Thieves are Evil

If all thieves are death then my money will remain intact. Easy choice.

Exterminating vermins can help our own gene pool survival:
– Don’t hire thieves
– Promote death penalty for burglar and robbers
– Legalize all consensual sex
– Legalize porn so all can see the “current” industry standard
– Beware of ugly bitch that opposes porn, they are dangerous
– Legalize drugs
– Anyone opposing globalization are racist bigots
– Those who prohibits freedom are facists that want to enslave others
– Tax is slavery
– Those who want to punish consensual victimless acts are bigots
– If those punishments affect gene pool survival they commit genocide
– Privatize schools and all government’s corporation
– You own your life
– Everyone maximize their profit and productivity as a whole will get maximized
– The market will take care the rest
– If the market doesn’t everything is part of the game

Humans Hidden Desire

Often what we get are results of what we want. Surprised?

Say a woman got beaten up by her boy friend. Did she choose to get beaten up? Consciously no.

However, those who beat up women are jerks, and jerks are often winners. Nice guy work hard all daylong earning honest money only to be squeezed and taxed to support jerks’ kids that mate and run. The little money nice guy still have, will be taken at gun points through fraud or force.

The above statements are not, of course, 100% correct, but far more true than most little kids would think if all they watch is Disney.

Thousands would mourn when a single murderers get executed and yet thousands of nice guy’s death are just statistics. We have genocide where millions of nice guys get slaughtered. Bigots usually target the most productive and smartest minority groups . Why? How do we know why? Ask the bigot? C’mon?

Thousands and thousands of fairy tales “explain” why societies are nice to jerks and mean to nice guy. Often it the reasoning goes beyond reason that society resorts to faith or religion to convince people of irrational truth. The truth is, society simply expect jerks to win and they just don’t want to be wrong. Give another chance, education instead of punishment, are reasoning societies say to justify being nice to bad guys. But for the nice guys? The mere acts of making honest money is punishable by tax. People get their car seized for talking to prostitutes. Many consensual acts are punished heavily.

Nobody care when kids got beaten up in school. Yet when that same kid mate with beautiful teacher, suddenly he’s a victim. People argue whether abortion should be legal or not because there is the interest of unborn child involved. Yet, in most countries, women cannot have sex under her own term even though there is no child’s interest involved.

Now if you’re a girl, do you want to get knocked up by winners=jerks or losers=nice guys?

That’s one of the main theme of

Should I be jerk? Should I be nice? When? Where? in What way? And to Who? And for what reason?

Often, we, males or females, want things that we’re not aware off. Those hidden desires often explain humans true behavior accurately. Proper understanding of those hidden desires and proper way to take advantage of it will then give edges to those who understand it the most.

A must read for anyone that want a healthy, happy, and successful life. Written by a very successful Math tutor and internet marketer that have tutored many students to win various Math competition, including himself.

Check out and secure your copies before the site is blocked in your country.

LLC tax Night Mare

One of my greatest fear is owing money to American.

Imagine, I borrow a DVD. Then I agree to pay $10 fine per day if I am late to return it. Say I forget about the DVD. I may have returned the DVD but somehow the rental company didn’t receive it or make some management issue.

Imagine if years gone buy. I forget about it. Letters do not arrive to me. I don’t get nothing.

Then 10 years down the road, I owe $1 million over a DVD that worth $10.


This is what’s even scarier. What about if after you owe $1 million, you can’t stop the subscription until you pay the $1 million?

If I knew I am owning money I would have just pay it but no, I don’t. No contact, whatsoever. Then boom.

It almost happened to me a few years ago. Some $5 hosting bill me for well, $5. However, there are interests and late fee attached if I don’t pay. However, every effort to pay is futile. I contacted the corporation several times and got no reply.

Then 10 years latter, somebody go to court ordering to pay $1 billion dollar. Scary…

Turns out the biz realize my request and simply cancel the debt.

Turns out that businesses often need a way to make people comply. However, few, if any has that malicious intent in mind.

Well, one day one of those night mare come true. At least might.

I opened an LLC in delaware. I wasn’t aware of LLC’s annual fee before. I think before there was none or pretty low. In anyway I wasn’t aware of it.

The biz deals went sour and rather than dissolving the LLC I sort of forget about it. I didn’t know about annual tax. Why should I dissolve it? Maybe one day it’s useful.

Well, US goes into recession. And their laws changes. One day I got a bill that I owe $600 of LLC tax

If I knew about LLC annual tax I would have dissolve it.

Now this is the scary part. Basically LLC tax is a service fee. I registered an LLC and so I owe tax. The thing is the LLC is absolutely worthless for me because the deal went bad.

So, I guess a rational thing to do is to just close the LLC and stop the useless subscription. Well, the only way to close the LLC is to pay the tax owed first. It’s like renting expensive magazine you just can’t quit.

Should I pay the $600?

I asked delaware tax department and this is the conversation.

Sandra: will go void

Lindsay: Hi

Lindsay: Okay, so if I do not pay franchise tax my LLC will go void

Lindsay: Now, will that affect the owner in anyway?

Lindsay: Can the owner go to jail, get his assets seized if he has US assets? Can the owner later open an LLC in delaware again?

Sandra: The llc will go void after 3 years but will continue to accrue tax over the years

Sandra: We would not collect from my office

Lindsay: What do you mean by “we would not collect from my office?”

Sandra: Many years up the road it could be turned over to the attorney generals office.

Lindsay: and then?

Sandra: My tax office does not do collections.

Lindsay: Okay.

Lindsay: So void corporation still “owe” franchise tax

Lindsay: Can you point me to the law regarding “void” corporation? What happen to it?

Lindsay: Also what would attorney general do?

Lindsay: to an owner of void LLC?

Sandra: llc’s continue to accrue tax until they file a cancellation form

Lindsay: Regardless of void status.

Lindsay: How will that affect the owner? Will the owner go to jail?

Sandra: There is no one who collect at this time but someone could be elected in the future that will collect. I do not know what will happen in the future.

Lindsay: Oh I see.

Lindsay: Along time ago there was an LLC named ———– llc

Lindsay: I wonder what’s the status for that? It seems to have just disappeared

Lindsay: It’s made 10years ago

Sandra: You will need to check with corporate infromation on that i can transfer you.

Lindsay: Hang on

Lindsay: Okay, so that’s pretty much the risk for just abandoning an LLC without properly closing it.

Sandra: yes

Lindsay: Sometime in the future, someone elected may see, a ha, we have 200k abandoned LLC owning $5k each let’s fill state’s cover

Sandra: I can not guess at what an elected offical may do in the future

Lindsay: Yes

Lindsay: Anything is possible

Lindsay: Some site says taht delaware state don’t even know who the owner of an llc is.

Sandra: That information is not given to my tax office.

Lindsay: I wonder how that’s possible? Then any asset owned by LLC can be claimed by anyone who claim to be the owner then

Sandra: I do not know.

Lindsay: It’s okay.

Lindsay: You answered enough

Lindsay: Just curious.

Lindsay: Since when Delaware charge franchise tax?

Sandra: llc pay llc tax not franchise tax.

Lindsay: Oh.

Lindsay: Since when Delaware charge llc tax?

Lindsay: I mean it wasn’t there 10 years ago

Sandra: around 1998

Lindsay: Oh so there was always some franchise tax in delaware

Lindsay: It just recently go up

Lindsay: I mean llc tax

Sandra: yes

Sandra: yes

Sandra: yes

Lindsay: Is there any way to close the LLC first and “deal” with owed llc tax latter?

Sandra: no tax has to be paid at the time of cancellation

Lindsay: I see

Lindsay: How many voided LLC out there in Delaware now, among the 800k registered there?

Lindsay: Just curious

Sandra: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Lindsay: Is there many voided LLC out there?

Sandra: some

Lindsay: I see.

Lindsay: Well, I guess that’s all.

Should you pay LLC tax if you just want to abandon the LLC?

Lindsay: Hello Theresa,
Theresa: Hello
Theresa: What is the file number?
Lindsay: I need to look that up
Lindsay: hang on
Theresa: I found it
Theresa: The 604.00 covers 07 & 08 taxes.
Theresa: If you are cancelling, 2009 is also due
Lindsay: ******
Lindsay: Oh I made that on 2007
Theresa: You want to be sure the 604.00 is paid by 6-1 to avoid further penalty
Theresa: Do you have a cancelled check?
Lindsay: I know
Lindsay: By the way, is the member personally liable for the LLC tax?
Lindsay: What a canceled check is for?
Lindsay: I can pay with card
Theresa: You said you paid the 2007 taxes.  How did you pay?
Lindsay: I mean I made the LLC on 2007
Lindsay: I knew about LLC tax only 2 weeks ago when I first see a bill
Lindsay: Had I known there will be a $250 LLC tax, I wouldn’t have made the LLC at all
Theresa: The 2007 tax was due 6-1-08 and 2 notices were sent to your agent   The 2008 tax notice was send this February
Lindsay: Yea… I didn’t receive the first one that’s one thing for sure. i am not sure they are still my agent because I didn’t pay their $50 per year agent fee
Theresa: They have not resigned you still have an agent and the llc active
Lindsay: I thought I haven’t start the biz anyway what can possibly go wrong. Not like anyone will sue the assetless LLC
Lindsay: I see.
Lindsay: If I do not pay, will someone seize my US assets if I latter have one?
Lindsay: Will I go to jai;?
Lindsay: Because I check your law and it seems that only the LLC’s assets are pursued
Theresa: No the company will change to void after 3 years of unpaid tax but taxes continue to accrue
Lindsay: I see.
Theresa: We do not go after unpaid taxes
Lindsay: How will that affect my status as member?
Lindsay: So the consequences is that the LLC it self will be in very bad standing and unless I want to revive it there will be no further problem?
Lindsay: Am I correct?
Lindsay: If not paying means I can go to jail or I can never have an asset in US or I can never make another LLC in delaware, you should tell me.
Lindsay: Because otherwise, I am considering abandoning the LLC as an option.
Theresa: THe status will change after unpaid taxes for 3 years
Theresa: We do not go after unpaid taxes
Lindsay: I see.
Lindsay: Thank you.
Theresa: You’re welcome
Lindsay: You do not go after unpaid taxes, will someone do?
Lindsay: I am truly sorry for my stupid question. This is my first LLC and Delaware seems to be a great place.
Lindsay: I mean will IRS go after unpaid LLC tax?
Lindsay: Will attorney general go after unpaid LLC tax?
Lindsay: Not income tax, of course, there is no income. The LLC tax. The $250 per year thingy.
Lindsay: Is it a crime to own an LLC and not paying the LLC tax?
Theresa: We do not go after unpaid tax.  I don’t know what the IRS will do.  THe attorney general does not do anything unless we go to them.  Income tax is with the Division of Revenue.
Lindsay: I see.
Lindsay: I’ve heard many LLC are voided in internet.
Lindsay: I guess I am not the only one making the stupid mistake of making an LLC and forget about it
Lindsay: Well, is everything about LLC in
Lindsay: It’s chapter 18 right?
Lindsay: That’s where all the law regarding the LLC right?
Theresa: Yes that is correct
Lindsay: I didn’t see the word void there
Theresa: Section 18-1108
Lindsay: Thanks a lot Theresa
Lindsay: Thanks a lot.
Lindsay: Bye

True Meaning of Life

Up to you on what you think the meaning of life.

But here is an easy way to see this. What motivates you? Or better yet, let’s ask something more objective. What motivate others? What motivates human in general?

How do we motivate others? By telling them that somehow their utility function will get maxed out if they do what we want. Their utility function is their “purpose” and gene pool survival fit most humans’ utility functions. Humans behave as if all they want is to reproduce.

Let’s see this from a different angle. What your enemies do not want you to do? Have sex. Why religious bigots don’t want us to have free sex? Because they know it’s the purpose of life and they want us out of it.

It’s the principle of war according to Sun Tzu, grab what your enemies value most. Whatever hurt your enemies most are what’s good for you.

However, if I work hard, what for? To make money. What makes money for? To attract women so I get laid.

If I become famous. What for? So women know me and I get laid.

What do humans do or anything that makes you feel good, that somehow, don’t lead to reproduction, somewhere down the road, with significant probability. What makes us happy is decided by our genes. Genes that are common nowadays are genes that successfully reproduced in the past. That genes share the same exact preferences now. To reproduce.

There are spiritual men that says, that life has many “meaning”. Our souls incarnate (materialize) for many reasons. One of them is sex, the rest are not important.

And is there any reason why that spiritually enlighten men, called the Americans, are less credible than Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha? I mean they make the most money and have the most advance technology. If there is anything to learn, it would be from them.

The Hindu believes that Khrisna once ruled the world with perfect justice. Well, I suppose archeologists will soon find Play Station 6 somewhere in ancient Hindu’s civilization. I mean perfect justice means that individuals interest should be perfectly aligned with productivity. I bet they must have found insurance market, risk market, derivatives, commodity market, and internet marketing by that time. Do they? Looks to me their idea of justice must be pretty vague isn’t it? What does justice produce? Money? Prosperity? Proper alignment? What?

The greatest danger of religion is to make people believe they know everything while they don’t while scientists know so much yet understand that there are still many to learn.

What makes you happy? Women. Well, money and power, but why that makes me happy? Because males that have money and power are those who are getting the chicks (at least in ancient time) and the genes that make people happy when they have money and power proliferate.

Why the baghdadnese are sad when they get slaughtered? Why the mongols are happy conquering the world?

Get slaughtered means you’re out of the gene pool. Conquering the world means you successfully reproduce.

Why bible tell Jews to raid neighboring countries kill all the males and rape the females? Because that’s the way to successfully reproduce. Whoever write the bible must have known that it’s the way motivate men to risk their life killing other tough males. How else can we motivate people? Sex. Of course. Lots of sex if you do what I SAY, either here in this world, or somewhere in other world.

Deep inside, that’s what all men want, sex and more sex. Religious leaders know how to lead people. So they know how to motivate them. The basic premises of many religions is that somehow you get more sex if you do what I want and shouldn’t try to get it through any other mean.

And why religions don’t want us to think about sex outside that framework? Because that’s how THEY reproduce, by telling us to slow down so they can outrun us and kill our descendants. Religious bigots are effectively “moderate” Nazi that don’t have their chance yet.

What do MOST males do when they CAN? Get as many women as possible and fish them all. Watch out the when they CAN. Most males don’t do that because they CAN’T. Because they CAN’T, they said they don’t want it anyway because what’s the purpose of wanting something you can’t? If I say I want to make 1000 of kids, maybe some other males will kill me before that happens.

So I just say I want to be a monk. Then people would respect me, pay me money, and secretly, I bang their wives when I can get away with it. That’s what males do.

Religious bigots want to enslave us right? How? But controlling our destiny. What do religious bigot try to control? Our sex life. The only thing that matters. Sometimes religious bigots talk about economy too but they don’t do that a lot. They don’t understand it and not very effective to control the mass.

Let’s put it this way, anything worth doing worth overdoing right? So. Do you want to go extinct? Will that drives you mad if you go extinct? Imagine a government come to your door cut your testicles so you can’t make your kids anymore. Imagine for a while that it’s what really happen to you. Imagine if you have been in concentration camp for years.

Now, open your eyes, tada….. Your cock is still there. You can still make many kids. Sperm banks are 100m away. What would you do? The opposite of what makes you sad. What will make you happy.

Anything anyone do is for procreation. What else you want to achieve in this world?

1k years from now, where will all your wealth go? Your descendant? With income tax, with inheritance tax, with socialist revolution, democracy mandate that ration everything proportional with political power, namely the number of people, where would all your wealth go?

Blessed be the one that make many kids because they will inherit everything.

There is no other worthy purposes.

And if I am wrong, people will just say, Ahhh… That’s his purpose. So what. I have other purpose, but he wants to reproduce.

What I face is anger and hatred. Some called me stupid and stuff. That’s because they know that if I successfully reproduce, their kind will go extinct. So they tried to convince me out of it. But not you. You’re just neutral.

Guys. You are my friends. At least I think you are. It’s to my best interest that my friends are happy and successful. It’s to my best interest that the world are full with genes that are compatible with mine.

So go and masturbate in sperm banks. Then you will truly be my disciple.