Who are Superior?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

Obviously, the lions are superior than the cats. Yet, cats survive in the gene pool way more than lions.

That’s because we’re affraid of lions. So we raise cats as pets and kill lions.

If you make a lot of money productively, belong to an ethnic group that win disproportionately large number of nobel prize, or are highly attractive, beware that many would want to kill you.

That’s because many will consider you dangerous, either as enemies or as somebody too tough to compete with.

Evolution Theory, Humans Nature, and It's Political Implication

We all learn evolution theory in schools. Well most of us do.

However, what’s taught in schools are just basic. What most people, especially religious fundamentalists do not want you to know is that evolution theory can very naturally explain human nature. Continue reading “Evolution Theory, Humans Nature, and It's Political Implication”


Politics end in money. So arguing that there shouldn’t be money politic is non sense.

What is morality if not ones’ own interest? People check the new rules, examine whether it’ll serve his interest or not. If it is, it’s moral. If it isn’t it’s immoral.

And what’s righteousness, if not the whim of those who are the strongest.

Why Some Things Are Politically Incorrect?

Without homosexuality, prostitution, porn, and drugs, the non alpha males will have strong intensives to prohibits polygamy. Without polygamy, cloning, and sperm donations, which are all politically incorrect, the richest, smartest, most productive males in our society cannot make a lot of kids.

So all those sex laws are really meant to wipe out the best and brightest from the gene pool.