Jewish Refugee Issue

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I look around on the wikipedia. I found out that the amount of land seized by some Arab countries from their Jewish citizens are 4 times the area of Israel.

I am no longer sympathetic to these Palestinian cause when I read that. For a country that’s attacked first in 1948 and actually won, Israel is already pretty moderate and reasonable. After all, the proposal of population exchange is economically fair.

Granted, you can’t force people out even though you’re willing to pay the fair market price. But if you do pay the fair market price and the price is fair, or perhaps 20% higher, so what?

For example, when one vermin stole my digital camera, I was angry. But if the vermin then repented and pay me the fair monetary value of goods lost, I would have forgiven the vermins. It doesn’t mean people have right to steal my digital camera even if they’re willing to pay.

However, I wouldn’t go the extra mile chasing small issues. Needless to say the vermin didn’t do that and millions of thieves conviction records are now all over the internet as my revenge to ensure that all those vermins have a hard time getting a job.

Not simply because someone own money they have right to smash your car. But having someone smash your car is a justification to demand monetary compensation, perhaps 2-3 times the value of the car, not justification to wage eternal war.

The russia, for example, raped german women and never return german lost teritories for free. The thing is every body knows that russia is an ass and we don’t bitch about it.

Jews are supposed to be the good guy, the only good guy, and the world bitch about every little thing they did even though the rest of the world are worst. Who among us get land without fighting?

So what the fuck all this middle east war is all about?

Just compensate all refugees from both sides fairly minus “administrative” fee, or whatever, move on, and pay any countries that want to accept any refugees.

I mean, it is not directly comparable I know, but would still be a reasonably “fair” solution. Lebanon for example, treat their Jews fairly and hence shouldn’t have to pay up. They could probably ask for some compensation for the last bombing.

So not a perfect solution, but would reduce it by much. Then little things can be worked out. Perhaps an NAP ensuring that Israel don’t keep getting land through military means no matter how many nukes they have, quite obviously.

Israel accept Jewish refugees for free. The only country in the world that I know of that accept so many refugees so willingly. That greatly solve world refugees problem. Now we just need to have the other side solve the other half of the problem.

I am sure there are plenty of countries that don’t mind accepting 5 million Palestinian refugees if the country got $300 billion. Everything would be very simple if money arrange everything.

By the way, how the hell Palestinian refugees are 5 million anyway, it started out at 800K? Why can’t the Jews outbreed the Palestinians. Ups, they didn’t have my e-book. I get it. But the palestinians didn’t have that either. Kudo for palestinians for being able to practice gene pool survival guide without bother reading it.

Just recently I heard that LGTB conference in Indonesia is canceled because a private party threaten to terrorize it and cops say they cannot guarantee safety. Things get really ugly because in Indonesia you are not allowed to own gun. Even though having conference is legal, it effectively is illegal because of this. So any religious bigots effectively make the rule of the land by objecting.

Somebody just have to kick those religious bigots ass.

Anyway, what would a libertarian solution for this sort of thing be?

Over Estimating Jews

Anti Semites often said that Jews caused liberalization, globalization, free market, separation of church and state, and individualism. Hell, I thought that way too.

I was disappointed after further research. Come the fuck on. The idea that the best governments don’t govern much has been around since Lao Tze 2500 years ago. Adam Smith is not Jews. Democracy, is invented by Greek. Americans are not founded by Jews. Separation of state and religion has been around since pax mongolica. All those things could have happened even without Jews..

Humans can achieve globalization, free market, and the rest even without Jews’ help. Well, how much slower I don’t know. Yap, we don’t need those Jews just to see that free market works and globalization rocks. We just need common sense and some calculus to show that the marginal rate of substitution for resources among individuals is properly aligned to social welfare in a relatively more free economy.

Then I’ve heard in some skin head forum on how Russian farmers got driven out of biz because they cannot compete with Jews.

I don’t know the detail. But again, we are giving Jews too much credit for driving out inefficiencies out of biz.

Anything that can’t compete is supposed to go extinct. That’s the way of the market. The market way is of course the way. If Jews don’t drive those incompetence and relatively inefficient biz out, the Chinks, German, Italian, British, American, Japs, Protestants, Henry Ford, and Bill Gates will.

The world belongs to the best. Those who are not the best are supposed to go out. If no fraud or force is involved, chance is, there isn’t even any victim.

If those who can’t compete don’t go extinct, we will still be plowing the field with our hand. It’s totally victimless and natural. Can’t give credit for Jews for something that’s already normal.

Jews political skill is also quite pathetic. Imagine, there are more Jews that died during word war 1 for German side than any other ethnic group. There are higher percentages of German Jews that die for German than German Germans. Why die for some guys that will kill you latter?

That is a most stupid miscalculation, the sort of what Yuan Chonghuan and Yu Fei made.

I’ve heard they control the media and owned banks. I used to believe that you know. I mean under capitalism, it’s natural and fair that those who are dilligent and smart ended up owning banks.

At that time, I tried hard to find some Jews to do biz with so I can get connected with someone that own banks.

One Israeli Jews told me that he had a big biz. Yet he had trouble buying 30 domains for autoblogs. I ended up giving him discount because I like his spirit.

Good spirit, yea. Anyone can have a good spirit. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

Own bank my ass! Looks like I just found a jew that doesn’t. Huahemm… Another boring over expectation.

Maybe we mean they own money in banks. Well, isn’t that what all middle class in all countries do? Most of which are definitely not Jews. Last time I check, German, Japan, US and even third world countries like China got plenty of foreign reserve. Everybody is profited under capitalism. People just keep bitching that some gets profited more than others.

That’s what happens in democracy controlled by swing voters. The middle class own everything. The businessmen are just more productive workers whose fruits of labor are taken again through tax to support swing voters’ regime.

C’mon. I’ve been in US. I’ve seen some Jews. They’re smart and diligent relative to other white people I saw. For that kind of trait, I wonder why they’re not rich enough. Hell, even I once earned more income than those hard working super smart Professors. At that time I wasn’t even working. But even then I just found other ways to make money and start over again.

These Jews are really under achievers.

No wonder. They wasted their talent in science rather than concentrating on making money like everyone should. They have the lowest billionaire to (science category) nobel prize winner ratio in the world.

A normal man would just raise the finger and tell the world to fuck off rather than keep trying to make the world a better place. Not like the world is thanking the productive enough anyway.

Despite their contribution to science, the world keeps bitching about they controlling a small piece of land with no oil.

They really must have invested in more PR. I mean, the Asyrian, Babylone, Greek, Rome, Fatimid, Otoman, British, France, also get that same piece of land through war. Until today people still speak of Genghish Khan in good terms even though he took way more land than Jews.

The rest of the Arab gets their land, filled with oil, from Ottoman. Yet they fight toe and nails for a piece of worthless land. Arab are semites too. Are all Semites crazy? Looks like Jews are the most reasonable among Semites, or among even the whole human.

Yea, the land price in Israel is high but that’s because of capitalism. By itself, it’s a cheap desert land. Some said that it’s fertile. Like any country get rich growing fruit nowadays anyway.

Did you see this map?

Doesn’t even make sense. Bad PR. Bad PR. Bad PR. Should has hired me at least. The cheapest PR ever. Only $125. Oh wait a minute, they don’t own banks. I ended up doing this for free.

Yea Jews kick some Arab out. Not like the Muslims and Arabs are that nice to Jews anyway. Just check here

There are more Jews that fled Arab land than Arabs fleeing Jewish land. How come they don’t bitch a lot about it? We can get lots of sympathy by bitching you know, even though falsely.

Oh ya, according to these the land seized by Arabs from Jewish people is 4 times the size of Israel. So why not give all refugees fair monetary competition and move the fuck on?

If only those Jews grow some spines and balls, they would have controlled 4 times their territory and it would have been fair.

No wonder jews would rather gather among themselves and form their own country on a little land they can get.

Not like there is any other way in ancient time to get land anyway besides war. How the hell the rest of our ancestors get land? Everyone else is doing the same thing and yet somehow it’s a big deal when Jews did it.

Like ancient Song that keeps winning war yet keep giving away territories, Israel heroes are back stabbed by too many of their own Qin Hui that that they ended up appeasing religious bigots. Those bigots repeatedly state, possibly honestly, that they want to drive Jews to extinction. History shows that many people are quite mean to Jews.

Now they bitches about Palestinians and Arabs making too many kids among them. Well, that’s the whole purpose of being a carbon based living organism. Breed breed breed. Hello?

Did they bother to honor their great great great great great great ancestors, a one cell organism that begets all of us?

If they don’t like having 30% Arab population, then start breeding. If they don’t like genocide, then start breeding to replace lost rank.

The world need more nobel winning scientists so the Chinese can pirate their softwares. Ups, that would be from the Indians. Never mind.

But seriously, rather than exterminating Jews, we really should breed them like rabbits. We could use more scientists for space travel or whatever.

Duh… If we breed a million jew for every single one that die due to suicide bombing, they’ll never have to worry about extinction and we’ll never have to spend a dime for scientific research.

Anyone rich productively and smart should make thousands of kids.

Of course, if rich smart people cannot breed thousands of kids fast enough, due to lack of porn to encourage them, and various sexual norms, like monogamy, now that’s far more evil than any genocides. That’s not Nazi’s fault. Jews, as well as many democracy culture, did it to themselves.

Quantity IS quality as Ray Croc once said. Darwin, Dawkins, and Matt Ridley would agree.

Why not employ women from neighboring countries to help improve production capacity? Monogamy. Yea right… That’s what happen if people keep shooting their own foot and blame everyone else.

The Chinese lost 24 millions in Japs’ concentration camp, we don’t make a big deal out of it. Why should we? The japs pay cash for that right.

In fact, we kill 50-70 millions of our own in cultural revolution after that and just shrug that off as if the asshole that did it has “some good side” or whatever. Fuck that asshole killed far more Chinese than Jews killed by Hitler yet Chinese don’t look at him as too bad.

See… That’s because the Chinese’ ancestors, unlike Jews, always knew how to breed. After 10k years, those things add up you know.

Do they even know how to reproduce? I can’t believe Hitler wasted so much resources trying to exterminate a group that don’t breed fast enough.

I guess, we just gave them shoes too big to fill.

Did Jews control the media? Gee… I too would fear them if they do. I guess I should start speaking nice about them.

Hail Juden!

Ups. Wait a minute.

In ancient China, you can be Lingchied (death by 1 thousand cuts) for speaking against the emperor. Fang Xiaoru got his whole family killed to 9 agnates (totally 800) for refusing to legitimize emperor Yong Le’s coup. That emperor than erased all memory of the Jiang Wen (previous) emperor and spend a great deal of money killing all Jiang Wen’s loyalist. And that is during the Ming dinasty, one of the most long lasting prosperous capitalistic dynasty in the whole world at that time, perhaps till today given that US just signed a socialist bill.

Now, that’s what I call controlling the media.

You do that, and most people (the Chinese at least) will think you got mandate from heaven to govern everything under it, quite literally. Everybody knows it isn’t true, yet every body knows it effectively is. I mean if someone can mass murder 9 agnates, well, he controls the media anyway not like the truth will come up so whatever he says is effectively true, yea, right, whatever. Psssstt…. Open secret. Like porn.

In Arab, internet sites with .il cannot be accessed without proxy. In many countries, there is no synagogue. We got terrorists killing people for having different opinion. Denmark is pressured to apology for embracing free speech. In China, they got great firewall of china. Not to mention that many porn are politically incorrect, or even illegal.

Looks to me, everyone ELSE is controlling the media. Everyone else but Jews.

In which country Jews control the media? Not even in their own country (there is only one). I don’t even see them trying.

Not even in Israel. Yea, they prohibit gambling sites and tobacco ads, which is a form of control I suppose. But every other culture has their own bigots too. Jews don’t control the media more than others. If anything, their control is much less.

People are sick fuck tired with government bullshit controlling the media in every other country, Holywood movies ended up being popular. That’s not control. That’s people choosing better product. If anything, that’s liberation rather than control of media.

In Japan, for example, you got to put mosaic in movies to cover women’s modesty. How lame is that? Don’t tell me about how things go in Arab. You’ll be very surprised you won’t believe me anyway.

In US media are owned by public companies that must make money. No body can control the media in those countries.

No body is ling chied yet for being anti Semitic. Not even if they said that Jews don’t control the bank like what I am doing here. I guess I’ll just look out for angry rabbi knocking on my door with explosive vests. Huahem… Somehow, I feel that’s not what I should worry about.

Maybe I am wrong. If anyone can convince me that they do control the world’s media, I would persuade all my friends to give all Jews discounts.

I could use someone that can turn my bullshit into some mandatory text books all over the world. That’s how to sell books nowadays. Anyone can outsell Mein Kampf or Little Red Book if somebody controlling the media market make the books mandatory. Unfortunately, Jews simply didn’t control any media. Not that I know of.

Saying Jews control the media is like saying that the proponent of the sun rise in the east theory control the media. It’s like saying that pro market control the media. Duh… No body force you to believe that. If you want to believe the sun rise in the west fine, you won’t go to jail for it. Somehow most people believe that the sun rise in the east. Gee. I wonder why?

These underachieving mediocre Jews will never rule the world. They don’t deserve too much attention, let alone hatred. They’re just too passive, peaceful and complacent with what little they achieve and little population they manage to beget. All other anti Semites do just make them look way better than what they really are, somebody that’s just about like everyone else.

With their power and wealth they could have been the stud of Middle East. They could have built lots of night club and invite the prettiest Arab women to suck their cocks in porn effectively exterminating every lesser cocks in any countries not rich and capitalistic enough to compete for babes. That would be totally victimless.

Yet Dubai has more night clubs than Israel. Those Arab ended up being the stud. Well, good for them then.

I know that those Arabs got really big cocks. But Jews shouldn’t fear that. Size is not everything. Often, IQ and productively earned wealth attract hot cunts too way more than bigger cocks.

Some might say that’s not the real issue. Well, what do we know?

I think if we want respect we should redirect our hatred against the true source of evil. That is not Jews but UGLY BITCHES, especially the feminazis. Ugly bitches are dangerous. International ugly bitches’ conspiracy has controlled the whole world.

UGLY BITCHES rather than JEWS are the true source of evil in the world.

Ugly bitches control the media.

How come our children are poisoned by bullshit like “Love is blind?” How come porn is declared dangerous for minor? While nonsense like romance becomes children fairy tales?

I’ve seen a documentary on women trafficking. The trafficker explains that 90% of trafficked women know that they will be a sex worker. Yet, how come the ugly bitches’ controlled media only interview the 10% in that documentary? The truth is, ugly bitches in rich country don’t want to compete with cheaper undervalued prettier cunts from poorer countries. That’s why they oppose women trafficking, like inferior businessmen opposing globalization.

Also high quality specimens showing their God given talents to the whole world would set a new industry standard the rest must follow. That’s why ugly bitches hate porn. Miyabi, for example, cannot come to a country just because she is a pretty porn star. Ugly bitches want all women to wear ninja clothes.

Hitler once said that women shouldn’t learn to throw grenades in the front line of war. Well, what about if the woman is ugly? Of course they should learn to throw grenades. What else are they for?

They’re not pretty enough to make babies. For women to make babies they need to turn cocks on, and that takes beauty. Duhh…. Is Hitler brainwashed too by international ugly bitches’ conspiracy?

Ugly bitches and lesser cocks interpret religions in ways that oppose competition. They said that that no woman wants to share a man no matter how much richer, and smarter the alpha males cocks are relative to other lesser cocks she could properly marry.

That means if any women want to have sex outside life long monogamous marriage, it must be a miracle.

As Jesus said, what’s impossible for men is not impossible for God. Yet I never see Catholic Church examine those miracles with as much accuracy as they examine all other supposedly less credible “miracles”. I smell some fucking conspiracy here. Looks like those who can’t compete “did it again” controlling the media fooling all of us.

Anyway, though I have some sympathy for German given that they really had a hard time unfairly due to Versailles agreement and yet manage to become an industrious nation. It’s amazing how German can become an industrious nation from scratch after WWII. I also knew the commie Russians are assholes. Who aren’t in a world before globalization?

I do think the Nazis really made a big mistake in choosing Jews to hate. They pick the wrong enemy. Even Hitler didn’t hate the one Jew that treat his Mom. Maybe he just tried to ride along European’s anti-Semitism at that time to unite the bigots. It’s the same reason why George Bush and Osama Bin Laden hate porn. To attract bigots that’ can’t attract mates.

All those Nazis have so much hate. All those hatred shouldn’t go to waste. We should guide them to aim those hatred positively, against ugly bitches and feminazis rather than the mediocre, underachieving, innocent Jews.

Exterminating ugly bitches, through competition, will make a more beautiful world, because what’s left will be the pretty.

Hating Jews is stupid even though they don’t control the media. Imagine if they really did?

Oh by the way, I am not Jewish, I am Chinese. I am just fucking confused of people making a big fuss about Jews. They’re not too good, well, quite actually,but not too much, and not too bad, and very few. So what’s all the fuss?

I mean killing each other sucks. So what? Sucks things happen. What’s so unusual?

We should exterminate each other through competition instead rather than through the economically inefficient war. Not like everyone agree. Duh…..

Out competing each other should be a fitting final solution to kick anything undesirable. I mean ugly bitches, of course, not Jews. Some Jewish babes are pretty hot.

Anti semites are giving Jews too much credit.

Most semites are not even jewish anyway. The other semites, like the Arabs, are even crazier.

Maybe we should start questioning religions we import from those Semites, as well as all religions in general, and let those semites kill each other. I mean, if they’re busy killing each other means they’re not killing us.

The rest of us can just peacefully embrace capitalism and breed like rabbit.

From the most “honest” anti semite in the world, figuring out that Jews are not worth hating.

Religions Do Not Create Politic. The Other Way Around is More True.

I think there is a porn bible. I forget who the comic writer is. The name start with R. It shows actual bible stories with lots of explicit nudity. Something like Milo Manara.

Bible actually tell us (well, Jews actually), to attack another country, kill all the male, and rape all the virgin females. What religion says and what bible says have little in common. Religions are always ways to justify political motives.

Because the political structure in ancient time differs than now, it’s only natural that religions then have different interpretation now than before. In ancient time, the king rules. So polygamy is okay (because all kings want it). Now, we are democracy. So polygamy is not okay because swing voters don’t like it. Very simple.

Pick any 2 countries with Similar religion and you see differing custom. In Indonesia, which is democratic by now, polygamy is very politically incorrect that congress start making laws banning it. In Saudi, a monarch, it’s a different story.

Pick any 2 countries with DIFFERENT religion, and you’ll see the same custom. Polygamy is politically incorrect in both Indonesia and China, for example.

If you ask a Christian what the bible says, you can predict what his political agenda is. That’s it. People prohibits porn and go to war not because they are pious. They do so because they hate porn and like war.

I am talking to some Jewish friends that claim that hebrew bible has different meaning than the way it’s translated. Well, I’d like to know if there is some 5-10% trace of a REAL GOD, in judaism or whether it’s just another folklore. 90% of religions are definitely product of secular imagination.

What’s really funny is I saw a book about how a Christian writer use Solomo as a sample on how to get rich. I was like, Come the fuck on. Solomo got rich because he oppressed the people.

In fact, tax was so high during Solomo’s time that the kingdom split into 2. The “Shiah” Jews, also called Judah, believe that king must be David’s decendant, and the “Sunni” Jews, called Israelites, or Samaritants then believe they can pick their own leader.

Huahem…. Again and again. Oh ya, they kill each other over dispute on whether God is in mount Zion or in mount Moriah or something. Just like Christians. Some cultures never change.

There is Always a Way

If a kettle doesn’t have steam holes, then it will explode. The same way, no government can completely abolish freedom. Then those who truly are ambitious will break the kettle.

There are many countries in the world where you cannot be rich honestly and productively. In fact, there is no country in the world where you can do so without some sort of penalty. In US, doing that is punishable by tax, and that’s not much different from (still?) communist countries like China.

But here is the magic, there is no country in the world where you cannot be rich or richer than your peer. Not even in North Korea.

Extermination of Jews is politically incorrect because the Jews have no choice. Yet extermination of political opponents by Stalin, and Mao, which are just as evil, are more politically correct. On the latter, people have a choice, despite a bad one, to simply kowtow to the power elite.

Think about it.

There is always choice. If you think positively and ignore your conscience, you will see that there is always a choice.

There are always a loopholes. Perhaps the purpose of all these censorship is to hide too loopholes so not too many people find it. You don’t have to get married. Forcing everyone to get married first before having sex will be very difficult. But governments ensure that all media information encouraging extra marital alternatives are “dangerous for minor.”

Perhaps the purpose of all sexual norms are there to put land mines across the loopholes so societies can say, ah you made a mistake. But there is always a choice.

Prostitution is illegal, but escort is not. You can’t pay for sex, unless you film it and show to the world (porn is legal). In countries where porn is illegal polygamy is okay, and informal marriage is fine too. In Iran, contract marriage like cohabitation agreement is legal.

So you just declare, every time you’re caught with some women, that you actually have married her informally. Or maybe made some arrangement before hand. In those countries laws are not clear anyway and public perception of moral matters more than whether you actually break the law or not.

In Indonesia, a country with muslim majority, porn is illegal, but sex outside marriage is not except in some small town you can easily avoid. I mean, all our politicians have several informal concubines there is no way they want to mess with that. Cops sometimes go to hotels and caught unmarried couple, but never to expensive 4 stars hotel :D.

Massage therapists often provide “extra” service, and no body care.

Income tax has plenty of loophole for those truly rich. Otherwise, the best and brightest among us will go on strike.

This should get our hope up. Be rich. Be careful. And we’ll get whatever we want without having too fight our society too much.

Oh ya, keep your mouth shut. If the loopholes are known, they will have to close it. That sort of thing. I guess the key for gene pool survival is then to do our best to pick the narrow road to salvation. Jesus would agree.