Women Exploitation

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

When men talk about exploiting women sexually, be it in porn, or prostitution, we mean the pretty….

So why they are so many ugly women that bitch about porn?

They’re not the potential “victim” of exploitation. No body want to exploit them. Ugly women are, for all practical purposes, males. If they work well, then great. But we don’t really look at ugly women as sex objects unless we’re really desperate do we?

Perhaps the issue is not exploitation. The real issue is competition. Those so called exploitations are mutually beneficial as anything consensual.

That’s why many pretty girls don’t mind. And that’s the problem. Males want only the pretty. Deep inside the ugly want to be “exploited” too.
But they’re not getting it and feel envy against pretty goddess that are exploited.

A man with hammer will want to leave in the world where everything is nail. People want the world that match their talent more. If a woman is pretty, they’re more likely to be liberal and support womens’ right to show of skin. I mean they’re pretty anyway. In those world, beauty matters.

If women are ugly, they support burgha.

Sneaky ha?