I Could Have Died

I was driving home from a marriage party. My girlfriend is driving because I can’t drive. Suddenly someone yell swear words at us. Then that guy stops in front of us. We apologize not understanding what’s wrong. They claimed that my gf hit brake suddenly. They look like they want to fight and keep yelling at us telling us to get out.

So I thought may be I should bluff them out. I yell at them to come if they want to fight. They call my bluff.

Then they start banging on the window. I was quite scared. However, I sort of knew that if I look scared, I am death. They talked about all this that we’re the one that’s wrong but we’re the one that get mad.

I sort of know that morality, right and wrong is all bull shit. We strong we win, we win we’re right and that’s all there is to it.

When we’re weak, the smallest mistake, even no mistake, can be used as justification for the greatest prosecution.

History is filled with strong forces slaughtering the weak and than latter blames the weak with unverifiable vague accusations. If there is any curve that fits the dot is that people will kill and rob when they see it is profitable to do so. And that explains virtually all war.

The only thing that’ll stop them from fighting with me is a deterrence, or implied possibility that I can cause much harm to them.

And the process work double against me too. I may win if I fought them. If there is a 10% chance I lost, that’s not worth the risk. I got nothing to gain from this fight.

I always want to test my judo somewhere outside soft mattresses against someone that don’t know how to fall properly. One of them looks like he’s over 50 years old and look light weight enough. I can do more than slamming him with imbalance causing technique. I can actually lift him out and slam his head ground first for maximum hit point crunching with asphalt flooring, I can score an instant kill or permanent injury. Easy frag.

Then, I can bite of the face of the other one Hannibal Lecter style.

However, I don’t know how to grab someone without Judo clothes. What about if they bring knifes. What about if they know Judo, or Karate too?

So I tied to speak calmly. So I told them that I don’t want to fight and want to apologize. I told them that I want to make peace. I told them that they don’t seem to be appeasable so I have no choice but to play tough. However, I need to ensure that I don’t look like I am giving an unconditional surrender mode. Suddenly my gf is already out of the car. Oh shit… She apologized but speaks sternly.

I was concern with her safety. I tried to calm them down and get out of the car. If I get out too early I may provoke unnecessary fight. So I get out of the car while watching their hand for instant grab in case things go wrong.

To my surprise, they praised me. They said that it’s the proper way to apologize, getting out of the car first rather than hiding behind. Sensing that the tenses are lower I shake their hand and explain the situation. Than someone from the crowd told them that we got to move because we make traffic jam. The hotheads seem to get offended and then have arguments with the crowd member. I was happy that they had other fights. We use that opportunity to calmly leave.

I think they have the same problem with me. They want to bully around anyone they can. However, if there is a 10% chance they may lose, it’s not worth their time. So they pick on other victims. The reason why they don’t choose to fight me is not because I properly apologized, of course. This guy gets so mad over hitting a brake. My apologizing simply allows them to avoid fighting without losing face. Perhaps they saw that I am taller than them. Perhaps they saw that there is significant probability that someone that bark back may have something on them.

Latter my gf told me that she dares to get out because of the crowds. She knows no body is going to beat women up in front of crowds. I realized that she’s could have been save all along.

If I just keep yielding they’ll think I am weak and I’ll be in a fight. If I just keep barking, I would end up in a fight and I could have died. Somehow we did a right combination of yielding and playing tough. I was lucky. I could have died.

All my life I prepare for every possibility that can happen in my business. I could lose it all for not doing the right thing at some critical moment.

Maybe I should have been braver in my business. Looks like my gf is better at negotiating in tough circumstances.

When I got home, my dad taught me to grab people skin and ear if they don’t wear something we can grab. Also an unblock-able elbow strike before seoi nage throw can be effective. I wonder if I can remember that the next time I am in similar circumstances again.

Many told us to play rational. That we must held back our feeling so we don’t fight. However, our feeling is a fine tuned algorithm that sort of work for billions of years of evolution. Just playing nice to people that are hostile can actually lead to even more extreme hostility. In complicated cases like that, I think how we feel to act is our best chance.

I guess different people just have different level of guts. Me, I just strike if I am 99% sure I’ll win. Others would do that for 60%. Perhaps we need to take into account profit gained. If not fighting means a fight and a lost anyway, fighting should be good.

Moral of the story is that most conflicts don’t end up in fight. People just bark at each other while trying to judge each other’s relative strength. When intensive to fight is small, they usually make peace.

Most war happens due to incorrect perception of power. Also, art of war in 13 chapters say that those who are arrogant are the one less likely wanting to fight.

Of course, sometimes both sides call the bark and voila.

Peace, is not something within our control. In fact, excessive effort to achieve peace can lead to illusion of weakness and more fight. And this sort of thing is the sort of thing we should do to know rather than learn through theory.

Unconditional surrender and yielding can be far more dangerous than fighting, as the Banu Nadir must have lately realized as told in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banu_Nadir & http://genetips.com/2006/06/26/main-use-of-religion/

What do you think?

Good vs Evil

Those who do good will call their beliefs a mere theory. That way, they’ll let their theories examined by the light of science. Those with evil intention will call their beliefs faith. That way they can hide their evil ignorance from the scrutiny of rational inquiry.

Envy Bigotry Motivated Prejudices As Foundation Of Our Morality

When we’re not at war, we’re in race. That’s simply how we evolve.

Freedom means competition. When Ann is free to choose Bob or Jim, Bob or Jim will have to compete to get Ann’s precious eggs and 9 months 10 days rent.

Some people do not want to compete.

So they oppose freedom.

That’s why many governments intervention in reproduction tend to be dysgenic. People want to exterminate better competitors out of envy.

People justify their opposition with various pretexts. As we shall see, they do not implement their pretext consistently.

For example, say the law says you should not smoke Marijuana. Say, however, cops do not bother enforcing anti marijuana laws.

However, those who speak against their governments have their house searched several times for marijuana.

Here, we see that marijuana laws are just pretexts. That’s because existence of marijuana fails to correctly predict the probability of getting your house searched.

The real cause is that you speak against your government.

The theory that you get your house searched because you speak against your government fit observation more because those who speak against their governments have higher probability of getting their house searched, all else equal.

The same ways, many laws restricting individual and reproductive freedom is not consistent with the pretext.

A theory that ruling envy bigots want to commit dysgenic genocide fit the data more.

A sample of such laws is child support laws. The pretext is that parent should support their child.

If that’s the real reason, we would expect governments to demand equal payment per child for each child.

At the least, we would expect governments to demand money proportional to a child’s need.

However, governments require money proportional to the man’s capability to pay.

Governments tolerate ghetto studs making many kids without affording it. In fact, governments reward welfare queen that like those ghetto studs with more welfare money.

However, a rich smart billionaire cannot make as many kids as he can afford.

Another issue is porn. People argue that porn cause rape and hence should be prohibited. However, why don’t they punish rape? In fact, the countries that prohibit porn are often those with the least protection against rape.

Here, preventing rape is just the pretext to prohibit porn. Porn is the way pretty women advertise their higher desirability while making a lot of money. Prohibiting porn is then a form of envy bigotry against sexier women.

People prohibit polygamy and prostitution despite the fact that it’s consensual. The pretext is to protect women from abuse. However, there are many women that are unhappily married and trap in marriage.

In Afghanistan, a woman that ran away from his husband is stoned to death.

Also many women are stuck with poorer males. They could have gotten richer smarter males if they are willing to share within polygamy.

Obviously there are reasonable reasons for women to prefer prostitution and polygamy.

Again, protecting women are just pretexts. The real reasons are to kick rich smart males from the gene pool.

Unless those who run the fastest also hit the hardest, success will simply be a bridge to gas chamber.

The Price for Peace

The price for peace is proper alignment between individuals’ interest and productivity. In other words, free market capitalism.

That means some people can be really successful fairly, squarely, and productively and the rest should just let those productive people be successful. Such price is just too high that few societies embrace capitalism. So we got war.

Giving and Happiness

It’s happier to those who give than to those who receive if and only if the marginal cost of the objects being given is lower than the marginal revenue of the money equivalent of increased utility function due to higher reproductive success.

Those who give sperms, for example, are much happier than those receiving it. The latter are picky, the former are willing to pay so they can give more.

Affluent people are also more likely to give money to signal wealth and niceness that in return may provoke protection from males around them and sex partners from females around them.