Capitalism is the Best Solution for Both Humans Prosperity and Elimination of Poverty

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You can’t improve economy more than by being selfish and selling to more customers. If instead of doing that you help your competitors, you actually hurt not only yourself, but the economy as a whole.

You can’t eliminate poverty more than by feeding, and schooling, and raising your own children and simply have more children. If you insist on feeding others’ children, you will often just create more poverty.

Scorpion and Frog

A scorpion asks a frog to cross the river. The frog says, how do I know you won’t bite me? The scorpion says, I won’t bite you. If I bite you and you die, I will drown. It’s against my best interest to bite you.

The frog agrees. They swim across the river and the scorpion bites the frog. The frog, dying, scream, why do you bite me? We will both die.

The scorpion says, because I am a scorpion.

Most libertarians and capitalists are like frogs. Most statists are scorpions.

We are all selfish. However, we have wiggle rooms. If it cost us little and it can help others, why not. Also we don’t like to hurt others. We are ashamed of ourselves if we do that. We want to be productive members of society, not parasites.

So many of us think welfare is a good idea. What about if some people will just pop babies out of their cunts like machine guns, motivated by those welfare?

We quickly think that is not possible. Why would they? Most people aren’t like that. Doing something like that is just unthinkable for us.

However, there are reasons why some people are poor. Many of those reasons are just. Wealth are often build by good win win relationship. Poor people are often evil. They are often, not always, like scorpion.

Even if they’re not, the politicians that want their votes definitely are. They will structure welfare in ways that encourage poor people to breed.

Many poor men will actually make less money if they work. Many poor women will get less welfare if they have a rich sugar daddy than if they just fuck for free and be single mother.

And a thing about scorpions and frog is that those traits are often innate. Some are just born that way.

When productive people are taxed and punished for being productive and the money goes to feed children whose parents breed like rabbits, the poor people will just breed and breed.

The scorpions will breed. Then they will sting. They will demand higher tax. They will slow down smart students in schools. They will demand criminalization of many consensual acts like drug and transactional sex.

All those acts may actually hurt them too. Places where scorpions burn, loot, murder, tax, terrorize, and torture people become poor. Businesses go. By killing businesses they kill themselves.

Guess what? They don’t care. They’re scorpions. And welfare means, their kind will be more and more.

Will Giving Welfare will just create more parasites or help children of welfare parasites to be productive citizens?

Both are correct.

There are 2 theories. One is that welfare is fine. We just help poor people to get back on their feet again. Another says that we’ll just create more poverty that way.

Not because we give people minimum living standard means they gonna breed like rabbit and be parasitic.

That I agree. I think the reason many think that way is because they look at yourself, or ourself. Will we breed like parasitic rabbits if there are enough welfare. Most of us will say no. It’s unthinkable.

However, this is the part most people miss.

The tautology of evolution. What reproduced now become common latter.
Say only 5% breed like rabbits when there are welfare. With welfare, those 5% will be 10%, 20%, 30% and the society will collapse.

Some socialists will think that poverty happens due to chrony capitalism. They are correct. However, chrony capitalism happens because voters are too stupid and let governments officials that have no incentive to do what’s productive to make decisions, mostly based on bribes, kickbacks, or campaign contribution.

Can children of welfare parasites, given enough education and stuff, create start up? Can children of millionaires, or billionaires, end up being welfare parasites?

Both are possible.

Another thing that people miss that while all things are possible, not all things are equally likely.

How likely? Very unlikely. If my children are as likely to be on welfare than being a start up founder, why would I bother taking care of my children?
Finally people miss the inheritability of wealth. Wealth itself is heritable. Capability to create wealth is also heritable.

But most people think that to create wealth you got to go to school and get a degree and get a job. Those are not very heritable process. You can have a PhD and your sons and daughters will have to go through the same thing to get that PhD.

Hence, people grossly underestimate the heritability of wealth creation.
However, your creation to go to school, your common sense to pick the right major, or even your out of the box thinking that I can just get rich without a job are all very heritable trait.

In fact, even socialists admit that kids with richer parents tend to have higher standardized score.

They just interpret the data differently. The way I see it is that richer parents bequeath traits, including IQ, that results in those kids having higher standardized score.

The socialist interpret this as IQ and standardized score being racist and simply measure parents’ wealth and hence unfair and should be abolished. It has nothing to do with truth. They said anything that justify equality of result between those more capable to create wealth and those who aren’t.

All People Will Have Faster CPUs and All Kids Will Have Rich Dads

All people will have faster CPU. Why? Well customers prefer faster CPU.

If customers prefer CPU companies have incentive to create faster and faster and more cost effective CPU to get more customers.

What about customers that don’t prefer faster CPU? Yea, they got choices right? Usually this is not much of an issue.

They can choose stupid options and live with consequences but why would they?

For the same reason, under capitalism every kids will have richer dad. Why? Women prefer the rich.

Poverty will Be Very Low Under Capitalism.

Many women prefer the rich. If women got rich men, their kids will have rich dad.

Those who don’t often also have choices to do so. And that should justify the opinion that kids don’t have poor dad due to choices, namely mom’s choices.

Also most women want to do hypergamy just like men wanting to do polygamy. Men tend to want quantity. Women tend to want quality. So it’s quite easy for reasonably pretty girls to get really rich guys if she doesn’t insist on half his wealth or monogamy.

Then poor people don’t really want to have children. If you measure how much people want something you can do so by comparing would you rather have another children or $100k.

Billionaires would gladly pay $100k to have another children. The number for poor people is much lower. Children are merely byproduct of sex for most people.

Because poor people don’t really want to have children, offering money to childless people or taxing children or, if you’re libertarian, simply eliminating welfare and public school, will greatly reduce number of children poor people have. In economic terms, poor people are very elastic when it comes to children’s price

So in the absence of monogamy norms, government involvement in marriage, prohibition of transactional sex, welfare, and income taxes, poverty problems will go away by themselves.

Most kids will have richer dad and poverty will be gone by themselves.

Most people are more selfish and greedy than capitalists

So many people call capitalists misogynist, sexist, lack of empathy, selfish, greedy and so on.

Recently some orphanage WA me. I didn’t like to donate to an orphanage. I felt that women should be materialistic. If their moms were gold digger, they wouldn’t be in an orphanage. It’s one of those things that being greedy and selfish and normal will actually solve problems instead of following socialist or romantic or woke’s creed.

However, I realized that maybe I am too extreme. Sure. Let’s donate. I asked a question. How come these kids becomes orphans? I mean my country isn’t in war, and most adults live to old age. The orphanage admin told me that their dads seek other moms.

Think about it for a while. I am told that I am misogynist, heartless, bla bla bla bla. My children don’t starve. I don’t scam women.

In fact, I go the extra mile in ensuring all deals win win I am the one getting scammed and I regret that.

Other guys just fuck, knock up and leave and marriage actually make it worse. So many women prefer marriage than cash that they ended up choosing the poor. Yet societies see women that choose those guys as good because the women are not gold diggers.

I am told that I lack empathy because I don’t care about feeding other people’s kids. Well. Other guys don’t even feed their own kids and we are told to be sympathetic to those guys.

I empowered women once. She scammed me and once she is in Germany she doesn’t need me anymore.

Other guys? Want to know why we have laws against monogamy and prostitution? That’s what they told you right? Men never want to empower women. They want to empower themselves.

Most guys can’t compete against richer paying guys. So they disempower women by preventing women from making money selling sexuality. Ask any evolutionary psychologist and they will confirm.

People call capitalists selfish because they don’t care about women that don’t choose them and have children with other guys.

Do you know what other guys do when they’re not chosen? Acid attacks, laws restricting women’s choice. Bla bla bla. Most guys would be incels under true capitalism and democracy is rules by, for, and from losers.

The list can go on and on. In US, you are told to be racist against your own race. You are told to have insane amount of empathy that you should write blank checks for majestic welfare queens that want to pop babies like machine guns out of their cunts. Literally blank check because popping babies out of machine guns are like sacred human right or something.

You are told you are greedy if you want money you earn. Yet others don’t bother earning money or working and just breeding knowing some suckers will pay for it.

I think the most selfish human beings are those that told us not to be selfish.

Capitalists are greedy and selfish, but at least we want win win. We want everybody to win. People that tell us not to be selfish wants to win at others’ expense. That’s what most people are

Why Private Deals are Better Than Laws

The mom is right. How the fuck she is now earning $5k-$8k a month affect child support in anyway?

Aren’t things complicated when government draft the deals? Why not just let women and men to decide amount of child support before conception. However, $500 a month is not a lot.

Why didn’t she pick richer sugar daddy again and asked for higher child support? Why things like child support and alimony decided by third parties?

Why not decide that early before the relationship start and before they have children?

Government, for interest of children, can insist some minimum amount that’s the same for everyone?

BLM Causes

I am not sympathetic to BLM cause. I am, however, sympathetic to BLM founder

It feels that I can understand why she did what she did. She won fair and square and in ways that are politically correct. Way to go. I guess marxism has its legitimate use.

As ways to make money. The rest of us can just learn to make our own bullshit. Is this copy righted?