Sex and Violence

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Why people argue that sex and violence in media are dangerous for minor? More important question is, “Is it true?”

Well, that’s tricky to answer. In a sense, everything is dangerous for anyone. Any time, due to some random unusual diffusion anomaly, the air we breathe may have high probability of containing high dose of cyanide. Of course, the probability is less than 1 out of 1 billions. Then again, many things that are prohibited out of presumed dangerous for us often have ridiculously low probability either.

Also dangerous can be defined as having some risk on causing bad things. Again definition of “risk” and “bad” can be very vague.

Well, I remember a true story of a boy that got beaten up to death in schools due to beating tradition. When a female professor asked why the beating happen so commonly, the professor says that the beating is “educational.”

Obviously, the one that died is not her kid.

But that fits a pattern isn’t it. When something is truly dangerous, many authority figures will say it’s educational. Perhaps, when authority figures say something is dangerous, we can expect that it actually is educational.

Is sex and violence are educational for minor?

Well, I exist because my ancestors successfully reproduce. Maybe his neighbor becomes a monk and didn’t. Maybe his other neighbors get killed and didn’t reproduce either.

So what factors decide whether one will stay in the gene pool or gotten kicked out? Sex and violence.

It’s pretty normal then that kids are attracted to learn more about it.

Far from being dangerous for minor, sex and violence in media, can be very educational, it’ll be very dangerous for minor not to watch them.

Imagine if my sons become monks instead due to lack of porn. I’ll be out of the gene pool.

But why people say they are dangerous? Because life is zero some game. In zero sum games, you are either victims or predators. Morality teaches us to be the former. So the more something is good the more they say it’s bad and via versa. That’s the reason why people restrict our individual freedom. Because they truly are predators that want us to be prey.

The market is the only fair judge of good or bad. Everything else is just deceptive.

What Would You Do if You Can't Fail?

I would live in a penthouse that also works as my office. Every day, I’ll oversee an army of pretty smart female employees working in lingerie uniform. Then I would bang them one by one, or three at a time, to ensure loyalty to “the Company”.

I would make millions and millions of dollars while my employees manage my existing biz. I’ll keep creating newer and newer ones. I will sell those biz in stock market and make more millions.

Then I would make many kids. My lawyers will convince a judge that I am legally penniless and hence all 1000 children I beget will be on welfare check. Not that I can’t afford those kids but there is no way I am going to be a sucker and give money away to those who aim to oppress my freedom. Fuck that socialist bigot.

Then I would advertise in newspaper on how successful I am, both in biz and in gene pool. Then I would advertise my genes through online marketing so Octomom would want to have my kid too. She’s not that selective isn’t she?

Then I’ll make 10k kids per year.

Then everyone will share my genes.

Now that what I want to happen in my life.