Religious Study 101

Hear me all listeners. I have just received a revelation from God himself. All of you got to pay me a gazillion dollar. You can donate the money at

What? Why I haven’t heard money coming to my bank account yet? Do you know, if you don’t give me my money, you’ll go to hell.

You’ll go to hell or heaven based on whether you give your money to me or not and how well you convert others into believers like you. Continue reading “Religious Study 101”

Religious Doctrines and Hemophilia

Thousands of people are marching in outrage over a few caricatures in Denmark.

When I heard that, I was very confused. There so many other beliefs and opinions that humans have. We, for example, believe that protons attract electrons with force inversely proportional with the square of the distance.

Such beliefs have tremendously changed our life for the better. Continue reading “Religious Doctrines and Hemophilia”

Capitalism and Higher Standard of Living

The year is 1300 AD. The place in a small tavern in Peking. Somebody burst into the room. Alert! The mongol attack with a brand new weapon.What weapon? Catapult? Horse Archer? Gun? Nuclear Weapon?

No. Much worse. They subsidize their farm product and try to fire sell it to us here. This will hurt the interests of our farmers. Also many of their workers are willing to work here for cheaper price. Not to mention of hordes and hordes of capital coming in to increase labors’ productivity and salary. We’re invaded! Continue reading “Capitalism and Higher Standard of Living”

Why Moral Issues Become Porn Issues

Many people want to prohibit porn and prostitution. Some do so to protect religions and morality.

We can only wonder. Stealing and robbing are also immoral. Religions also prohibit stealing. Why there are no terrorist that commit suicide bombing to kill thieves, burglars, and robbers. Continue reading “Why Moral Issues Become Porn Issues”

Do People Choose Their Dictators

Do people pick dictators? We’ve heard the atrocities people like Mao Tze Tung, Saddam, or Kim Jong Il do. We believe that those poor people never have a choice. That they suffer because they’re out of luck and get bad leaders that force him self out to be a leader.

That’s partially true. But not entirely.

You see, even when somebody put gun in your Continue reading “Do People Choose Their Dictators”