doing dubious comparison study overseas. A 5 star hotel overseas are only $200.

If people love money too much, they’ll be willing to trade power, say over their private freedom, for more money. People are angry when they heard their leaders take their money. Are people angry when their leaders take more power for themselves? We concentrate too much on money we forget to guard something far more important than money. Power.

Socialist are financially irresponsible. I saw a guy that didn’t have a job. I asked, what’s his major. He said that his major is Scandinavian language and now the eastern Europe fall, so he didn’t have a job. A socialist will say, he is poor not because of his fault. See, it’s not his control that eastern Europe fall. I, being a libertarian, will say it’s his fault. He should have been a programmer instead. One thing for sure is it’s not my fault that he messed up. How come, socialists do not even understand simple supply and demand relationship?

However, we, libertarians, are politically irresponsible. Many libertarians do not understand median vote theorem. We can’t change the world just by bitching. Well we can actually if everyone else bitch about the same thing. Remember, libertarians are minority here. Anyone can bitch. Socialists bitches.

Most libertarians do not understand Nash equilibrium. So they don’t understand how changing people beliefs can greatly affect outcomes. In fact, it’s the only thing that do as far as I know off.

Ann Raynd, for example, believe that we should all based our beliefs based on reality and that’s it. Yet she painstakingly encourage the world to believe that your right comes from your productivity. If beliefs doesn’t matter so what? If the world will be the way it is no matter what we belief, why bother changing people’s belief?

Yet she is quite correct in this regard. What we belief to be our right decide when we fight or yield. That’ll shift the nash equilibrium to the side of the productive. But how far? Do we bother asking? No. We just think it’s some absolute truth or something.

Libertarians believe that people maximize their selfish interest? What is their selfish interest? What they want to maximize. What is that? Their selfish interest. So selfish interest is circularly defined as what we want to maximize. Look guys. Don’t we ever read a book, or meet people, and ask, what do they want?

Libertarians believe that whatever humans’ interests are, when we all embrace free market, then all of us are better off, or sort off. Yea, what about if our interests are fulled with zero sum games? One guy got power, the other doesn’t have it. One man got the girl, the other doesn’t. Game theory dictates that on zero sum game we will bullshit each other. Religion often talks about sex and power a lot. Faith is not a stupidity that can be cured by explanation. Faith is a strategy, to blame others without evidence.

As a libertarian we have a hard time understanding this. We thought that something is prohibited due to the harm it causes. It’s a lie of course. Once we understand that conservatives, in their power seeking journey, want to prohibit something because it’s good, AND safe, then things sort of make sense isn’t it? Of course, conservatives will lie about by calling it harmful. Smart moves. In places they can’t lie then they do nothing. Then the “harm” theory will start working again.

Conservative, seeking power is not only financially responsible (many of them are rich folks), but often are politically responsible too. If they want to prohibit something for example, they do not always outright prohibit it.

See, there are too many libertarian among us with great antibodies against force or fraud.

We abhor force. What about prohibition of SOME (rather than ALL) alternatives? Of course the one prohibited will only need to be the one popular and profitable. That is as good as forcing with far lower political costs.  The unprofitable ones do not need to be prohibited. Sample of which is prohibition of sex outside marriage, prostitution, or polygamy. Abstinence is legal but lead to extinction. Also most women that become professors or engineers often fail to make kids.

We abhor fraud. What about faith (porn stars cause tsunamis)? What about deceptive marketing (they live happily ever after)? What about censorship (no porn)? What about failure to disclose facts (keep paying alimony is not part of the marriage vow)? On the latter I bet some libertarian will side that failure to disclose facts should be legal.

Then we have people like Beatty Chadwick ( that rot in jail for 14 years because he got married. Wouldn’t have happened on truly libertarian society where people draft explicitly their marriage contract without government’s involvement.

Yet libertarians are not outraged to this as much as they should be. Well, Beatty, no body force and trick you into marriage right? Yea right.

The joy in being libertarian is to see that only our target market deserve our attention.

The truth is, as long as the people have power, and they do have, on us, everyone is our target market. We still need to persuade them to choose favorably for us. Fortunately, our option are no longer limited to positive intensive either. That means we need to be able to hurt them. That means power. That means we need to be able to signal that capability in a credible ways. That means we need to actually hurt them once in a while. That means evil. Only evil people are powerful, says libertarians. Yea right.

Conservatives, through emotion and religions, understand that. Libertarian doesn’t.

In the game of live, everything is part of the game. To get what we want, we need right, freedom, and capability to do so. To have right we need people to agree that we have that right without further positive intensive. To get people to agree without positive intensive, we need power. To have power, we need friends. To get friends we need concession. You see why those welfare parasites are our target market too? They can vote, after all.

Socialists do not understand wealth and expect everyone to be equally wealthy, namely having enough for him self.

Libertarian does not understand power and expect everyone to be equally powerful, namely having power for him self.

Conservatives understand that some will just be more powerful than others. They seized that as much as possible.

What we often thought as exchange of wealth is actually exchange of power. And they both can be analyzed the same way.

Imagine if you know that the cost of a product is $10, but you know that the other guy value it at $20. Would you sell it at $10? He’ll pay anyway even if you want more.

The same way, if we know that a conservative can prevent you from having sex or consuming some fund rugs, why would he let you do that without his permission? You’ll pay anyway even if he requires it. Remember he does have the power. He shouldn’t have. He does.

The only difference between a threat and a promise is the status quo. I can say I pay McDonald due to a promise that McDonald will give me Big Mac if I do that. However, if I can get big mac even without paying, will I still pay? So actually I pay for Big Mac because of both the promise that I will get one if I pay and a threat that I won’t get it if I do not pay.

If I think the status quo is no pay no big mac, then I would think that Mc Donald’s offer is a promise. If the status quo is I get big mac and I pay, I would think the schemes as McDonald threatening me to stop supplying me with Big Mac if I stop paying.

Conservatives understand that. It counts prostitution as force. Otherwise the prostitute will stop getting money if they stop using their cunt. To add credibility, poverty is usually added to the story. That’s despite the fact that many of those prostitutes are way richer than typical house wifes and are richer than they would have been had they aim for some single (=don’t sale) males.

The same way Conservatives count marriage as promises, despite the fact that virtually all popular alternatives are prohibited. I wonder why we protested so much when Iran government kill 1 or 2 women for committing adultery. Yet in most countries, including western countries, billions of women face fate worst than death, namely extinction, just because they do not want to get married.

In some extreme cases, like the Taliban, the only alternatives for women besides marrying, will be begging or starving because women can’t work. In a more liberal place like US, the alternative is begging, starving, offering sex for free, or working her ass off competing with males.

Also libertarian simply claim that the status quo is that all of us are in some form of non aggression pact with everyone else. Conservatives correctly see that the status quo is we are in a free for all warfare, which is a more natural assumption.

That being said, all is not lost.

There are plenty of nash equlibrium. The one that will become reality is what everyone believes in. Due to globalization, the world will be more and more libertarian. Here, beliefs, matters. You can change the world by changing everyone’s beliefs. You can do that more than by simply observing the world to form your believe and declare that all other ways to form beliefs are wrong.

Again, conservatives know that more than libertarians or worst, objectivists.

Ways to Force People Around

Imagine if you have the power to force people to do what you want. Well that kind of pretty powerful right. You can eat in all the expensive restaurant, you can fuck any girls you want. Wow. The problem is it’s too advantageous for you and too detrimental for others. So societies have ways to prevent forces.

There are still many ways.

What is force?

If I threaten someone with a gun to give me his wallet, I am forcing him to give me his wallet. That would get me like what? 20 years in prison.

So we force some people by prohibiting an alternative. In my case, I am prohibiting him from walking away without paying.

Do I need to prohibits all alternatives? No. I do not need to prohibit him to dance. I do not need to prohibit him to cry. I only need to prohibits the popular ones. Namely walking away and screaming.

Say I want to FORCE people to get married. See, sex bring happiness. If people get married, then they obey MY terms. That means they are on my control. If I make a law, anyone not getting married will be put to death, I will be stoned.

But again, there is a fate far worse than death. Extinction. So instead of saying anyone not getting married will be put to death, I would simply say anyone not getting married must go extinct. In other word, I can say something along that you can’t reproduce till you’re married. For example.

Libertarians among us start lowering their spears.

Well I do not need to outright commit genocide against the unmarried. We know that what matter is not that something is not done at all. What matter is we reduce the frequency of things we do not like. So rather that prohibiting reproduction till you’re married, I can prohibit sex before marriage. That one sounds far more familiar isn’t it? After all, sex is the most popular way to reproduce by far.

How do I force things? By prohibiting all alternative. Do I need to prohibit all alternatives? No.

Just the popular ones. I can still legalize those not favored by the market anyway. Through evolution and years of history, I know that males are willing to pay women to have sex. It’s natural. Males don’t get pregnant. So normally they put something up to compensate for their lack of parental investment. Namely cash. So yes, prostitution is the first to go. Polygamy is next. Not having to get pregnant means the market would favor rich smart males mating with many women. That’s it.

Abstinence is still legal. It’s not fun anyway. Or what about women becoming engineers and compete with men? Well those women often will go extinct anyway, and hence it’s legal.

The Taliban is even more creative. Yea, women can’t work. So those women are not “technically” forced to get married, of course. However, the alternatives left are begging or starving. Not a good idea if you have great look and killer body. So many women in Afgan then end up choosing to marry, under Taliban’s term, with males Taliban’s approve. Many shag less males are willing to die to be on the approved list needless to say.

So, “No body forces you to get married” says many people. Yea. There are plenty of alternatives. Religious bigots do not need to prohibit all. Just the fun and popular ones. Like the way they prohibit drugs.

Then what? Is it enough that a  more profitable option exist? No. Most humans are followers. If their IQ is below 120, there is simply no other way. If their IQ is higher, should you follow? Unless you are the wisest smartest people in the world that have extensively study your options, quite often, following the crowd will still be wise.

The way capitalism works is that it’s not enough that a good option exist and somehow people will be productive. The way it works is that productive people are profited, then that fact is relied in credible ways to the rest of us. Then we follow them. The credible information are exactly those that arose your emotion. After all our emotion are fine tuned by evolution to get exited by CREDIBLE info. A man saying he’s making $10k a month is not credible. A man driving a Ferrari is credible.

So rather than prohibiting options, religious bigots can prohibit credible information about sex outside marriage. Hence censorship for porn. In some cases, a student that provide a scientific study explaining that the majority of Indonesians’ teenagers have had sex, got expelled from school.

Libertarians are resistance against fraud. What about faith? If religious bigots say that porn stars cause tsunamis, how do we disprove that?

What about simply withholding crucial information? I wonder how many people will still get married if part of the marriage vows include keep paying alimony after the girl is already riding someone’s else cock?