Are some jobs more suitable for some gender?

Free access to scriptures religious leaders try to censor

You know the problem with feminism? They insist that women must have equal pay with men in what’s obviously “men’s job”. There are jobs where women are paid more than men. However feminist insist that all those jobs should be illegal.

Here is one of them Wanted, £45-an-hour cleaners – must work naked (and only women may apply)

And how do I know if a job is a men’s job than a woman’s job? I just look at the pay. If men earns more money than women, it’s a man’s job. If women earns more money than men, it’s a woman’s job. If it’s about equal I wouldn’t worry about gender when picking someone to do the job.

If I need a massage, for example, followed with some happy ending finisher, I definitely would hire a beautiful female massage therapists. Would I hire a male one? You probably should ask how much money I should get if I let a male give me a massage.

You see how I am a sexist? I value women more than men for pretty much the same job, giving me massage.

Now what are women’s job?

Housewife (It’s female version of “husband”, except that “husband” usually earns negative salary from his spouse).
massage therapists
porn star

Does that mean that men shouldn’t be a porn star? No. They’re welcome to try. I mean I would like to try that my self if I have the talent. I wish I have that talent. Being good at Math is nice. But having an eternally hard cock and chiseled body may be even better. God must have put more talent points there.

Should women be engineers? Well, they’re welcome to ugh try… Cute… So cute….

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What a waste of natural resources

Former middle-school teacher, caught having daily sex with 13 year old student, gets sentenced to 10 years in prison.

For all the 13 years old dreamers out there

I mean, where the fuck all these goddesses are when I were 13.

If I were a judge, I would just tell her to do community service as bdsm stripper for ugh, oh well, legal age males.

For those who think that women should be treated the same way with men. Hello…. Have you checked market price? How much would fucking a girl this hot worth if prostitution were legal?

And that’s the problem with counting on the law, rather than market mechanism, to guide morality. With market, we know the value of a good, namely the price people are willing to pay for it.

With the law, government has to put a blindfold on many big pink elephants.

What about the poor boy?

I bet his hand is broken for having too many high five. I felt sorry for him. He should have written a book. How did you do it?

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Charlie Ha Mosiach

Charlie is a very well respected religious leader. You can read more in Charlie a Tolerant Religious Leader in here.

He once tried a tolerant stand. Charlie soon learn how to get more respects and honors from his followers. Charlie life stories and fame go to the whole corners of the earth. He becomes the model of all religious leader all over the world. All other religious leaders mimic Charlie.

The story of Charlie is being told and retold. Finally, it reaches the land of Judea somewhere far far away.

The jews have been in the land from a long time ago. They have long forgotten the God that brought them out of Egypt, with outstretched arms (, whose feet stand on crystalline aluminum oxide throne (, has brass upper body and surrounded by rainbow aura ( that appeared to Abraham as one of three men with his buddies (, sometimes appear  in a form of anthropomorphic talking cloud (, that can be countered by iron chariot (, like to socialize and make speech among other gods, like the smells of burned cows or ram (, and beer/wine

The God the jews worship now doesn’t even have arms and legs ( Many jews are secular and atheists.

Hence, jewish religious leaders know that they need a strong well respected religious leader. They need someone that can help them combat atheism and skepticism. They need Charlie.

“We like what you did to the robbers,” said Adam, a welcoming Rabbi, to Charlie.

The Sanhedrin then simply declares Charlie to be the promised mosiach. Jews soon reach messianic age.

The process is not without controversy.

Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents Yahweh your god must die. In this way you will purge the evil from Israel. (

“I think Mosiach selection should be done in a more democratic process,” said Andrew. Andrew is then stoned to death for contempt of court.

“I always think that Mosiach would promote world peace to the whole world, someone like a hippie, (” says Bob, in front of mass graves of those who cut their side hair ( Bob soon faces similar fate.

Before Charlie, there have been many messianic claimants that the jews now consider false messiah.

Donny, for example, used to be called ha mosiach. He was, however, executed when he tried to change Israel’s national currency from bitcoins to litecoins.

A few members of the Sanhedrin disagrees with him.

“According to our most reliable Torah’s textual variants, all offerings to Hashem must be paid to a location Hashem will decide latter,” Kevin, the then kohen gadol, said. “Latter, it was revealed that the correct address is 15YBf2oTDAN7q3W63T5BvAQu5ern9Xtc67 .”

Not everyone agrees. The Samaritan, for example, have a different textual variant. Through a different reasoning, they believe that the correct address is 1PxPsJfSDFaEvNnQ9tTT1NjMTv2TcHgXoM (

The offering is important. The money is used to buy flat holographic VR TV, better speakers with surround sound, Playstation 25, mansions, stocks, topless maid, and cooking the kohens’ favorite delicious BBQ. Those then become pleasing scenery for the jewish god (

A woman, Mary, then asked Donny, where should people send their offering? 15YBf2oTDAN7q3W63T5BvAQu5ern9Xtc67 or 1PxPsJfSDFaEvNnQ9tTT1NjMTv2TcHgXoM ( Donny said that they might as well use litecoins and pay themselves.

“It seems that it doesn’t really matter where you send your offering too. Whoever is in control of the address will just use it for fun,” Donny said in the gospel of Jane 3:16, “I bet somebody just wrote those shit up, claim that the whole thing is scripture, and hope for some gullible dumb suckers to send some serious cash.” “That being said. If you believe that some writing is scripture or in any way worth reading, or spreading, you are free to offer any money to whatever address found in the manuscript,” Donny character shamelessly promote interest of his creators, “It’ll make the stuff viral and so we can enlighten more people.”

“I know that ha mosiach will come and explain to us this whole shit. I’ll just tell everybody,” says Mary.

Donny was finally executed by the Communist (with Chinese characteristic) Imperial Republic of Taiwan, which happened to control Judea at that time.

His followers, known as the Donnists, or Donuts, used to blame jews for thousands of years afterward. They usually wear various electric chair themed ornaments as earrings, or necklaces, etc based on what they think how Donny was executed.

“Our lord and savior, Donny, got 20k volts of alternating current electricity for a full 5 minutes so all of us can have alternate currency. We are now free from tyranny of central banks that controls 51% of the mining application specific integrated circuits’ computing power,” says Ivan in a sermon.

“Our humans body has huge capacitive property. Alternating currents can boil you alive,” says Nathan, in Sunday school, before showing the movie Passion of Donny.

Legends arise that Donny survived the electric chair, go to Kashmir, got married, and have children.

More popular legends, that for some reason is more viral, say that many saw Donny afterward in some ghost like state. Donny discovered chi based human flight and reach stratosphere in front of a few “believers”. The Jane gospel claim that Donny went up there to save humanity from ever increasingly powerful alien super villains with exponentially growing power level.

Humanity’s survival till now is proof that Donny is still alive and winning somewhere.

He’ll come back on his second coming bringing believers to a nice place. There, inhabitants’ brain will be flooded with serotonin and dopamine. There will be no cortisol there. Oxytocin is not confirmed yet.

The donuts have now become a great ally for the jews though. Most of them are goyim. Jews are annoyed by them because many wants to convert jews to donuts’ beliefs.

“We have our own religions. Our religion is the oldest religion in the world. We still interpret that religion the way our ancestors did when Moses were on mount Sinai. We’re the original. The others are just copycat that claim to be us. If you look very carefully, you will see that other religions teach many different things than what’s enshrined in our Torah,” explains Kevin, a rabbi, when officiating polyandry lesbian civil union between Adam, Steve and a bunch of other humans with alternative sexuality.

“May God bring curses on all heretics, (, said Kevin further ( “Our Torah is eternal. Woe to those who interpret the torah any differently than the way Moses and Aaron did it ( If only Moshe rabeinu would found a time machine and reach our time, seeing what we do, he’ll be so proud in seeing how well we have preserved his teaching,” Kevin further added.

Mitzvahs are administered far more efficiently once the jews got their Mosiach. That’s especially true, when the Mosiach is Charlie.

A pilot would receive transmission of Christians preaching gospel in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem(

Within minutes, rabbis would confirm that such message constitute encouragement to worship other gods. The ruling is then transmitted to a pilot. The pilot then launches millions of sword bullets to kill the towns’ inhabitants. The attack is then followed with graviton surge to suck in all materials into one spot. The spot is automatically ignited as burnt offering for Yahweh. The region has no building permit, greatly lowering real estate value of the region.

“We shouldn’t do that no matter what Torah said. We should just come up with some explanation why we shouldn’t do that. It’s more practical. Cities are expensive,” complains Henry, another rabbi, which is soon stoned to death for contempt of court.

“Torah based society doesn’t have executive, legislative, and judicative branch of government. Those branches are invented much latter in France during the French revolution,” explains Charlie. “The only jury, judges, and executioner are priests, picked and led by me, ha mosiach, ha melek, ha cohen gadol, and ha nevi. Of course, I pretty much agree with myself. So Henry is guilty for heresy because he disagrees with me and stoned,” Charlie added.

Henry is then stoned by mob with bible on his head (

When a woman has a discharge, if her discharge in her body is blood, she shall continue in her menstrual impurity for seven days; and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening. Everything also on which she lies during her menstrual impurity shall be unclean, and everything on which she sits shall be unclean. Anyone who touches her bed shall wash his clothes and bathe in water and be unclean until evening…

The relatively now more liberal Palestinian terrorists send menstruating women to sit on many buses. That renders many bus service in Israel unusable. More chaos follows. Many of those buses are then sold to japan at cheaper price. Most are just strapped with bombs and sent back to Palestine.

Mass graves are found for those caught eating cheese burgers (, wearing polyester ( All married jewish porn stars are stoned and many porn must be imported from the goyims.

Charlie did many other deeds being the messiah of all. Soon jews then go all the way back to practice everything the torah says as Yahweh told them thousands of years ago on mount Sinai.

Meanwhile, other highly intelligent species, the chimps and the octopus, are still waiting for their ha mosiach too. “We’ll see what happen to them in a few billion years once they start evolving culture and religions,” says Jim, a scientist.

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Something is Truly Disgusting about this Otherwise fine Porn Star Interracial Marriage

Everything looks great on the surface. Everything is fine if not for one and only one thing.

There is something in this marriage that makes me want to puke.

Something is truly disgusting in this marriage for me.

Is it the woman? No. She’s pretty

Is it the man? No. Lucky bastard. Yea I envy him. But hei, he won fair and square. Good for you bro.

Is it the interracial aspect? No. I am not racist. I can understand if some people are. I just don’t see that as a big deal. Kind of turn me on actually.

The fact that she is a porn star? Doesn’t disgust me a bit at all.

The fact that she still bang other men even after marriage? Hmmm…. Well, she’s a hot wife. If I were her husband I would charge money for every other guy she fucks. I mean it’s not fair that other guys got her for free and he commits a lot of money.

And this is what’s truly disgusting with this marriage.

The marriage it self. Why get married? If you can bang this hot as fuck babe outside marriage, why in the fucking earth should you get government to get involve and declare you’re married? You’re a fucking millionaire.

Pay the babes. Give her more if she bore a heir for you.

She fuck outside marriage. That proof that you do not need to marry her to bang her. So why pay such a heavy price? With your money you can pay many like her.

Why marry one that bang other guys anyway.

Why marriage? Why married?

It’s yach…. Disgusting….

I wish her husband read this. If he doesn’t mind other guys boink boink his wife, I want to join. I bring my own girlfriends. We can have great orgy. But hei…. Why married bro? Why?

I see religion as I see racism. I don’t like it. I don’t hate it. No. I don’t care actually. As long as I am not affected, I don’t care. I may even respect those in a way.

I tolerate people from any religion and any ideology. As long as they don’t shove it down my throat. I think people have right to think in anyway they wish. I may be wrong they may be right.

And I can choose not to be affected too much by it.

I won’t hate anyone because of his race or religion. I won’t hate anyone because of their opinion on any race or religion. As long as I am not affected I don’t care.

But if I get married, then opinions of bigots, religious people, and racists will affect my life forcefully.

And that is what’s truly disgusting for me.

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Why Melania stays with Donald?

So many answer here resolve around the idea that Trump is not an attractive male and that Melania is in it for the money.

Boy, have you looked at the competition?

Most other males are not even billionaires.

Most other males do not have as much common sense and IQ as Donald is.

And most other males are not SMART enough to be businessman let alone president.

Imagine if you are genetically wired to want to produce smart children? Would you pick Trump or some random american?

Sex is not just about pleasure. More beautiful women produce more beautiful daughters. We have desire for beautiful women because it’s important to pick them. Our genes scream to us, pick the pretty, if you can.

Women’s genes also scream, pick the rich and smart. Trump is BOTH.

It’s not just money. Women pick the best genes and Trump is one of the best.

In fact, I would say Bill Gates is even better. However, Bill is a nerd.

Yes Trump talked about groping women. Only in western civilization this is considered “bad”. The truth is it’s men’s nature. Some women, like men that are, well, men.


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Charlie, a Tolerant Religious Leader

Charlie is a religious leader. People are paying Charlie a lot of money due to religion. Charlie is a very well respected and obeyed religious leader in his country.

“To go to heaven, you need to pay Flying Spaghetti Monster $1k,” says Charlie to the crowd. “You can pay through me. Otherwise, you will be tortured for all eternity in outer darkness. Moreover, your body will be sleeping with the fish. In addition to that, your wife and daughter will be humping the guy that makes that happen. Got it?” Most people in the country obey Charlie due to respect. Charlie tend to keep his words on that one.

Those who disbelieve will be killed. Charlie’s faithful followers and fans do the killing.

“It’s basically do what I said or else. Capisce?” said Charlie in national chat. “Amen,” said everyone except those that are sleeping with the fish latter.”

The people in Charlie’s country has a tradition called rutabaga. All sex outside rutabaga is illegal.

“Sex outside rutabaga is unholy. So it’s illegal. I decide what the rutabaga rules are and who can rutabaga who,” said Charlie. “You should only rutabaga those who haven’t been able to attract any sex partner yet (Monogamy – Wikipedia),”

Charlie added. “You shall only rutabaga those with the same letter of first name as yours. So Andrew can rutabaga Anne and Bob can rutabaga Bonita,” Charlie makes rules on the fly.

“The only permitted sexual position is doggy style, the rest is abomination. Anyone wanting to unlock other position need special sacraments that’ll cost $2k,” Charlie keeps talking and thickening his pocket. “What? I am a religious leader. Of course I regulate sex. It’s the going industry standard. It’s the tao of all religious leaders. I am effectively the pimp of all hoes. No body fuck no body without my explicit permission called rutabaga or marriage or whatever. Otherwise it’s sin punishable by up to 5 years of hard labor or sexual slavery.”

Books that may encourage skepticism and atheism like “From Faith to Doubt” is prohibited.

“Early followers of Flying Spaghetti Monster may not be monotheistic,” explains George. “In fact, early scriptures of Flying Spaghetti Monster’s worshipper suggest that this whole religion wasn’t mean to be taken seriously at all.” George explains.

Soon, Donny is sleeping with the fish. His wife and daughter become porn stars on national TV servicing all inmates in prison. “Mom, this is very embarrassing,” complains Hanna, Donny’s daughter. “Well, that’s what happen when dad read prohibited stuff,” explains Irene, Donny’s widow.

One day a secular liberal philosopher talks to Charlie. “You said there is no compulsion in religion. So people should be free to choose their religion,” says the philosopher.

“Mmmm… Okay,” says Charlie.

“Well, the only people that choose their religions are apostates and heretics. So they should have right to be apostates and heretics too. Otherwise, what’s the point?” says the philosopher.

“MMMM…. Makes perfect sense,” says Charlie.

So Charlie then creates a new religious decree. “From now on, you are free to be apostates,” says Charlie.

Some people then become apostates. Those people do not pay Charlie anymore. Charlie lost income. “Ah well, I am a tolerant religious leader. It’s the right thing,” says Charlie.

Turns out killing apostates are Charlie’s religions main selling point. I mean, nowadays, people sort of want some proof and Charlie doesn’t have any. Hence, more people become apostates. Killing apostates tend to make more people behave.

“Well, sucks for them then. Too bad they all going to hell even though nobody is killing them anymore,” says Charlie.

Also some competitors start mimicking Charlie’s success strategy.

“Worship Flying Spaghetti Monster Jr instead. He just asks for $500,” says Freddy.

“Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t have children. Worship invisible pink unicorn instead. Currently still free till further evolution in the religion,” says George.

Competition gets tougher and tougher. All those new heretical sects offer better deals at pretty much the same proof with Charlie, none. Charlie then performs a counter strike.

“Flying Spaghetti Monster demands $1k, however, paying anything is better than nothing,” says Charlie.

“Worship Jehovah Jr. instead. He’s the most popular god ever,” says Hendry, a Christian missionary. “You can make up religious doctrines on the fly to justify war or anything you wish ( You can embrace your own culture and call it biblical no matter what your culture is ( You can talk gibberish and call it divine communication ( You can claim to be prophets and very few would give fuck (Benny Hinn – A False Prophet). In time of extreme poverty, you can use Jesus names to justify looting jews, at least till the jews got power. When they do, you can just be their ally and call that biblical too. You can claim you can miraculously cure disease, make tons of money, and get away with fraud even though those you claim you cure die (,” Hendry explains the superiority of his religion compared to all others.

“This Christianity used to be a very tough competitor. Now I am tolerant and no longer prosecute them,” sigh Charlie.

As time goes by, Charlie’s profit margins get less and less. Soon, Charlie lost all his income.

But he doesn’t worry. “I can still do programming,” says Charlie to himself. So Charlie becomes a programmer.

“Programmer is one of those influential ancient honest job,” explains Ivan, a historian. Ivan has been trying to reenact various honest jobs responsible for humans’ golden age on 21st century.

After lifelong years of studying various programming languages and programming patterns, Charlie can finally code.

“Speak the truth, always, even when making jokes or writing e-book. Never create fictions. Safeguard the global constants and this scripture. Do no anti pattern,” Ivan screams while putting his two handed keyboard on the shoulder of kneeling Charlie.

Charlie makes some money. Not as much as it used to be. His harem is empty because all his wives left to richer men. “Ah, but I am a tolerant guy,” says Charlie.

Charlie talent for convincing people is not that useful anymore in programming. “So what? It’s the right thing,” says Charlie.

Then, the liberals demand income taxes.

“What the hell. Oh tax is robbery. Waaaa… I lost a lot of money here,” says Charlie. “People used to pay me tax. Now I am paying tax. That sucks. Well, I suppose it’s okay. I’ll be a good citizen and pay tax.”

One day Charlie is walking on the street. A robber comes. “Give me all the money in your wallet. However, to save both of our time, what about if you tell me the amount of cash in your wallet first so I can decide whether it’s worth robbing you or not. I mean we got limited resources and there are too many potential robbery victims walking these roads and around other roads we have no control too you know.”

“Make sense,” says Charlie. The problem is Charlie has just gotten his cash pay. He got $50k on his wallet. That’s his salary for the whole year.

“I wonder what I should do?” asks Charlie, “Lying means fraud. I don’t do fraud.”

“Ah to hell with this. This guy is an asshole. I don’t owe him anything. He doesn’t respect my right. I shouldn’t respect his right either. Why should I care? I am just going to lie,” says Charlie to himself.

“I got no money,” says Charlie.

“Oh ya, let me check that,” says the robber.

“Robbery payers are not being cooperative. We have sufficient reasons to believe a case of under reported seize able assets. We will perform a thorough robbery audit,” say the robbers’ friends.

“Probable causes accepted. Permissions to audit granted,” says the robbers’ supreme adjudicators.

“All I got in my pocket are guns,” adds Charlie.

“Hmmm… we are busy. I guess we’ll just meet next time,” say the robbers.

“I also have, machine guns, shotguns, torture devices, and other anti-robbery measures,” Charlie further elaborates.

“Oh shit. You could have just nailed us. You are such a nice guy. Here is $10k for being nice,” say the robbers.

“Wow. Lying does work,” says Charlie, “Well, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. After all, the libtards are taxing me. They too are not my friends. I owe nothing to them. I’ll just do whatever it takes to get whatever I want. Just like everyone else.”

“Listen people. Flying Spaghetti Monster has told once that apostates are assholes. All of you must repent or face eternal torture along with your whole clans,” Charlie says.

Most people do not believe. However, a few do. Those few kill those who disbelieve. Eventually everyone believes out of fear. Charlie systems work again due to superior leadership.

Some wants to fight back, but they are afraid, just like the robbers.

“Resistance is futile. Flying Spaghetti Monster is almighty and he is on my side,” says Charlie.

Those who dare to fight Charlie becomes less and less and Charlie’s supporter can kill them more easily.

Then everybody repents and pays money to Charlie again. Charlie harem is full again. Charlie then lives happily ever after.

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People say so many mean things to Donald

And yet he just smile.

He said something funny about women, that is in no way disrespectful, and people fry him.


Donald is real winner. If american don’t pick him, well, they’re losers.

Saying that if you’re a star they let you do it is like saying if you feed a cat they let you pet them. It’s like saying cats like fish.

What is so disrespectful of that?

And Donald meet Arienne after that. Did he “don’t even wait and grab her by the pussy?” No right. We saw that right away.

Donald is talking about Arienne. He’s teaching billy how to be a stud. What is wrong?

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A Hypothetical Referendum for Libertarians

Your countries have tons of states. People can easily move from one state to another without restriction.

One day there is a referendum.

Choice 1:
Everyone can paint their house in any color they wish

Choice 2:
What everyone can paint their house with is decided by the state. Some state will say cool, paint any color you wish. Some state will say, all house must be red.

Which one will you choose?

You’re a libertarian.

If people pick choice 2, everyone that doesn’t like the decision can have 5 years to move out and settle on other states they prefer. So the law is not in effect too soon.

Also some people like color red so much they want to live in a state where all houses are red. Some people like color green so much they want to live in a state where all house are green.

If everyone can paint their house as their wish, then those people, that like to live among people with similar preference with them, will have to move to another country, or another planet.

However, if the state can decide which color the house is, those who like red can group up among themselves and live together. Those who like green can easily go to another.

So the second choice has more “positive choice” namely the choice to live among people with similar preferences with you. If you like to paint your house with any color you wish you can still do that if choice 2 passes. You just need to move to another state within 5 years.

Let’s just say all states are equally wealthy and they vary with one another just on those house painting preferences.

What about if movement between states are not free? What about if some states only accept people that like green or accept people that like red? I mean it’s impossible to ensure that everything is red if deep down some people prefer green. We got graffiti and stuffs.

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This is precisely why Trump is the Best

“You claim the mantle of the party of family values, and this is the guy you nominate?”

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Trump, You’re Hired!!!!

Indonesia, have chosen 2 businessmen as their leader. The president and the capital’s governor were businessmen. The result is awesome for the citizens. Obviously the establishments would want you to believe otherwise.

Donald Trump is a real businessman.

Hillary Clinton earns her money by speech talk fee. That is effectively legal “bribe” you know. If that’s not bribe it’s effectively is.

Donald Trump need to understand so many things to be a great businessman. He must know who are to be hired. He must have known which business worth doing. What’s the profit margin. What’s the marginal cost? What’s the optimal allocation of resources?

At the end businessmen are judged based on results. Customers can more easily go to another.

Those are not something a mere public speaker or politicians needs to know. Any dumb people can get paid millions of dollars if they have power.

But to be successful businessman you need to know many important things. Only one presidential candidate is like that. Donald.

Donald hired the first woman that design sky scrapper. It is profitable for him and the woman. And I think we should learn how to think like Donald at least in this aspect.

At that time, where women have far less opportunity than men, Trump pick Barbara to lead the project.

“Men are better than women, but a good woman is better than 10 men,” Trump opined. … “Donald, for all his commentary and womanizing, was the least sexist boss I ever had as far as trusting me and viewing me equally with all the men we encountered in our mutual dealings,” the book reports. “He wanted me to be him on the job. He said I would be like a ‘Donna Trump.’”

Donald knew that if a woman “got this far” in his industry she must be better than 10 men. So Donald pick Barbara to lead the project.

The woman herself testify on behalf of him. Donald understand that the woman he hired must be very good to get this far and pay her well.

We too must understand that Donald must have been a very good businessman to get this far. America should hire him.

Think about it. BOTH parties do not support him. He uses his own money to campaign. He must have managed his campaign very efficiently. He can’t afford not otherwise. Donors and bribers have plenty of money to waste on Hillary or even the commie Bernie. They know they gonna get their money back through kickbacks and political favor.

If politic in US is not much different than politic in my country, then it’s simply how the game works. People donate, bribe, pay for speaking arrangements so they got favors, and licenses from the establishments, that will then give them return.

A corporation can lobby government to prevent all meat import. Then only a few selected companies can import beef. Those few companies will have higher profit margin that they then share to help legislators elected. It’s how political money work.

Ganja and most safe soft drug is illegal so that pharmacies can sell shittier product at much higher price to you. Who cares about so many people getting jailed or killed in the trade of otherwise harmless substance?

Governments build schools so your children can be indoctrinated to hate free market so the voters can be convinced to want bigger government. It’s vicious cycle.

Donald doesn’t have that luxury. The establishment hate him. He has his own money and doesn’t need to kowtow to bribers to get elected. He’s not in their pocket. That makes him very dangerous to establishment.

Donald is not a politician. His opinion is often politically incorrect and he’s not even bother hiding it. He has many false and irrelevant accusation against him. Basically he got this far despite all that.

Perhaps normal politicians are better than normal stubborn people. But to have someone like him to get this far, he must be 10 times as good.

American should hire Trump.

In Indonesia, we hired a businessman as president. His name is Jokowi. Ever heard of him? We even have a Christian businessman, Ahok, as governor of Indonesian’s capital.

The result is unbelievable. Boy. Oh Boy…….

Before, everything needs licensing. Indonesia was a poor country because everything is expensive. My friends, a lawyer, told me that there are many lawyers making millions of dollars doing one and only one thing, getting biz licenses.

That changed when a businessman, namely Jokowi, became president. He simply shortens and remove most business licensing and let free market handles the rest. He said that we don’t even need to increase tax to supply electricity to many remote regions. He said that he’ll just ease licensing and private sector will handle that.

Free market coming to my country? I couldn’t believe my ears when I hear that.

This is not something a normal politician can do. Normal politician does not care nor do they know even if they care what’s really needed for the economy. Normal politician only care and knows how to fool people to maintain their offices.

One day Uber is coming to my country. Many politicians lost their bribes. Many taxi companies lost customers. Some minister tries to prohibit uber.

Well, petition is made on, people discuss that in facebook and twitter. Then, Jokowi, a democratically elected president, reverse that in a day.

All that happens despite lack of American bombing. Perhaps also because we run out of oil

It used to simply be more profitable to be powerful politicians. It’s easier to bullshit the people, and get bribe, than to actually develop a technology that help people.

Too many parasites are so used to live comfortably sucking people’s blood. Real productive businessman that improves technology are thrown away easily.

Jokowi, being a businessman, understand that. He knows what’s going on. Politicians understand that too, but of course do nothing about it. That’s how politicians get rich. They have no other way to get rich.

Politicians, with no other job, can understand what it takes to get a job done. Politicians are never judged by customers. Politicians, unlike businessmen, are rarely judges based on result. They are judged by how well they bullshit their customers.

Jokowi pick a good education minister. The new education minister is meritocratic. So Indonesia won gold medal in International Physics Olympiad. That’s because Chinese Indonesian students are allowed to participate again. Before, the Chinese couldn’t participate due to government’s silent racial discrimination.

My city has a Christian businessman as governor, in a country with 80% Muslim. Same logic. If a Christian can “get this far” he must be very good.

Indeed, he is. Now has all road is fixed and paved. The river is now clean. The flood happens far less frequently and only when “accident” or sabotage happens. Religious thugs that terrorize the population are made harmless. My city has been saver. Ahok replaces incompetent employee with those that get things done.

And all this happens with my city having so much money left. Yes, that’s actually something that reflects negatively on Ahok. In Indonesia, governors are supposed to “spend” all the budget.

Ahok has so many disagreements with other politicians, that simply wants to steal the budget. So he didn’t get the budget approved. The politicians didn’t budge because they hope they can steal more money with their version of the budget. So finally Ahok have to operate with far less money and yet the result is still much better.

We can only wonder where did all the money used to go?

A new electronic system, called e-budgeting, makes it extremely difficult for corrupt officials to steal government money now.

Before, government officials say they want to help. That’s a code word for, “give me money.” Now we have another rumors. Government officials say that I can’t help you, you got to obey the rules. I am fired if I help anyone. Sometimes I wonder if this is a change to better direction. He he he.

Internet and various internet forum makes it easy for people to voice their voice anonymously.

While not as advance as US, hiring businessmen as leaders have turned my country to at least something I can be proud of. Indonesian is not as wise as American, but at least we know how to elect real businessmen, with real balls, as our leaders.

Ahok is controversial. Many said he is rude. He swears at people calling corrupt officials’ dogs. He’s not polite. That’s often used against him.

Many Muslim leaders do not bother hiding their wish to openly discriminate Ahok due to his religion.

Recently Ahok said that he doesn’t mind if people do not elect him because he’s not Muslim. He told people, in one of his speech that if you are lied to by using Quran, then you don’t have to pick him. His program will still work for you and you will still receive most benefits of what he achieved.

Somebody removed the word “using” and spread that he said “… lied to by quran.” It became a big news. People says that guys like him don’t deserve to be governor. People say city with Muslim majority should have a Muslim governor. People tried to jail him. Head of some Muslim organizations demand that he is arrested so he’s not on the ballot. The news goes all the way to Turkey.

And that reminds me about Trump. The more an “establishment” wants to kick someone out of the ballot the more we know he’s on his people’s side. Not on establishment side that would do anything to deprive us of one real choice we didn’t have so long.

Similar like Ahok, Trump is accused of saying politically incorrect things.

You see, in US, you have official religion to. It’s called libtardism.

The mere acts of making honest money is punishable by tax.

The main purpose why we need government is for security. Yet cops let rioters loot people house. This is while you are prevented from defending yourself.

Your race rather than your merit decides whether you’re hired. Most Chinese can score perfect on Math GRE. I myself can score perfect even if the time is halved. And that’s the test used to test the smartest American to get into graduate school. Yet, even perfect scoring Asians can’t get into top schools because of government endorsed racism.

Under libtardism, you can make fun of Jesus but not Muhammad. So your government is endorsing a certain religion. Not much different than the Arab.

Southpark episode 201 is censored so not to offend because their creators got death threat.

Can you imagine that? Your fellow citizens have to kow tow to some Islamic terrorists. They have to forgo their God given right to draw funny cartoons.

Jesus, Santa, Krisna, Ganesha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Cthulhu and other even more powerful deities are not censored. Hell, 1 billion people think Jesus is a fucking God you know. Many says that his power is only matched by Flying Spaghetti Monster itself.

They don’t mind you’re making fun of him. So why are Americans kowtowing to some Arabic warlord that died hundreds of years ago? Did Osama bin Laden raise again from the death or what?

I am not racist. It’s simply more profitable to be race neutral under free market. I am definitely not a white supremacist. I am not even white. Have white men lost their balls or what that they bent over backward for ungrateful refugees? Do the Arabs bent over backward to accommodate your religion when you’re there?

Imagine American tourist going to Arab saying, “Hello Arabs, I am American worshipping flying spaghetti monster. I think I want some public fucking. I hope you respect my religion and allow me to do that while using weed I legally bought from California. All of you are wrong. Pastafarian is the one true religion. Believe or die.” Do that and see how far you go. Oh, what about threatening to kill civilians for refusing to honor Flying Spaghetti Monster? If an American tourist do that, he’s death.

If Arab tourist does that in your place, you have to “respect” his religion.

But that’s how libtardism, the new sacred sacrosanct religion of the west works.

And obviously the establishment wants to put Trump out. He is accused of saying something politically incorrect.

Trump said that if you’re a star they let you do it. Isn’t that obvious? Why don’t you ask your dad if a woman ever let him grab her pussy or not? Chance is yes. Actually your very existence is a proof that some women must have let your dad did far more than pussy grabbing.

I saw so many people say that Trump advocates sexual assault. They want to get him out of the ballot? Depriving you of one real choice you will never have. Do you enjoy your slavery so much?

What Ahok said wasn’t blasphemous. Even if it is, so what? We want a governor. Not a religious leader. Sometimes I wish to speak to my fellow Indonesians. Dude, there are many corrupt officials want to steal our money. Who the fuck care about religions?

However, we don’t have full freedom of speech in Indonesia. If I said that, I can get literally killed for insulting or belittling religion. And so is you, by the way. And I really have no way to get my point across without making religion looks less important.

And guess what? I’ve heard Americans can get killed too for “insulting” religion.

We both have common problem. Certain stupid ideas are protected by violent. Usually the more messed up a belief is, the more blood spilled to protect it.

Want to know which religion is right? Buy a book promoting capitalism and pee on it. See how many airplanes hit your towers. Somehow most capitalists do not mind you insult capitalism. They have something that strengthen their faith on capitalism. It’s something called abundance evidences by the way.

Imagine if your family are slaughtered by some terrorists screaming Allahu Akbar. Imagine if the terrorist is put on trial. The terrorists say that his act is justified because you are unbelievers anyway and it’s his right to do so according to Quran.

Imagine that the judges give the terrorist a favor. You cannot criticize the terrorists nor their arguments because those are sacrosanct. You are as good as death as fuck.

Now that’s how anti blasphemy laws work. That’s how politically correctness works. You think that’s farfetched? Now check this video It can happen to you. But remember, their beliefs are so sacrosanct you must not even make cartoon and make fun of it. Less they got offended. I mean you need to ugh, respect. Somebody got beaten up to death but all of us have to respect whatever fairy tales they use to justify that. Otherwise they may have their pheeepheeepheeeeeeeeeeling hurt and feel offended.

Imagine if some Mullah said, “Gives me $1k, it’s a religious thing to do.” Imagine you said, “Fuck no. I don’t give fuck about religion.” Then the Mullah will ask, “Why don’t you give some fuck about religion?” Now you have two choices. You can just ignore the mother fucker. Or you can “explain.” If you said, “Because religions are shitty.” Fuck… Beeeppppppp Blasphemy laws kicks in.

In Indonesia, we got MUI charging a lot of money from all food for halal certificate. They charge a lot. Many says they’re getting bribed. And many have spoken against it. It’s very difficult. Says the wrong words, and Beeeeeeeeeeeppppp…. Blasphemy….

Pick Hillary, and those people that even did far more horrible things in their country, will be your neighbor. Hope you “convert” soon or end up like the guy beaten up in the video.

Oh the guy that did the beating, in front of 20 cops, didn’t go to jail by the way. Don’t worry. Pick Hillary and your country will be like that. It’s already like that. I’ve heard riots against store owners.

The establishment say that Ahok is politically incorrect. That a guy like him doesn’t deserve to be governor.

The same way, it’s natural to know that what Trump said is politically incorrect. Under libtardism, of course Trump is wrong. I suppose if a country is full of libtards, it’s natural too that they have a libtards president. But do they?

Ahok offends feeling of Islamic cleric. So what? We want a governor, not an imam.

Trump violates libtards’ Sharia. So what? You want a president. Not a libtard imam.

There are inefficiencies in government. There is lack of meritocracy everywhere. Governments all over the world interfere too much in economy. Many immigrants, that literally want to kill you, are in. Who the fuck care about some wet pussies letting some handsome rich guy grab themselves? You want a fucking president, not a pope.

There is one other reason why you should choose a businessman over a politician. A real successful businessman does not need your money. He can actually think how to get good result.

Someone once hired a lawyer for a simple. It costs him $30k. The lawyer advices him to buy investment to protect his assets from his wife. Little did he knows that a term on the investment is that 55% of the money is gone for fees. The fee is to pay the agent commission, which happens to be the lawyer’s wife. The lawyer asks for another huge success fee for protecting his assets. It turns out, the assets are not even discussed in the court. Not to mention some substantial money the lawyer asks for the “judges” for actually really small and trivial case.

He pretty much fails in his objectives because his wife, believing that her religion wants government sanctioned marriage, simply appeals to higher court and prolong the divorce as long as she can. Putting more and more money to that lawyer won’t solve the problem. If anything, the lawyer will want the problem to persist.

I am sick to my stomach every time I remember how shitty marriage regulated by government is. I stay away from anything that may be encouraged by any religion to be frank.

I’ve heard in US it’s even worst. You can get a life time jail for making too much money while married Donald also have lost tons of money for getting married. I am sure he understands how shitty government infested marriage is. Pick a guy that at least understand.

The divorce case I talked about went on and on. The guy finds another lawyer that have many clients. The lawyer is smart at delegating minor tasks to employees. That second lawyer fix his problems for a mere $200.

I think Hillary and most politicians are like the first lawyer. Politicians are so used to be judged based on bullshit rather than results. All their concern is to get themselves elected while cooperating with other politicians to grab your money. They won’t solve your problem. If anything they want to keep it there hoping that you keep paying them more and more money to “solve” your problem. All those moneys will eventually go to their pockets and their cronies.

Jokowi, Ahok, and Donald Trump are like the second lawyer. They’re a businessman. They have other “job” besides being politicians. If they want more money they can just keep running their own business.

They do not need bribe to stay rich. If you don’t hire them, they can work “somewhere” else. They do not need to be politicians to get rich.

They also do not need to kow tow to establishment to live comfortable life. They have enough. They just want to improve their brand and make clearer mark. And this is why establishments hate them. This is why they want Trump to fail.

Be wise like Trump. Pick the one closest to real businessman. Pick the best. Pick the one that survive despite adversity. Pick the one people thought of as underdog.

For your own sake. For your own profit and your children’s profit. For business sake. Ignore his politically incorrectness. Ignore his religions or his beliefs. Ignore his skin color. You don’t want people to hire you based on that right? Just look at him and see if he has real business experiences that makes him qualify to manage your country.

Then, tell him, “You’re hired.”

Then make your country great, free, and prosperous again. Then our countries can copy what works from each other. So far, picking a businessman, works very well for many Asian countries.

I do have one problem with Trump though. If I could choose, I’d rather Bill Gates, or Elon Musk. Why aren’t they on the ballot?

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