Democracy vs Capitalism

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In Democracy, we have a median voter theorem. Hence, we expect an election to be won 50% of the time (in case winners take all).

The issue is not whose party is better. The issue is that when someone wants to raise or lower tax, for example, the one that gets the most votes are the one that can capture the median voters.

That’s why we often have “moderates” vs “extremists” in good vs evil narratives. The extremists never win.

In addition to that, the government is divided into 3. We got legislative, executive, and judicative branch. It’s a bit like board of director, CEO, and HR branches.

Most corporations and firms don’t have that much complexity. They have profit incentive and competition among firms. And that make them behaves far better than any check and balances in any democracy.

Why HealthCare is Expensive in US

Indeed. I started this post with anecdotes about the difficulty of finding medical prices and I’ll end with another. A few years back I had switched to a high-deductible plan and was prescribed something—a statin or antidepressant, I can’t remember which, but it was a drug for which many brand names and many generics exist. My doctor prescribed a name brand and I asked him how much it would cost per month. He replied I have no idea. I pressed him a bit and he had his staff call my insurer and find out. It turned out it would be something on the order of $80 a month while a generic drug would do basically the same thing for about $8.00 a month. He prescribed the latter and said we could always switch if it wasn’t getting the job done.

Even Karl Marx Isn’t Very Communist

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Even Karl Marx isn’t very communist. In ancient time people earn money because they own more land. So some Commies think that it’s unfair. Land needs to be redistributed. Workers should get more and capital owners less.

About 80 years ago, I could have been a commie. I do not see that it’s fair that some government draft tons of poor people to protect the property right of landowners.

Until today I do not see it’s fair that governments tax workers and use the money to build infrastructure that improves land price. I do not see it’s fair that corporations can deduct expenses and normal workers cannot from their income taxes.

Now, people earn money because they’re better workers.

If anything, it’s the commies that hurt workers with income taxes. It’s the commies that prevent workers from getting rich and reach financial freedom.

The socialists want high-income taxes, child subsidy, healthcare, public school. How can poor people get rich under such regimes?

I was poor. If I didn’t get rich fast enough, I don’t blame capitalism. I would blame socialism that keeps oppressing the poor.

All Big Governments Measures Are There to Make You Poor and Dependent

Every time governments do something that change price we can see that as reward and punishment.

Governments impose a tariff on import? That’s punishment for those importing. The purpose, is, of course, to reward and encourage people to buy the local product.

In fact, your supreme court figures this out that fine is essentially tax in case of Obama care. Hence, the word fine, tax, punishment can all be used interchangeably. It’s just semantic.

The same way the word subsidy, reward, encouragement can also be used interchangeably. The difference is just semantic.

So what do we have here?

Minimum wage punish you for starting a business. Rewarding people for being an employee. Being an employee is fine. However, being an employee forever sucks.

Your boss bark orders at you all the time. Being an employee is close at being a slave. You want to be a businessman. Minimum wage get in the way.

What else? Public school? Public school reward poor people to produce more children. It punishes poor people that earn more money.

Income taxes punish productivity. Welfare rewards stupidity.

Healthcare reward sickness. It punishes healthy people.

In fact, if I were American, I probably wouldn’t be successful. I’ll just go from jobs to jobs.

Don’t you feel that you’re being enslaved by all these big government measures? Almost everything punishes those who do the right thing and reward evil.

I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to redistribute wealth. It may be what it takes to win election or civil wars or whatever it takes to get in power and maintain a strong stable society.

But can’t you do this in ways that don’t punish goods and reward evil?

Instead of asking for minimum wage, Tarif, job creation, welfare, income taxes, public school, and so on and so on, why not just ask for UBI and tax land and sales?

You’re no longer punished to have a higher income. You just need to live in smaller houses and be more thrifty. You no longer have to be poor to get welfare check.

You don’t have to produce children to benefit from public school. Get rid of public school. Let those who have children pay for their children’s school out of their pocket. Can’t afford them don’t breed them.

The market will take care of the rest.

Then all of us can reach financial freedom faster. And isn’t that all that matter?

Is Bitcoin Investing More Risky than Storming Normandy?

Which one is riskier? Buying bitcoins or storming Normandy?

People say I am a risk-taker because I buy bitcoin. I am a coward. I manage risks. I don’t put all of my money in bitcoin.

I understand that there is no guarantee in all investment. I got to buy those that may go up and spread the risk. It’s the safest way.

It’s not risk. It’s just math and more math.

If my government ask me to storm Normandy, I would say, what the fuck. You fucking kidding me. I can like fuck die. Shit….. Fuck no.

For what? For a better world? Could be. Another risk.

Yet, far more people would sign up to join the army than to buy bitcoins.

It’s obvious that the former is riskier.


Don’t be coward comrades. Fight for freedom. Buy cryptocurrencies?


And fuck big governments. Makes you think a lot about government healthcare isn’t it? Will it make your lifesaver? You can have all the best healthcare in the world and get shot by mugger in the next day.

You yield to tyranny and you’ll feel a bit saver today. By what chances? On average your bills will be lower under free market.

You don’t have to wait for elections to select your government. Put 10% of your money in bitcoin or ethereum or LTC or anything not controlled by big brother.

Then see how you feel. It may go up it may go down. Just look at it and feel the freedom.

Feel what it’s like to be a human again, not a slave, not a pet, not a cattle. Even if it’s just a fleeting illusion, try freedom. Be free.

Because if you pick bigger governments by putting all your money in the failing centralized fiat, you are buying illusions.

The world is halfway ideal

The world is half way ideal already. It must be. We are very prosperous relative to our forefathers.

The world is divided into 168 countries. Each country practices a mix of capitalism, socialism, and democracy.

Each country is independent. They can do whatever they want due to wesphalian sovereign. However, a country usually get rich due to some measure of capitalism (like US). After they rich they benefit the people as a whole through some (socialism), that’s usually happen due to power of the people (democracy or fear of people’s rebellion).

So how do we make that more ideal? Simple. Extend what’s already working. Let each cities be like countries. Allow them to arrange themselves whatever they wish as long as they contribute on defense and don’t export poverty to another city.

What’s next? Turn voters into owners.

We will be more capitalistic, socialistic, and democratic at the same time.

Those owners will want capitalism to attract productive taxpayers in. Governments will be minimal to maximize “profit” that can be distributed as dividend to owners. That is both socialism and capitalism. Getting dividend is a very capitalistic thing. If the owners are the people it’s also socialist.

Owners have powers typical voters do not have. For example, an owner that knows things are managed badly can sell or short the ownership. Owners are more difficult to be scammed than voters.

I am not sure about churches. I practiced socialism in my business. My employee have a share on my business. Each get more than their market value. In unity we have incentive to make more. I overpay my employee and that’s okay.

I also practice socialism in my family. If someone is sick, of course I help.

Socialism and command economy is fine in small scale. Even in larger scales, such as in villages, that’s not too bad. Those who don’t like can just go to a different villages. Too much socialism will kick too many people out.

It’s only problematic if it’s enforced continent wide with people can’t easily escaping.

Why Wealth Disparity

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IQ and wealth graph

The plot thickens. Nature isn’t cruel. What happens is you can’t choose your parents or your IQ easily. However, building wealth is an intergenerational effort. You don’t try to do it in one generation. So?

So you can pick the parents and IQ of your child more easily. You can start by picking richer, prettier, smarter mates.

And that’s actually easy. A girl only needs to look average (straight teeth, no major scars) in her face to look pretty.

Most rich smart guys want many girls.

So for a girl to pick someone rich and smart is actually quite easy. If she’s willing to share, it’s easy. Just avoid marriage.

Alas, governments get in the way.

A woman that pick welfare parasites get a subsidy. Women that pick rich smart men get complexity. We got laws against getting paid for sex. A sugar relationship is borderline illegal. Many think that is prostitution.

Don’t even think about marriage. Alimony is expensive. Too much unrealistic expectation. Child support is expensive for the rich.

This reduces the number of children of the rich and increases the number of children of the poor.

Then? Then that graph speaks for itself.

Is this the best you can do statists?

Time to buy

Is this the best you can do statists? Bring them on.

Governments have failed to be capitalistic enough. Let the market itself take care of our finance and our currency. Another freedom from nonsense laws.

The day private companies have to kowtow or giving fuck to governments will be over.

We will have corporations in blockchains free from governments filthy hand. The market will regulate itself.

The governments will be mere subjects of the almighty global free market.

Why Death Penalty is Good and why Pro Life is Not

I am not pro-life. That’s obvious. However, I am very pro-death. Am I a conservative?

The issue of the deterrent effect of capital punishment has been more controversial, but several recent papers using advanced econometric techniques and comprehensive data have found a significant deterrent effect; each execution deters between eight and twenty-eight murders, with eighteen being the best single estimate. No refereed empirical criticism of these papers has been published. Research on procedural rules has shown that increased rights for accused persons can lead to increases in crime. One controversial paper by John Donohue and Steven Levitt argues empirically that the easing of abortion restrictions led to a reduction in crime because unwanted children would have been more likely to become criminals.

Perhaps, voters should vote with their foot and wallet. We do not need to know how the sausage is made.

All we need to know is that the crime rate is low. Of course, based on those studies, a city/province/state with a low crime will be those that legalize abortion and have capital punishments. All we care is the probability that we are falsely accused vs the probability that we will be killed. For a programmer like me, if 1 out of 10 death row inmates is actually innocent, the probability is 180 to 1 on the latter.

I am 180 times more likely to die due to robbery or other crime if there is no death penalty compared if it is due to false conviction. If you put $1, you get $180, isn’t that profit?

Choosing whether we should support the death penalty or not is very easy if we use math or if we let market like principles to take care of it.

Another alternative to abortion is to simply export unwanted babies to another country. But that would be like exporting poverties. The other country needs to be well paid to accept that. That’ll solve both the pro-life fetish and low crime thingy.

Of course, the true purpose of pro-lifer is to punish sex outside marriage and not to save any fetus. So I am not even sure it’ll work.

Most debates are so dishonest we cannot solve their problem based on their stated goal. It seems that only the market mechanism leads to objectivity.