Does Porn Cause Rape?

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The short answer is I don’t know. Correlation between rape and porn is slight … and negative, suggesting otherwise. But slight either way.

Can it? Is it important? Does it matter? Is it what’s really going on? In what sense?

Well, think about it. Males’ main motivation to prevent rape is not really to protect women’s freedom. Their main motivation is to prevent women from falling to other males.

So if porn, for example, do not motivate males to rape women but motivate them to make a lot of money and actively pursue girls, will that satisfy anti porn males. No. They will still call it something negative like rape. When Japanese men hire Chinese prostitute in orgy, poorer Chinese simply declare that it’s “rape” even though the prostitute are paid. The Chinese government put the prostitute in jail. We can check here for more info.

Now, in Arab countries, porn causing rape is used as justification to prohibit porn rather than punishing rapists. It’s not hard to understand. People rape for 2 main reasons. They’re not sexually competitive and they’re militant. That kind of demographic is what controls Arab’s politic. In other word, any politician that want to go up must please that demographic.

Okay, is Arab evil?

Well, evil is relative. Relative to what? In no country in the world I see women are completely and sexually free. If they were free, only alpha males get laid and no countries have the majority of the males’ population take it as a man. The closest I know of is in England, where 50% of the guys don’t have girlfriend.

Even then, I bet in British child support laws are designed to be proportional to a man’s financial capability and hence forcing women to “sale” their reproductive service at higher price to richest males. That’s probably not the kind of pricing schemes most women prefer.