True Capitalists

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

True capitalists never raise price. Even though demand exceed supplies for my gmail accounts, I refused to raise price. I want to be like Sam Walton and Henry Ford. Make ways to do things bigger, cut price.

As for vengeance. Well, why capitalists pay tax? Because we don’t kick butt. It’s the same reason why Jews are exterminated. They didn’t kick butt.

Kick butt and people fear you. Failed to kick butt and people will think you’re weak and they screw you big time. They just need a good reason to do it. Let’s see. That’s one main purpose of religions, to show that somehow the innocence is guilty.

Life is a balance of Yin and Yang. Keep kicking but and you can be emperors but can get killed too in the process. Keep yielding and you die too. It’s a balance/complex thingy.

As for muslim occupation, the issue is very complex. There are so many hidden agenda many sides have.

Also, private poverty land dispute is different than country land dispute.

Imagine 2 libertarian countries exchanging land. Then everything remain about the same. Before I belong to country A. Now I belong to country B. So what? No biggy.

Real issue happen when the countries are not libertarian. Oh no, now I belong in Muslim territories. Now I can’t enjoy free sex. Ah Israel captured the land. Too bad my religion is not Jewish and now I can’t build house or get kicked out. Which is pretty shitty too. The farmers in Golan couldn’t go back to their house.

The real issue is which ideologies you like, not who own the land. I mean, c’mon. That’s the real dividing line right? Democratic countries support Israel and Muslim monarchs support Palestine.

By the way, many Jews are kicked out from Arab lands. Where do they go? Israel. End of refugee story. How in the earth no body want to accept Palestinians is a little beyond me. There is a theory that the Arab countries deliberately do not accept Palestinian refugees to keep the conflict alive.

And Israel? Why the hell it bombs the shit out of Lebanon over 2 kidnapped soldiers? Maybe they want more land. Maybe they want to prevent democracies from happening in Lebanon and be US sole ally.

Life is either competition or war. Many hate competition so choose to wage war. Imagine if you live in land where polygamy or free sex is legal. Well, there has to be some way to channel  the rest of the males that aren’t getting any somewhere. So we have war.

But of course polygamy and free sex should be legal. Monogamy is the main reason of all poverty in the world. The whole point of getting rich is to reproduce better in the gene pool.

The Arabs have the best land in the world with oil and stuff. Israel only got a tiny patch of unfertile land without natural resources and this thing cause wars? Why can’t any side that kick people out pay monetary compensation, arrange some places for the other to leave and move on. I think there are many players that have many hidden purposes about it.

Maybe because I am a chinese in Indonesian land I do not see how land is such a big deal. Land is just something you buy, sell and rent. Whichever government rule the land, as long as it is reasonable is fine. Holy land is just an oxymoron bullshit to justify killing large number of people for what otherwise worthless.

That’s what holy is. Justification to screw others over nothing to hide some real intent. We want to kill people, get pissed of over nothing. It’s just a caricature. Why do people get mad? It’s just a small land? The real reason is because I am such an asshole wanting to kick butt to demean others’ freedom but I need more agreeable reasons. That does it, the land is holy, the guy in the caricature is holy and who knows what.

I don’t hate Muslims. My most trusted friend and employee is one. However, like Christianity 3 centuries ago, it’s simply the main used religions to oppress others now. I am suspicious of all religions actually.

Whose Fault?

Question, someone rape a woman. Whose fault is it? The woman or the rapist?

Answer: Which one gets you in the office?

If you want females voter, then yea it’s the rapist fault. If you want supports from suicide bombers, then it’s the woman’s fault.  If you want money from lobbyist then it’s video games’ fault.

Hatred Against Religion?


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you treat females like we are something you own, you threat us like we are here only for your pleasure, you treat us with contempt, you abuse us, you sexually abuse us as little girls, you kill us in the most unhumane manor, and kill us for the least of all things, being females and claim it’s gods will.

well fuck you and your religion

Aren’t all males like that? Except the killing part

In no country I know females are truly free actually. If females are free they choose alpha (smartest, richest, tallest, most handsome males) males and the rest go extinct. This don’t go well for voters.

So different cultures have different ways to restrict females, freedom:

US: Anti prostitution. Anti polygamy. Child support is proportional to a man’s wealth.
Afganistan: Females can’t even work (and hence must get married to some males).
Europe: The males in europe is charming enough they let their women free.

The more attractive the males in a country (=rich) the more that country embrace freedom. So kudo for europe. It’s often the females that oppose freedom there though.

That being said freedom also means competition and ugly women are not competitive. So they too, called the feminist, hate females freedom. They don’t like pretty females displaying superior traits in public so they prohibit porn. They don’t want to compete against females from cheaper country so they prohibit foreign sexual workers.

I am making an e-book about this I am looking for a publisher.

SO basically all morality comes from humans’ interest. Freedom means competition and hence many humans do not want freedom. That means punishing those who use their freedom (with death sometimes) for some purpose that differ from the oppressors best interests.

To gain support they often justify their restriction as if it’s actually benefiting everyone. Often they argue that they restrict our freedom for our own good against our own choice. Those kinds of bullshit require extraordinary explanations that defy verification. Hence, religion. All religions. Not just Muslim.

I mean c’mon. Have you ever heard any fundamentalist christian or Jews that stone people for working on Sabbath or for uttering false prophecy or becoming a false prophet? Any christian fundamentalists demand death penalty for televangelist that openly commit fraud? It’s in the bible but nobody care. Nothing in the bible prohibits sex outside marriage in general or restrict the number of females a male can have. But that’s what all fundamentalists in all religions bitch about. Simple. They’re not getting any. That’s why they become fundamentalists in the first place.

The same way the whole thing is just political game with religions as justification.

Women, within formal marriage, are like natural resources that get divided proportional to political power. In democratic countries like Turki, Indonesia, Europe, US, the norm is monogamy. If you want to share a woman or be shared by many you just have to get out of norm (free sex, outside marriage, concubine, etc.)

In arab countries, that are monarchy, (and most countries where bible, quran, etc. is written), the norms are polygamy. The number of females a male can officially have is proportional to the males’ political power. In ancient China, an emperor could have like 10000 chicks.

Of course that means the rest don’t get any and politicians there need to appease those who are not getting any and desperate enough to commit rape, suicide bombing, or whatever.

Why Are You Religious

Religious believe evolve differently than scientific believes. Facts are not important. What matters is that the believe support one’s prejudice that naturally support the interest.

The fact that they need to resort to such complexity to convince people should raise an eye brow. Perhaps in the past, it sort of works. Well, in the past we don’t have democracy, free market, and all that. Somebody got to rule. Convincing everyone that morality comes from God and can’t be changed make more stable government.

Now, with science answering everything, including morality, which is just one byproducts of humans interests, religious opinions tend to dwell only in minds of bigots that opposes others freedom. If it were true, there would have been plenty of scientific justification. It isn’t true, so they use religion.

The obvious sample is marriage. The real purpose in ancient time is to decide fatherhood, which is of course important in patriarchal society. Fatherhood definition allow proper distribution of inheritance that motivates males to take more risks and work far harder than what’s required to be well fed.

Now, if we want to know who the father is, just use DNA tests. The main reason why people support marriage is to ration females in equal share for everyone. In richer countries, prohibition of prostitution, porn, and sex workers from poorer countries allow uglier women to have higher chance to get a husband she can trample.

If there is any real good reason for marriage, science would have figured that out and the market would have taken care of it. If marriage is good for everyone then everyone will get married and they will make their own term that match exactly governments’ prescribed term (monogamy, life time, alimony proportional to males’ wealth, etc.).

The fact that governments have to prohibits so many alternatives shows that marriages actually sucks for the competitive.

Of course they need justification why you should do what sucks. Can’t do it with science. False scientific justification can and will be disproved. You need something you’ll get away with even if you’re wrong. Hence bigots use religions.