Winning Gene Pool War

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

I remember a story when a communist leader brought her Mom to his place. She ate expensive caviar, driven in Limo, stay in expensive hotel with gold plated bath. She told her son, “Good for you, but what about if the commies win.”

I chuckle. That sucker commies. They don’t know that some people will be successful anyway. It’s just that not all people can be rich honestly. When winning (=rich) is illegal (in communist countries) then the winners are cheaters.

Latter, I learn that the purpose of life, according to science is to reproduce. I would like to honor my great great great …. 100000000… ancestor, a 1 cell organism, that, without failing, have managed to produce lots of unbroken chain of successful reproduction, ended up in me.

My plan was:
1. Make a lot of money. Capitalism allow all of us to achieve this.
2. Attract and sleep with many pretty women. If I have 1 billion dollars and prostitution were legal, this is obviously not a problem. Even if prostitution were illegal, it’s not as tough as you see because women like bling bling which 1 billion dollar can afford.
3. Make many kids.
4. Support those kids through college, give them $1 million to start over.

Obviously all these are consensual and hence victimless. Well, in a sense, at least. If all billionaires are like that, then many males won’t get laid ever but we don’t count uncompetitive people as victims do we?

Wallmart control the whole market share in discount store and drive everyone else away is OKAY under free market. The same way so what if rich males giving more attractive offer to millions of women and drive the rest extinct? That’s just how free fair competition work.

I soon see problems with this plan.

1. I can’t just pay women for sex. There are only 2 ways to lawfully get laid. Free sex when women do it for free. And then marriage where I might lost half of my earning and future earning to someone I mutually hate. Also marriage must be monogamous. That sucks.
2. Make many kids? Hmm… Some nobel prize winner managed to do it by donating sperms. Maybe I’ll try that.
3. Supporting those kids. Well this comes the problem. I’ve heard that the law on child support is that the amount must be proportional to your income. So no matter how rich we are, we cannot afford 1000 kids. Also court says that you cannot make an agreement with women that your child support should not be, say, more than $10k per year, for example. The judge says that the right of the non existent child must be protected (court case?). Wow… So much for pro choice abortion right I guess.

Just like in communist countries, a bunch of prejudice are placed to justify laws against “success”. In communist countries we are falsely told that those who make money are stealing and hurting the economy. Now, religious bigot tell that prostitution, porn, and sex outside marriage are hurting women (despite consensual).

Now I see why wealth, mere wealth, don’t bring much happiness.

Are we like the commies? Is getting successful in gene pool is only reserved for those who cheat?